Harry Potter and the Rise of Cobra

Harry Potter/G. I. Joe X-Over

Chapter 1

This is a Harry Potter/ G. I. Joe Crossover, though at first it won't seem like one. I will warn you that it is based off of the movie Rise of Cobra. I also warn all Scarlett/Ripcord fans to leave right now. That pairing will NOT happen. It is a Scarlett/Snake Eyes pairing. It is also Harry Potter/Lily Potter pairing, although the two are from alternate dimensions, so you've been warned. Any more information and I'd give the story away.

Warnings of death, darker natured characters, end-of-world-scenarios, torture, and other similar topics.

G.I. Joe and Harry Potter do NOT belong to me. I'm just having fun mashing the two in what will hopefully be a rather unique manner. Also Fairy Tail does not belong. I've used some attacks from the Anime.

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Black clouds rolled overhead. Thunder struck the ground every few minutes, never letting off for more than an hour before beginning again. The world was shrouded by a never-ending darkness, and evil ruled.

Well, evil wasn't exactly the right word to use. As his enemy had once said, "There is no good and evil. There is only power, and those too weak to seek it". Young Harry Potter had not understood what he meant then, but a now twenty-five year old Harry Potter had long since learned what the then Lord Voldemort meant.

Young Harry had been naïve. But his naivety had lead to the death of his best friend Hermione in their fifth year when she had been killed in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. That had been the beginning of the end of Harry Potter, and the rise of a rather remorseless warrior and one-man-army.

He began to train like never before. He removed himself from his surroundings and his friends. He kicked everyone out of Number 12 and warded the place up. His only companions: a much less crazy and annoying house elf by the name of Kreature, an old painting of the ex-Mistress of Number 12 who was surprisingly enough more than willing to help him, and the ghost of his best friend, living the rest of her nonlife to help him.

It would be pointless to go into too much detail about what he learned those next three years of solitude and would take way too long to go into any detail about, but know that some of the most ancient spells and martial arts styles were included thanks to the Black Library. Time altering wards allowed for five years of study to take place in one year of 'real time', so after three 'real' years, he had gained fifteen years of knowledge and growth.

No longer was Harry the same small, skinny boy who lived many years in a cupboard under the stairs. He was now a man eighteen years old, five foot eleven, with highly visible, but not obnoxiously large muscles. His hair had been cut shorter, just over what would have been regulation length for the army, and his eyesight long since fixed thanks to rituals that some would have seen as dark. Other rituals enabled him to go days without food, water, or sleep if necessary.

During this time, he had crafted himself, with some help from his odd group, a simple yet sturdy set of black armor. The lower layer was similar to that of military pants and a long sleeve muscle shirt. Overtop were black cargo pants, and a long sleeved, black top that was fitted to his size and charmed to change with his body. It was enchanted with enough protection spells to stop anything weaker than a full blasting spell. Built into it was a synthetic of some type that he didn't understand. Hermione had Kreature go out and get the components, and all he understood was it was something called Kevlar or something like that at least. He wore lightweight boots that allowed him to move as silently as possible, gloves with good grip for holding a wand or weapon, and a specialized mask.

For the most part, it looked like an ordinary, full-head covering mask, except over the eyes there was a metallic visor that went from ear to ear. It served multiple purposes. First and foremost was protection. Secondly, it had been enchanted with special charms that allowed for listening to quieter sounds or sounds that were further away. The visor also magnified vision based off of the thoughts of the wearer.

Kreature had also been sent out to get weapons for Harry. Sure, magic was awesome, but if he was disarmed, he would be in trouble since he still wasn't able to do wandless magic. Heck, he could barely do silent casting and that was only for the simpler things fifth year and below. On the other hand, he had found something he was really good at. Targeting objects and melee fighting along with hand-to-hand combat.

It had actually been an accident at first; his training dummy had not stopped attacking him after he had lost his wand, so he did the next best thing possible; he jumped to the side, lunged at the dummy, and dropped it with a kick to the chest. Sure, the kick had been sloppy, but it got the job done.

That afternoon, physical fighting had been added to Hermione's schedule for activities Harry needed to learn.

Now thirteen 'years' after learning that, Harry had 'mastered' (at least in his opinion, though Hermione admitted he was rather good) three forms of martial arts, one of which had been long lost from the ancient Dragon Mage Clans from even before Merlin's time and was more like Ninjutsu than Karate. Harry still wasn't sure why and how the Black's had a set of twelve books on the clan, but he never asked. He was also rather proficient with a blade, Shuriken, Ninja Sai, and handguns, though he preferred the Uzi Sub-Machinegun with Katana combination. He started carrying two FN Five-SeveN Tactical Handguns as well for when the Uzi was unnecessary. His sword was specially made for him. His katana had a hand forged high carbon steel false-edged blade with double fuller grooves. The handle had a unique lightweight skeletonized design. With some special influence from the post Lady Black, the Goblins had been more than willing to make his blades, Sai, and even dozens of Shuriken.

