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A Battle For Life

The door to the medical bay slid open quickly as Fox, Krystal, and M.A.M moved Kevin on a hovering stretcher. His armor plating was removed, leaving him in the under armour suit. His vision was blurred as he was starting to lose his consciousness. The beating Fox had put on him so vigorous that Kevin was beginning to feel the aftershock; pain.

"We must get him to the ICU. Whatever Prometheus did is wearing off of Kevin." MAM said as he was running alongside the stretcher.

Fox shook his head, "What do you mean?"

MAM continued scanning, "You said Prometheus left his body. He must have had some pain reduction that Kevin can't handle. His body is going into shock from the sudden pain surge."

Krystal cut in, "He'll be fine. I know he will be."

The three reached the final door that led into the Intensive Care Unit and helped Kevin onto the bed. MAM and Fox picked him up and slowly placed him down. MAM then gathered the equipment and started to hook them up to Kevin. Thankfully, due to the advanced technology, not much was needed to stabilize Kevin. MAM placed a small suction cup like object on Kevin's chest for his heart, and attached a breathing mask for his oxygen. The rest was taken care through continuous bio scans.

MAM activated the oxygen supply and nodded slowly, "Good, he should be fine in terms of breathing, however I still need to tend to him. Please, leave and I'll update you all on his progress."

Fox nodded slowly as he looked at his friend. Kevin's face had a large bruise on the left side as well as scratches and a severely bleeding nose. Fox could see that he was having a hard time breathing as well as in pain. Krystal walked past Fox and placed her hand on his shoulder, leading Fox out of the room.

"He'll be fine…" she said, "... I know it."

Fox lowered his head, tears were falling from his face and his voice was becoming incredibly shaky, "Can you sense his pain?"

Krystal slowly shook her head, "...no, I can't sense anything from him." She said, "We'll just have to… to…" She felt tears form in her eyes as well, "... we just have to wait."

Fox nodded slowly and held Krystal in his arms.


A steady and repetitive beeping was heard. All around was the sound of a heart monitor and the gentle rushing of air in and out of something. A single life form stood in the midst of this darkness, a human being. The white skinned, blue eyed, blonde haired human stood silently with his eyes closed. That is until he heard the voice of someone.

The familiar human slowly opened his eyes and looked around. No thoughts ran through his mind nor did any words cross his lips. He was empty and felt nothing.

He slowly looked around until he saw a female walking towards him. This being was one he recognized so well, one that he loved and one that he adored. The brunette haired female continued walking until she was three feet from Kevin. The female looked up and revealed her face.

Kevin felt joy build inside of him, though he was unable to express it. His mother was standing right in front of him.

A tear filled her right eye, "My son…" She said, "... you've grown up…"

Kevin finally found the will to speak, "...mom"

She nodded, "Yes, it's me."

Kevin looked around once more, "Wher-... where am I?"

She smiled, "You're in a special place. A place where you and I can talk."

He looked at her with a slightly cautious look, "Am i… you know…"

She chuckled slightly and shook her head, "No, you're not, but you are slightly close to it."

Kevin closed his eyes and sighed.

His mother then walked forwards and hugged him, "I've been watching you, you know? Ever since I left I have been watching over you and your friends. I just want to say that I'm proud of what you're doing."

Kevin smiled and felt more tears stream down his face as he finally was able to express his emotion.

"I want you to tell me… are you enjoying this?" She asked.

Kevin shrugged, "I don't even know anymore."

His mother shook her head, "You know, Kevin. If you're strong, then you know."

Kevin shook his head, "I don't know if I am strong."

His mother tilted her head, "The reason I am here is to encourage you. I noticed that you were slowly letting go. Why?"

Kevin didn't do anything, "I just don't see the point. Look at the state I'm in, mom."

"Okay" she said, "Let me ask you one question… how hard was it when you were faced with the decision of leaving?"

Kevin looked up at her, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, when you were asked to join Fox, how hard was the decision?"

He slowly shook his head, "It was tough. I could fulfil my dream of starting over, or stay and work with what I had."

His mother nodded and smiled, "Only someone with a strong mind could do this." she said, "Let me ask you another question… the entire time Prometheus had you, did you quit?"

Kevin shook his head, "No, I didn't"

His mother nodded, "Tell me all that happened. I want to know what you went through during this time."

Kevin shrugged, "I don't remember much though. Hardly anything that happened is still in my head."

His mom nodded understandably, "Take a seat then and we can talk about it."

Kevin looked behind him and saw a large chair forming out of thin air. He sat down in it and awaited for his mother to sit in her own seat. She sat and looked over at her son.

"Just start from wherever you can remember." She said softly.

Kevin nodded and closed his eyes.

Several Weeks Ago…

I remember running through the halls with Ratchet. He and I both knew that Prometheus was inside the base hiding. But, I didn't know that I would be lured into a trap like that. The only thing that was going through my mind was revenge and the lust for this war to end. I mean, that was the only thing running through my mind at all. Ever since Prometheus first confronted me I knew that I had to kill him to end this damned war.

