Harry stood up and turned around, lifting the back of his shirt revealing the name of his mate. 'Bruce Banner'.

Harry dropped his shirt covering Bruce's name. Harry didn't turn around in fear of seeing the horrified expression that he knew would be covering his mate's face. Tears welled up in his eyes when he heard nothing, thinking that the rejection was inevitable.

"Harry." The teen heard Bruce's Hesitant voice quietly say his name. Instead of answering Harry took a deep breath and exhaled slowly trying to keep a neutral mask firmly in place as he turned around. The moment he saw Bruce the mask crumbled.

Bruce was Partially lying sideways on the couch. His head safely cradled on the soft seat of the couch. His legs from the knee down hanging off the edge in a cute but uncomfortable looking way. Harry sighed, he wished that his mate would accept the mateship, or at least come out and reject his properly.

Harry crept forward, instinctively avoiding the squeaky floorboards. He lightly gripped his mate's leg and pulled it up onto the cushion of the couch, quickly followed by the second in the hope that it would make Bruce more comfortable. Harry grabbed a thin blanket and gently draped it over his mate's unconscious body. Harry moved back to the other couch sitting all the way back and rested his head on the cool cloth.

He decided that he would let Bruce sleep for a few hours before using his magic to wake him up. Harry watched his mate, following the movements of his chest. Harry didn't want to lose this man, just the Idea of an impending rejection made his heart sink. He pulled his legs up and hugged them to his chest trying to provide the comfort he desperately needed . Three hours passed that way. With Harry watching him, making sure that Bruce was alright and safe, before he decided it was time to face the music.

Harry stood up rubbing his numb legs, before he grabbed his wand and whispered the spell.

"Enervate" Bruce opened his eyes and yawned, before sitting up. He glanced around the room pausing when he saw Harry standing a few feet away from him.

"What happened?" Bruce asked, momentarily not remembering what had happen. Bruce's eyes widened as he recalled his name printed on the Veelas back and what having his name on that specific spot ment. Bruce opened and closed his mouth trying and failing to speak properly for a few moments before he was able to choke out a single word.


Harry nodded his head, but otherwise kept silent.

"Why me? Why not someone else? There must have been someone better than me." Bruce spoke finally finding his voice. The words were unbelieving and Harry could hear the thick layer of insecurity those words held.

"It doesn't work that way Bruce. I'm a Veela and you are my destined mate. You are my soulmate, my perfect match, there is no way that will ever change. If you hate the it then reject me, just get it overwith. Please." On the outside Harry looked blank but that was only a mask that he had perfected during his years being abused by the dursleys and being lied to and manipulated at hogwarts. On the inside that story was different, just saying the words was killing him. That was the last thing he ever wanted to happen.

"No! It's not that. I don't want to make you go away. Its just hard to get my mind around that I'm somebodies soulmate."

"Really?" Harry was shocked, his mate wanted him? It was a miracle that the man in front of him didn't find him a disgusting freak.

"I never believed that it would be possible. I need sometime to sort out everything you have been telling me. First there is magic, second there really are magical creatures, and third I'm the soulmate of a Veela. I'm not rejecting you but we will need to take it slow. I've barely known you for a full day." Harry knew that Bruce was being honest. His mate didn't reject him, His mate Actually want's him to be himself, just Harry.

Harry hadn't noticed that he was crying until Bruce was standing in front on him and gently wiping his tears.

"I will not reject you Harry. I don't know why, but I feel connected to you already and its only been a day. There is one problem, I was planning on moving soon but I don't know where we should go." Bruce felt horrible saying that he wasn't able to have a place ready for the both of them.

"Thats fine, I think I have a couple properties How about I check on them while you start getting packed." Bruce nodded before getting up and grabbing a bag. Harry stopped him for a moment having one last thing that he wanted to stay.

"I'm going to send a letter to my bank to see if I have and properties that are in usable conditions. I already know of a couple of them but I don't think that they are suitable for us" Harry refused to live in his parents home in Godric's Hollow, the only thing that he would gain from living there are nightmares. The other property being number twelve grimmauld place, that is currently home to the order of the phoenix.

Harry wiped at his face again, making sure that he had gotten rid of all traces of tears, before he transfigured some parchment and a quill before starting his letter.


Could you send me a list of all the properties that are currently in my ownership. From both the Potter and Black lines.

Thank you my friend,

Harrison Potter-Black

Lord of houses Potter and Black

Harry sealed the letter and tapped the corner of it to his ring allowing it to vanish from his hand.