In the three years Harry was gone, many changes occurred in the outside world. Voldemort became more active and more attacks occurred across Britain. Hundreds died in the first months, yet every attempt to stop the attacks was either too late or only ended with even more death.

Not three months after Harry went into solitude, the Dursley's were killed while out shopping in London. Luna's home was destroyed the day before what would have been her first day of fifth year. She and her father were killed inside.

The Burrow was attacked that same day and Mrs. and Mr. Weasley along with Ron and Ginny were killed. The next couple of years saw many deaths including Neville and his Grandmother, Professors Flitwick and McGonagall, the Patil twins, and many others. By the time Harry left seclusion three years later, over seven thousand were dead.

The day Harry left Number 12 was the day any last strands of his innocence were lost. He arrived in Diagon Alley just minutes before a massive Death Eater attack occurred. One minute he was looking for books on advanced combat magic and the next an explosion went off outside the shop. Running outside, he saw what appeared to be over eighty Death Eaters trying to attack Gringott's. Only twelve Goblins were outside protecting the bank and half of them were dead or injured.

Harry noticed no one seemed to want to help, so he quickly jumped into the fray, shooting curses at the Death Eaters. Twenty minutes later, the Order of the Phoenix arrived headed by Dumbledore. They were surprised to see an older, taller Harry fighting back to back with a Goblin surrounded by dead Goblins, Death Eaters, and a ring of Death Eaters still attacking the two defenders. Harry was covered in scratches and blood, only some of which was his own. In one hand, he had his wand and in the other a weapon none of the Wizards recognized: his Uzi, spitting out rounds into the Death Eaters' shields or bodies.

The arrival of Albus sent the Death Eaters running. After the battle, Albus approached Harry and said, " My boy! I'm so happy you're okay. We hadn't heard anything in years and assumed the worst."

Harry chose to ignore him for the moment, helping the last standing Goblin search the bodies. They were checking for living combatants, Death Eater or Goblin. In the end, of the twelve Goblins, only two were well enough along that with proper medical treatment they might live. Of the eighty-four Death Eaters, twenty-eight were laying on the ground. Only five were alive.

Harry turned his wand towards the five surviving Death Eaters and just as Professor Dumbledore was about to shout at him to spare their lives, Harry started to cast battlefield medical spells made specifically to help stabilize dying patients.

When Harry noticed Dumbledore's surprised face, he snorted and said in a much quieter, but deeper voice than any of the surviving order members remembered, "What? You actually thought I'd kill them? Please Dumbledore, I'm not a sadistic killer. I'm a soldier. They will be healed, arrested, and then charged for the crimes they committed."

Professor Dumbledore smiled slightly in relief and quickly moved forward to help Harry save the lives of the survivors. The rest of the Order began moving around the Alley healing, repairing, and generally checking for hidden Death Eaters.

After an hour of work, Dumbledore, who had gotten separated from Harry during the cleanup efforts started to look for the young man only to realize he was gone. Harry was already back at Number 12 cleaning his gear.

When he had returned, he stormed through the house, so Hermione and Kreature left him alone not knowing why he was angry.

Ten minutes later, Hermione and Kreature brought up food and drink to his room only to stop in shock seeing her best friend laying on his bed crying. It took her almost twenty minutes to finally coax a confession out of the distraught young man about his systematic killing of the Death Eaters.

What scared him most was the ruthless manner that he did it. He hadn't even felt remorse for killing them till he got home. Not for the first time, Hermione wished she was solid so she could give the support to her best friend that she knew he needed and deserved.

Over the next few months, Harry continued striking at Death Eater meeting places and attacks only to vanish after the battle. Survivors would be heard talking about a man wearing all black with a silver visor carrying a wide range of weapons, but every report ended the same way: he would win, he would heal any injured Death Eaters or civilians, and then he would vanish after tying up the Death Eater prisoners for the DMLE.

Even with his amazing efforts, the Ministry was unable to stand up against the greater threat presented by the always-growing dark army. Only seven months after Harry Potter returned, the Ministry fell to the forces of the Dark Lord, and Voldemort named himself Emperor of Magical Britain.

He then turned his efforts towards the muggles. With surprise on his side, he quickly wiped out the Royal Family, Parliament, and 12th Downing Street. The muggles, lost, confused, and scared, quickly fell to his onslaught and in only five months, the rest of Great Britain fell to Voldemort.

He renamed the nation Morsmordum and began moving his armies Northbound towards Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. With proper warning, the muggles dug in. The following war, named the Second Blood War, was almost as bloody as World War II. Over three million died both soldier and civilian. The Irish, used to fighting for their freedom lead their neighbors against the rising Darkness, but even their efforts aided by the surviving Order members, Harry Potter, and other magicals only managed to slow down the invading armies.

