Harry had known from the moment he returned to his uncle's house that the summer was going to be hell. The damn Headmaster had to go and tell them that his godfather, Sirius Black had been killed. Harry had been telling the Dursleys that if they ever hurt him he would tell his godfather and he would come.

Sirius was killed by his own cousin. She killed the only reason he had for staying in England. Harry had found out that his 'friends' Granger and Weasley had been paid by Dumbledore, with the money the headmaster had been stealing from his account at Gringotts. He all of the people Harry had thought of as his friends, to spy on him and report all of their finding directly to him. Even Remus who Harry was certain he could trust was being paid. Apparently Remus hated that Harry had lived all those years ago when his friends, James and Lily were killed.

Harry had never felt so betrayed in his life. When Harry had seen the vision of Sirius being tortured at the department of mysteries he dropped what he was doing and raced there to try and help him. The traitors decided that they had to come to so he didn't do anything 'stupid' or 'reckless'. When he got there he found out that it had been a trap to get the full prophecy. Sirius had come to save him, and got shoved into the veil of death. Harry was broken mentally and didn't know how to deal with the pain of losing the only person who cared for him.

At the end of the school year Harry was sent back to the Dursleys for his protection. He was able to tell from the moment he had stepped into the car that he was going to get a beating. That thought was proven when he heard his uncle say in a forcibly calm voice. "We got a letter. It was the headmaster of that freak school. He told us that your freak of a godfather was killed." As he said those words there was a horrible glint in those beady little eyes.

The moment he passed through the front door his uncle had taken it upon himself to beat the magic out of him. Harry was punched repeatedly until he grew dizzy and fell to the floor. At that point Harry thought that his uncle would give up and make him go up the Dudley's second bedroom, but he was wrong. His uncle started kicking him.

"You. Stupid. Worthless. Freak. Of. Nature." Each word was followed by a harsh kick to his stomach and ribs. After a few kicks he heard a crack as pain rushed through his chest. He had broken a rib maybe two but there was no way to know as Vernon yelled at him to get up. Harry who was close to passing out, wasn't able to hear his uncles and harshly grabbed the boys arm and yanked him off of the floor and slammed the thin malnourished body into the hallway table, causing a cheap vase to fall to the floor and shatter. That only made Vernon angrier, he started hitting Harry with a new viciousness.

Harry's magic had started building up inside of him since the first hit, had reached the breaking point. The magic exploded out of Harry's broken body, smacking the fat whale into a wall hard enough that the lump of fat slumped to the floor in an unconscious heap.

The magic rippled before slamming back into harry. There was too much damage for his magic to heal him as it regularly would. Instead it pulled at his creature blood which started his inheritance almost two years earlier that it should have. There was a blinding white light as Harry's body changed. Harry's back arched off the floor as blinding pain radiated through his back.

The skin on his back was twitching and bowing out as if something was crawling under his skin and trying to break out. Harry instinctively curled on his side as the pain increased to unimaginable levels. Until something snapped and Harry slipped into a blissful darkness.

A few hours later a pair of glowing emerald eyes opened slowly. Harry sat up slowly, there was no longer any pain, but his head was a little foggy. He blink a few times trying to get his eyes to focus, when he couldn't he took off his glasses to clean them thinking that they needed to be cleaned. The moment he took the glasses off the world became clear.

He threw his old, ugly glasses to the floor, seeing as he had no need for them anymore and stood up on shaky legs. The moment he stood he started to tip sideways due to his legs being numb. Instead of falling all the way to the floor like he expected. Something stopped his fall almost before it started. He looked around, freezing when he saw what was keeping him upright.

Wings. A pair of black feathered wings that were drenched in blood and another almost clear substance. They were propped up against the hallway walls, twitching slightly, not yet strong enough to hold him steady. After he had gained enough feeling in his legs to move forward, the wings folded up and rested against his back.

He made his way to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Getting a glimpse of the dried blood and more of that clear substance coating his skin in thick layers. He looked away from his reflection and turned on the hot water in the shower. As soon as the stream of water heated up he stripped of his clothing and threw the bloody clothes into the small garbage can. As soon as he stepped into the hot spray he moaned at how good it felt.

It was then that he had allowed himself to relax and think. He was glad that his uncle was still passed out and that Petunia and Dudley were visiting Marge. Otherwise Harry would have earned another beating for using up the hot water. He scrubbed his body and washed his hair before pausing at the sight of the wings. Harry reached for one but was unable to reach that far behind him, the wing as if knowing what Harry wanted unfolded itself and pressed into his hand gently. Harry grabbed a little bit of soap and massaged it into the wet feathers. The feeling was amazing, his wings were sensitive, and each stroke relaxed him further. He rinsed off the wing and started on the other.

As soon as he was done he turned the water off and stepped in front of the full length mirror to see how he looked now that he had gotten all of the questionable substances off his body. Still wet and naked he studied himself in the mirror. Harry wasn't normally a vain person but even he could admit that he looked amazing. His malnourished frame was gone, in its place was a healthy toned body. He was still thin but instead of being too skinny, his body could only be described as lithe.