Harry had gotten the lordship rings when he had first gone to gringotts to find out about his money. During that time It was explained to him that the rings were used for many other things than just being a symbol of lordship. It could be used to send letters or objects instantly to the other family members who have similar rings, such as an heir ring or wedding ring with the families insignia carved somewhere on the ring by the lord of the family. It could also be used as a portkey. The rings are all connected and if you were in trouble it can portkey you back to your family or the wearers main residence. The only problem is that the wearer needs to be able to picture the place they wanted to go, that was why it was impossible to use it to go someplace they had never been before.

Harry shook his head and watched Bruce move around the room collecting his personal items. Harry saw him pack them all into a single bag.

"Would you like me to make some food while we wait for a letter with all of the properties?" Bruce looked up at Harry with a puzzled look before nodding his head and returning to his packing. Harry made some pasta with a cream sauce and a small salad. When the food was done he set it on the table along with two plates and forks.

"Foods ready." Harry said just above his normal speaking voice. Bruce must have been able to hear because he did answer.

"Be right there" Harry moved back in the kitchen grabbing two glasses and filling them with ice and water, handing one to Bruce as he walked in. As soon as they sat down and started eating a letter appeared next to Harry's plate. Bruce shook his head and kept eating the pasta while Harry opened the letter and scanned over the page.

Harry found that he had sic properties listed under his name.

Number twelve Grimmauld place, England.

Godric's Hollow, England

Potter Castle, France

Black Manor, England

2923 whitewine boulevard California, America.

Noir Island

Harry saw a note and the bottom of the list stating that when he picked one he should tap it with his wand and the letter will turn into a portkey with the password being Veela Mate.

When he tapped each with his finger a small description would pop up, he ignored them wanting to narrow the amount of houses down.

"Well there are six different properties that we can choose from. I guess we need to start narrowing them down." Harry looked at Bruce before continuing to make sure that he was listening. "There are two that I refuse to live in. My reasoning is that the first has far too many bad memories and the second is filled with betrayers and liers that I don't want to deal with yet." Harry crossed both of them out with a red ink quill leaving a thick red line before looking back up at Bruce.

"That's fine I wouldn't want to live anywhere that holds bad memories. Are there any others that we can cross out?" Bruce asked.

"Do you feel comfortable in large houses?" Harry questioned.

"How big are you talking?"

"Manor or castle sized?"

Bruce momentarily froze before lightly shaking his head. He had grown used to the smaller houses that lied in the south asian countries such as India and Cambodia. He hadn't realize that Harry was that rich. Harry slid the quill across the Potter castle and the Black manor.

"That leaves us with two choices one in california, America and the othe-"

"No!" Bruce cut off Harry. But saw the startled look that Harry had and started to explain "I'm sorry, I just really don't want to move back to America" Harry didn't say anything just crossed out the California House. Harry had thought that Bruce would have chosen that house, but he was wrong.

"Then the last one is actually an Island, I'm not sure exactly where it is located but it is small and uninhibited. There is a small house there so we would have some place to stay. There is also a ward around the entire Island that makes sure that no one is able to see it nor are they able to accidentally stumble across it. Well what do you think Bruce?" Harry looked up at Bruce.

"That actually sounds perfect." Bruce couldn't find anything that he didn't like about that. He was far away from other people so he could not harm anyone. The best part is that there was no way Ross or anyone else could find him.

Harry had a similar train of thought, that there would be no way that Dumbledore would never be able to find him if they moved there. He grabbed his wand and tapped the words 'Noir Island'.

"Well then, are you packed?" Harry asked with a smile gracing his feminine face. Bruce thought he had never seen anything more perfect than the happy smile on the Veela's face. Bruce nodded and showed Harry the heavy bag that he had packed. Harry reached forward and tapped the bag twice. Instantly the bag lost almost all of its weight and then shrunk, Bruce dropped the bag out of shock. It landed with a small thunk, before Harry grabbed it and slipped it into his pocket.

"I will take care of that for you. Now we should get some food before we go since there are no stores to buy any when we get there. We will most likely have to leave the Island a few times a month to stock up on food. But that is easy because I can just apparate us there and back." Bruce and Harry stood up and started making their way to the front door.

"What is apparating?" Bruce asked, confused by the word.

"Instant teleportation from one place to another." Together they walked to the shopping district where people were lined up along the street selling their goods.

They bought a little from every stand and loaded them into a bottomless bag little by little to avoid suspicion. They spent hours just walking and buying what they wanted. It was a new experience for both of them, just calmly walking and talking about whatever came to mind. As the sky started to darken they decided they had gotten enough food and other supplies that they thought they would need.

"I guess it is time to take the portkey." Harry told bruce who nodded, they walked back to Bruce's old home, they decided to take to portkey there so there was no chance that anyone else would see them. As soon as they entered the front room Harry took out the letter making sure that both of them were holding onto it firmly before saying the activation words.

"Veela Mate" They vanished.