Here it is, the beginning of the crossover. This first part is necessary for those who missed out on some things.

Are you ready?


After Ratchet finds his long lost friend, Angela, Ratchet and Clank are thrown into a war. Angela Cross, who had been with the thought dead Max Apogee and had saved a grip of Lombaxs, explained that they had been hunted for a while now by these beings called the Paletans. They were the ancient rivals of the Lombaxs. Both lived in peace on Fastoon until the Lombaxs drove them off the planet after the Paletans attacked them. Ratchet knew they needed help and contacted Sasha Phyronix. She granted them access to a large garrison of the Galactic Rangers to assist in this fight. Ratchet made friends with two of the Lombaxs, Neil, who was a doctor, and Dylan, who was an expert sniper. After several attacks on this incredibly advanced enemy, they moved in for the final attack. Located on a planet named Vastoon in the Andromeda Galaxy, the Galactic Federation Army was upgraded with Paletan tech so that they could reach this distant galaxy and have a fighting chance against the strong enemy. Ratchet and the Lombaxs make their way into the palace of Emperor Talon. When they were inside, they were forced to split up and search. The group Ratchet sent found and killed the Commander of the Paletans, Yun, while Ratchet fought the ever so powerful leader of the Paletans, Talon. As Ratchet was on his last breath with no strength, his comrade, Dylan, blew a hole in the side of the palace and killed Talon with single Splitter Rifle to the abdomen. Talon, in his final breaths, revealed to Ratchet that he was allied with an even more powerful race called the Yuthans. Talon, who was devoted to serving them, now asked Ratchet to stop them. He said he must find a man by the name of Ke-. In his final breath, he was unable to finish the name. Ratchet was now put in a new war.

After he learned that the Yuthan race was already moving in on the new galaxy, he knew exactly what had to be done. Returning to the Phoenix after being injured and saved by Dylan his comrade, Ratchet informed Sasha about the new threat. This didn't appeal to everyone. Not only were the Lombaxs tired of running and fighting, but they also had to help this unsuspecting galaxy from the Yuthan threat. The so-called "MIlky Way Galaxy" had coordinates available in the Phoenix's systems, so it was settled that they would go and help this new potential ally.

Ratchet, after being emotionally changed about the Paletan war, had different plans. He didn't want to risk anything anymore. He asked Talwyn, Clank, and Angela to stay behind for fear of them being hurt by this enemy. Of course Talwyn refused to listen. However Ratchet was able to convince her to stay with the others. But, not only did he want them to stay, but also the Rangers. He felt that they had done their job and did not need to continue. Like Talwyn, the three squad leaders refused but were ultimately defeated. Ratchet would travel to the MIlky Way with the Lombaxs and help.

Before all of this happened, before the Lombax war, our heroes in the Milky Way were hard at work.

One year before the Lombax-Paletan war, the heroes of Lylat were hard at work fighting an evil vulpine named Wolf O'Donnell. But, let's go back further.

Kevin Michelson, a native human to the planet Earth, lived an uneasy life. After Fox McCloud, leader of Star Fox, crashed in his backyard, his life changed. Kevin, only aged 16, was given a once in a lifetime opportunity. He accepted Fox's offer and joined the mercenary squadron. Almost instantly did they begin training.

After a year of training, Kevin, now aged 17, was put into his first battle. After word got out that Wolf was in Lylat, General Pepper of the Cornerian army assigned the team to hunt him down. Things did not go as planned. They soon learned that Wolf had an entire army built and was ready to take over Lylat with Andross technology. Kevin Michelson, was ready and felt he could do anything needed. After several near death experiences, Star Fox finally found Wolf's armada hiding place. Kevin entered Wolf's flagship but found Leon Powalski waiting. Kevin fought and killed the cold hearted Lizard and also discovered Wolf's new plan. To get back at the human, Wolf mobilized his troops to move to Earth. Star Fox quickly made their way and warned the planet. Kevin was given command of the United States Air Force while everyone else was given command of the other countries. But, Falco returned from his assigned country, saying that they were frauds and were working for Wolf. Fox, who was already with his squad, received the transmission and planned an attack on them. After landing for re fuel, Fox killed his assigned squad. Krystal and Slippy were also warned and were told to return to America ready. It turned out that only North America and South America were against Wolf and the other countries. After a devastating loss of air forces, the Star Fox team decided to head out and destroy the bases fueling and supplying Wolf's army. After the bases were down, South America pushed back and retook their continent. America also regained their land and was able to prepare an attack. Star Fox was en route to the final base where Wolf was located. But to their surprise, the entire air force available to them was already attacking. Star Fox gave no second thought and attacked. Kevin Michelson snuck his way into the base and located the leader of Wolf's private force, The Marauders. After killing him, Kevin found Wolf alone. The two fought greatly until Kevin was injured. Wolf smashed Kevin's hand and initiated a self destruct of the entire base. With fire and debris falling inside of the room, Kevin was at a loss. Just as Wolf grabbed his pistol, Krystal arrived and threw her staff to Kevin, giving him the advantage. He used the weapon and quickly killed Wolf. During his escape from the base, Kevin was exposed to space and shattered his leg. After jumping into Great Fox, Kevin was nearly killed but survived. Now with a robotic leg and hand, Kevin and Star Fox lived a time of peace.

During this time, Kevin convinced the people of Lylat that he was not a monster and was their hero that served to protect them. On top of that, he met the love of his life, Rose Magnuson, and a new friend, Will Williams.

But even in this peace, something would go awry. After a deadly fight against a psychotic man who claimed to be a Yuthan, Kevin was troubled. The man said that Kevin had intervened and ruined the Yuthan's plan. He also said that he would soon regret what he had done with Wolf.

Now 18, Kevin and Star Fox live in peace. But after the year long Lombax war, they would find more danger. 19 year old Kevin Michelson would also find out exactly what the man had warned him about.

To be Continued…

I thought a prologue would be needed to fill in those who didn't read Crossed Paths or Truth Revealed.

Here's a little explanation for the time and age thing: At 16, Kevin was taken in. He trained for a year and is now 17. He fought for a year and is now 18. The Lombax war starts now and Kevins peace starts now. The Lombax war lasted a year (though it didn't seem like it); Kevin is now 19.

Chapter one should be posted next Saturday on November 30th.

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