Saw all these stories with Sebastian as the bad guy, and thought of him being nice.

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(Takes place after Bad) (Kurt POV)

"Ahhhh! My eyes!" Blaine screams, and Sebastian looks... sorry somehow. Only for a split second, then back to his usual smirk.

Why does Sebastian look sorry?

"Warblers, let's go." Sebastian says, but I can't pay attention to them right now.

"Blaine, baby, we're getting an ambulance, don't worry honey." I say to him, hoping the others would get the hint.

I can't sleep. I keep replaying that moment over and over again, and Sebastian's face is always the same. His little meerkat face is annoying, but seemingly, calling out for help.

And I can't stand it. It'd be so much easier to see him as only the villain, but he might just be looking like the villain, because he's a victim.

I'll go to Dalton tomorrow, it'd be good to see everyone. Thad, Trent, Nick, Jeff... I just hope I don't make a fool of myself trying to talk to Sebastian.

"Hey, Smythe, I want to talk to you." Sebastian raises his eyebrow. "Alone."

"Alright Warblers, practice is over today." Sebastian says, and is met with grumbles and the shuffling of papers and bodies.

"Alright, what do you want?"

"Just to let you know, even though you annoy me to no end, you can still come to me if you need anything. I know you didn't want to throw that slushie, so, just tell me, what- or who- made you do it?" Kurt asks, rendering Sebastian speechless.

No one ever saw through me like that. Kurt's a really good person.

"Ha, the only thing that made me throw that slushie was knowing that any of your faces would look prettier covered in it." Sebastian says, hoping Kurt wont be able to see through him, but he does anyways.

Kurt shakes his head. "Sebastian, here's my number. Call if you need anything. Please, I beg you, you don't have to do what you do. Whoever is making you do this, can be stopped." At this, Sebastian shakes his head.

He says with tears in his eyes "It's been too long, I've hurt too many people to stop. He- I'm sorry, I just can't tell you, or anyone. Not now... Maybe not ever." Sebastian says, paranoid.

Kurt nods his head, a morose look on his face. When an awkward silence arises, he leaves.

Every Warbler didn't leave, and when they see Kurt leaving, looking sad, they all gang up on Sebastian, no matter the concequences, not thinking it's bullying, or thinking of the impact their harsh words make.

The words hurt a lot... And it becomes too much for him. He can't take it... And he doesn't really want to.

"I hereby denounce my position as captain, and I am quitting the Warblers. Make of this what you will. Goodbye!" Sebastian says, leaving the room.

The room is so silent, you can hear a pin drop. They never expected Sebastian to quit... But no-one really cares. They all hate Sebastian, not bothering to get to know the real him, to knock down his tuff exterior.

Not one Warbler knows the real Sebastian.

And, sadly, no one at that time does.

Okay... So this was long! There's no Kurtbastian, just to clear that up. This wouldn't get out of my head for the last couple of days, after seeing Grant Gustin on a teaser in Arrow.

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