His hair was longer and wavy, no where near the birds nest it had been before. He had sharp fangs that he could see peeking past his upper lip. He found that he was able to retract them along with the nails that were sharper than they should have been. The wings were beautiful,even though he wasn't able to fully extend them in the small bathroom but he was able to see that the feathers were a mix of black and different shades of green. They were huge, and looked like they had a diameter of more than thirty feet. When he willed them away they folded away and vanished.

When Harry turned around he saw that there wasn't even a mark to show that they had even been there to begin with. But on his lower back there were was a large ordinate 'B' in printed in what looked like green ink. He wasn't sure what that was supposed to mean. There was only one place he could go to find out and that was Gringotts. So he wrapped a towel around his waist and stepped out of the bathroom and walked over to the front door trying not to look at the blood that was covering the floor and opened his trunk pulling out some clothes and walked back to the bathroom to change into them. When he was done and dressed in black dress pants and a soft green sweater he went back to the front door grabbed his trunk and left number four Privet Drive for what he hoped was the last time.

He called the night bus when he was few blocks away from the Dursley residence and paid the galleon fee and asked to be brought to the leaky cauldron. The ride was quick, but every time he rode in that bus he felt nauseous afterward. When he was finally standing outside of the wizard bar he pulled on a plain black cloak and lifted the hood up to cover his face. The last thing he needed was someone recognizing him. He new that if that happened he would have been stopped from getting to Gringotts and would be dragged back to the Dursleys.

Harry made his way to the entrance and tapped the bricks. He quickly strode through the crowds that were thinner than they were normally. They must have finally realized that voldemort was back. He climbed up the stone steps and entered the goblin bank. Harry stepped up to one of the sneering goblins.

"I need to speak to Ragnok." He told the goblin in Gobbledygook. He had studied the language after the goblins had informed him that he was being stolen from and had helped him gain his Black and Potter lordships. They had stopped Dumbledore from taking advantage of his self-elected magical guardianship.

The goblin at the desk was shocked, no wizard ever took the time to learn their language. "Right this way." He ushered Harry down one of the hallways. When they reached the ordinate door at the end of the hallway the goblin knocked before motioning Harry to enter and closing the door behind harry as he entered. The goblin walked back to his desk still puzzled.

As Harry entered the room the older goblin sitting behind the desk looked up. "Do you have an appointment?" Harry lowered his hood and answered.

"No I don't. Sorry if this isn't a good time, but I need your help Ragnok." Harry told him.

"Mr. Po- Excuse me Harry. What can I do for you, Goblin Friend." Ragnok asked.

"I have wings and I need to know why." Harry told the elder goblin whose eyes widened.

"I will need to do a blood test to find out for sure, is that alright, Harrison?" Harry instantly nodded, he trusted Ragnok with his life. The goblin reached for a drawer and pulled out a blank piece of parchment and a small vial of green-blue potion. "You need to add five drops of blood into the potion." Harry was handed a small knife and slit the pad of his finger and dripped the blood needed into the open vile. Ragnok swirled the potion before upturning the contents onto the parchment. As soon as the liquid touched the paper it started forming words. When the words were finished he was handed the paper to look over.

Name: Harrison J. Potter

Father: James C. Potter

Mother: Lily M. Potter nee Evans

Blood status:

Harrison J. Potter

85% Dark Veela

15% Wizard


Name: B- (Rest currently unknown)

Species: Human

Current location: Cambodia

Harry sat frozen for a long time staring at the word 'mate' before looking up at Ragnok. "Mate. I have a mate? As in soulmate?"

Ragnok nodded and pulled some objects out of his desk and handing them to Harry. The first was a small plastic card and the second a small leather sack. "The pouch will automatically take money from your vault and transport it directly into this pouch. The transferred money will automatically change to the currency needed at the time. This card is also connected to your vault and works exactly like a muggle credit card. Both have and anti-theft charm and if lost will return directly to your person."

Ragnok stood up from his desk and walked to the bookcase on the other side of the room and grabbed two books and handed them to Harry. "The first book is the 'History of Veela both light and Dark' and the other is 'Veela Laws and Traditions.' please read during your flight to Cambodia." He handed Harry a muggle plain ticket and a map then explained that there was no magical way to track a wizard if they didn't use a magical mode of transportation. "Harrison, this map has been keyed into the signature of your mate, this way you can find him even if they move from their current position."

"Thank you so much, Ragnok." Harry stood up and hugged Ragnok, the goblin froze before awkwardly patting Harry's back.

"Just go, Harrison. Your flight leaves in half an hour." Ragnok told harry pushing the boy off of him. Harry nodded and left after one last grateful glance at Ragnok.

When Harry got back to muggle London he hired a taxi to drive him to the local airport where his flight was taking off from. When he got there he paid the driver and made his way through security. They were confused when they saw he was only taking a miniature trunk with him.

He sat at his first class seat and leaned back letting himself relax and think about what had happened. It was such a drastic change but he really couldn't care less. Just the thought of finding his mate, a person who will love him for him not because of his fame, made him practically purr in happiness. As the plane lifted off he pulled out one of the books and started reading. He couldn't wait to get there.