I remember the fight being worthless and completely futile. The pain from every hit Prometheus landed was slowly dwindling my strength away. It was as if he knew that fighting me would grant him access to my body.

After he held me up in the air, I knew that I was dead. Well, I thought I was dead. The next thing I remember was him yelling at me and then disappearing. Then the most horrible pain anyone could even experience shot through my body. I felt my mind slowly losing control and my will slowly fading away as Prometheus took over. After that, all I saw was darkness and silence.

Such a long time passed of just nothingness. I had no knowledge of what Prometheus was doing and I only saw black and heard nothing. I felt my sanity drifting away at this point, but I was somehow able to keep it controlled by thinking. I thought about what was happening; what the team was doing, what Prometheus was doing, how the war was, and how Lylat was. I was occupied by constantly thinking about random things, until I got to one point; what if I can't escape. I thought about this one the longest. I thought through what would happen if Prometheus succeeded and was able to overthrow Lylat; would he release me and then kill me or would he kill my essence and keep my body.

Even more time passed. I was finally met with some knowledge as Prometheus appeared in front of me. I saw his face with all of it's disgusting details and heard his horrific voice. He told me that Fox was next on his list, he even said that he'd kill him the same way he had fooled me. For some reason, after that I was able to sense things. When Prometheus entered my subconscious, I was somehow able to tap into his mind as well, like a telepath. I knew every move he was to make and everything happening on the outside of my body. I was mortified to learn of the fall of Lylat and the defeat of the CDF. I knew that this was all me to blame; I caused this war to occur and so anything that happened was on my shoulders.

After I sensed Prometheus waiting for Fox, I tried to send something out to him. I couldn't. All I could do was watch my friend walk right into the same trap that I had fallen into. Prometheus was confident about this fight and he knew that he was the one that would win and kill Fox. He thought about him using me as his method of winning, how he would tempt Fox with the fact that he was inside the body of me with my essence still living and well. I knew Fox and was certain that he would not hold back. I was right.

When Fox entered the room, I could see his face as clear as day. The determination in his eyes was enough to know that he knew what had to be done. I was perfectly fine with this; the entire war was my fault, the problem we were in was my fault. Fox knowing that killing me was the only way is what I deserve; I endangered the lives of billions and am responsible for the countless deaths.

But, then I sense Prometheus trying something. Slowly and surely I felt myself regain control of my body. Prometheus was telling Fox about how I was still alive and that he would never kill his friend. I knew he was trying to deceive Fox by letting me regain my body for a short while. I didn't doubt Fox, but I knew he was struggling with what Prometheus was saying. So when Prometheus handed control over to me, I made sure to set Fox's mind. I looked up at him and told him to kill me. I said that the only way we were going to win was that if Prometheus was killed, even if I went with him. Of course, Prometheus caught me before I could finish and I was able to push out the final words. I was thrown back into my darkness and was forced to watch Fox fight Prometheus.

The sight was unbearable. Fox was losing the fight at first, but then something inside of him broke. He suddenly let loose and beat Prometheus down to the ground. With every blow I felt my essence growing stronger and stronger over Prometheus'.

Because of the fact that I felt strength flow into me, I remembered my special gift; my temporal immunity. The reason we were doing well was because of the fact that I had say in the plans, they weren't able to sense us coming if I had something to do with it. Then I thought of something crazy. Prometheus was getting weaker and weaker, so I tried regaining control. I tried so hard but felt nothing but pain. It was painful, yes, but I felt myself winning by a long shot. Fox continuously hitting Prometheus was helping me and for once I actually felt some hope arise inside of me.

When Fox dealt his final blow and yelled, I had a perfect grip on my body. Prometheus stood up and screamed in pain. I was so close to finally winning. When I finally did regain my body, I continued to fight to push his essence out. I yelled for him to leave and was able to kick him out; lights and sounds surrounded me as Prometheus' body slowly fuzzed out of me. When he was finally out, the light grew incredibly intense as I was knocked back with great force.

I knew that… that…

Back inside Kevin's Consciounse


His mother smiled, ""That you were strong…" she said softly, "... your will is incredible, Kevin. Don't give up now."

She then stood up and nodded slowly, "I need to leave now." she then turned away and walked off towards the nothingness.

Kevin stood up, "Wait," he said.

His mother stopped walking and looked back.

"What about… what about dad…" he said, "... how is he…"

His mother shed a single tear and sighed, "He's fine." she said, "He said that he misses you and that he wishes he was able to get out before it collapsed." her voice was somewhat shaky, "He's proud of what you've done, just as I am."

Kevin felt a tear run down his face as well.

His mother then slowly started to dissipate, back into nothing, "Don't give up…"

To Be Continued…

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