What's up guys! So this is going to be a Will and Palamedes story...dedicated to my friend, who is a big fan of theirs. I on the other hand, personally think that they're pretty cool too. I have no choice! They did help to stop the Apocalypse and save the world didn't they? Who knew that the most iconic figures of history would be the ones to fight for humanity in the future? Anything could happen in this strange and wonderful world...


English immortal, William Shakespeare comes out of an ice cream shop. "Oh ice cream, oh ice cream, how I love you so! To eat or not to eat, is in in fact to eat!" He sings that as he merrily skips along like a little school girl, with double scoop of pecan butter crunch in a waffle cone. His best friend, the muscular Knight Palamedes fell into step beside him.

His waffle cone only contains a single scoop of rich chocolate. "Will, how long has been since you've last eaten ice cream?", asked Palamedes, genuinely curious.

The English immortal ceased to skip and began to walk at a normal pace. There was the biggest smile on his face as he answered, "About one-two hundred years ago, I think."

The Knight grins, savoring his ice cream slightly. "I guess you fell in love with the stuff, didn't you?"

Will took a huge bite out of his and replied while chewing, "Are you kidding me? I could write a whole sonnet about ice cream!" He swallowed. "And I did, too."

"You did? When?", asked Palamedes as they stroll down a really, really, really long street.

"Oh, I don't know, it was a long time ago", answered Will while vaguely waving his hand. "Maybe if I find it, I'll show it to you."

"That would be nice", muttered Palamedes, sucking on the melting form of his ice cream. There was silence between them for a while, before he asked, "So what's your favorite ice cream flavor? Only ONE", he added slowly.

Will briefly closed his eyes as he rubbed his temples, trying to think. "Oh, God, that's a really hard one! Uh...vanilla, no chocolate! Uh, snow cones? Agghh! All of them!"

The Saracen knight blinked twice and said, "OK...mine would be chocolate."

"Do you like ice cream?"

The question came out of nowhere and caught Palamedes off guard. He stopped walking, and Will turned around to face him. "Well? What is it?"

A tight grin curled on the immortal knight's dark lips as he said, "Why, sir, I am most highly offended! How dare you question my fondness of the delicious soft frozen cream, that is ice cream?"

William smiled cheekily. "Oh, just to make sure that's all!"

They them resumed their stroll down the street. They walked past many different shops and restaurants. They passed a cafe, where free samples of donuts and cinnamon buns were displayed.

"Care to try some?", nudged Palamedes.

William shook his head and waved his hand dismissively. "No, not for me. I prefer to stick to my ice cream."

"You know, I like donuts, almost as much as I like ice cream", remarked Palamedes casually. "Especially the jelly-filled ones", he grimaced with a delighted smile.

Will reconsidered, "Donuts are fine, compared to ice cream. I once met Ben and Jerry, the famous ice cream entrepreneurs. Ah, they were very good chaps."

Palamedes was impressed. "Really? I think there ice cream are truly superb! They make ice cream look like an art!"

Just as he was saying those words, a green bus pulled up, unloading a mass of American and Hispanic tourists. All had their various sizes and brands of cameras and phones ready to take pictures, as the excited crowd chatted among themselves.

Palamedes glared at them for a second and then turned back to William. "Well, since we're talking about food, let us review the favorite snacks of our friends!"

"Interesting idea", exclaimed Will. "How should we do this?"

"I say the name of a friend and you tell me their favorite snacks." He coughs to clear his throat. "First one, Gilgamesh. We've known that old man for years..."

"Blackberry pie!"


"Oh that's easy, mini bread topped with pig liver pate!"

"Nicholas Flamel?"

"Bread and cheese. He's a simple man", added Will with a flicker of sadness in his eyes.

Palamedes nodded slowly. "Yes, he is...he's always been like that. It's one of the traits I liked about him. Perenelle?

"Sweet honey cake, the way her mother used to make."

"The twins?"

"What twins?"

"The Twins of Legend! Sophie and...Mareythu." The ancient language sounded foreign on Palamede's lips, but he knows that the boy he is speaking of does not go by "Josh" anymore.

"Chocolate chip cookies!" sang Will.

Palamedes tapped his index finger against his lip as he thought of a hard one. "Umm, Joan. Jeanne d' Arc?"

William sighed dreamily. "That's a trick question! Joan likes practically anything...except British cuisine, which I guess is highly understandable." He shrugged, an elegant roll of his hunched shoulders.

"That's true, and she's one hell of a great cook, too", added the Knight with a wry smile, his mouth practically drooling. "Palamedes?"

"Ice cream!"

"William Shakespeare?"

"Ice crea-"

Both of them halted in their tracks, and grinned at each other. Will ceremoniously linked his arm with his friend and announced, "Well then, shall we skip and sing about our beloved ice cream the rest of the way?"

"Let us commence swiftly!"

So the strange pair consisting of a tall, dark Moor and the slightly built bearded man with glasses proceeded down the remainder of the street. They skipped happily arm in arm, their cones of ice cream in hand. While they did so, they sang, "Oh ice cream, oh ice cream! How we love you so! To eat or not eat, is in fact to eat! You're so delicious and chilly, it makes us want to jump for joy! We would eat you everyday, morning and night, for the rest of our infinite lives! For there's nothing else in the world that would rather delightly gorge on!"

Their immense joy was short lived, for as they rounded a corner, tragedy struck. Will accidentally almost tripped on an uneven piece of pavement, causing him to let go of his ice cream. It fell on the ground of the sidewalk with an audible and terrifying SPLAT!

William is traumatized. absolutely paralyzed. Dramatically, he fell down to his knees and buried his face in his trembling hands. "No, no, no , no! Oh, the tragic woe that have befallen me!" he cried in anguish. He scooped up the remains of his melting ice cream, and stared at it as the semi-solid liquid dripped through his fingers.

Eventually, Palamedes helped him up to his feet. The immortal Knight hugged the immortal playwright and whispered. "There, there Will. Don't cry. You know what?"

"What?", asked William in a cracking voice as he choked on his tears.

Palamedes held Will out and arm's length and smiled sympathetically and said gently, "Let us go and I'll buy you another one, my treat."

Will stiffened up and began to wipe away the tears. "Rea-really? You would do that for me?"he sniffled.

"Sure, pal, anything for you, old chum."

The End

Uh, yeah, that's the best I could come up with. Poor Will! Oh well, he'll get over it. I am sorry for him, really. Please review! :)