It took them three years, but finally the darkness consumed the rest of the Island and the whole landmass became a part of Morsmordum.

After Voldemort took over the British Isles, he quickly gained control of Hogwarts and redesigned its study program from the ground up. The old classes were restructured towards the Dark Arts and all Muggleborns were kicked out. They were sent to a newly built school called Mudblood Academy: School of Servitude.

By this point, the Order had been practically wiped out. Professor Dumbledore fell in battle against fifty Death Lords only a year before their final defeat. He had grown into a much more battle hardened individual whose Second-chance-policy had long been forgotten by the mage. It only took him two years to once again become the Wizard who defeated Grindelwald, but it wasn't enough. Of the fifty, only seven were alive or in fighting shape before they finally brought him down.

Of the Order members, only Bill Weasley, Harry Potter, Severus Snape, Amelia Bones, and the sole surviving Goblin Warrior Venomfist lived to see the fall of the British Isles.

With defeat in their minds, but not their hearts, the five ran away for France to join the International Task Force that was being assembled to end the Dark Emperor: Voldemort.

The following war made the First and Second Blood Wars almost look tame in nature. Only weeks after conquering the British Isles, the Dark Emperor set his sights on Mainland Europe. With inside help from Death Lord supporters, he managed to gain a foothold in Normandy, France. He landed here intentionally having read World History in his youth.

The following four years were the bloodies the World had ever seen. Over half of Europe's population was dead and many countries were totally wrecked. The Dark Emperor's forces had driven the International forces all the way to Poland in the four-year surge from the West.

Of the five surviving Order members, only Harry and Severus were still alive. Bill had died in the Second Battle of Market Garden were twelve thousand Death Lords and supporters smashed into the much smaller defensive force. The three thousand defenders didn't stand a chance. Bill was said to have been part of the team that was attacked by an Irish Giant Clan. He had been seen fighting off three of the beasts himself. It was only after he killed the first two that the third one got a lucky shot in and crushed the Wizard.

Amelia fell only a month later in Germany. She was on a Scouting mission when her team was ambushed by Vampires loyal to the Dark Emperor. Her party of five killed a dozen of the bloodsuckers before falling to the larger number of enemies. Amelia's body was later left hanging in plain sight as a sign to the Allies from the Dark army.

A year later, Venomfist was part of a counter operation to take back Berlin. Due to a spy, the Dark Emperor's forces knew of the attack and were laying in wait. The Allies lost seven thousand soldiers in the battle before the last two thousand tried to retreat only to find another Dark Army waiting to cut them off. It was the single largest surrender of the war up to that point. All survivors were then systematically executed on global television.

Bringing himself back from his random thoughts, the now twenty-five year old Harry looked around the battlefield. He was part of the last Allied Army left in all of Europe. To his side was Severus and the last six thousand Allied Soldiers.

Horns could be heard in the distance. The Death Lords had started using them early on to bring fear to their enemy's hearts. This worked because each battalion had a horn and before each battle every horn master blew his or her horn in a large cacophony of sounds. The more horns, the larger the army.

Harry knew that the Dark Emperor knew the Allies were at their last straw. The almost never-ending sound of horns confirmed Harry's knowledge. It seemed like the Dark Emperor brought all of his forces here to defeat the Allied Army once and for all.

Looking around himself, Harry realized his allies knew this too. They all looked lost, scared, defeated. But no matter what, he could also see the resolve in their eyes to fight to the end for the rest of the world's sake. They knew Europe was lost, but they had heard reports of Asia and the America's assembling armies.

'Too little, too late for Europe,' Harry mentally scoffed.

Looking over the hills in the distance, Harry could see the heads of giants. The enemy had finally arrived. Meeting the sight was the sound of artillery rounds being fired from behind him. The Allied big guns would pound into the enemy with everything they had. Then it would be up to the Allies to end this. One way or another.

As the first shells began to fall, the Dark Army began to charge en mass. Over sixty thousand Death Lords and supporters rushed over the hills towards the Allied forces. The Allies were outnumbered ten-to-one.

Harry felt eyes on him, so he turned to his right and looked Severus in the eye. The two had been united in comradeship after years of fighting side-by-side and there was no one left alive Harry trusted or respected more.

"It's been an honor, Harry. Goodbye," said Severus.

Harry nodded and responded, "The same to you, Severus."

Turning as one the two charged forward along with their Allies. Harry pulled out his wand and Uzi and systematically began shooting spells and bullets at the enemy.

As the two armies met, Harry put away his Uzi and whipped out his Katana. With skilled precision, he began to cut down his enemies without remorse. A swing of his sword here, a stab with his wand there and enemy after enemy fell to Harry. To his right, Severus was wielding his wand and a cutlass he had started using during the Second Blood War. He had seen how effective Harry's style was and demanded training. The rest of the Order had joined in as well.

With a jump to the left, Harry subconsciously dodged a blow from an enemy giant's club before using his magic to strengthen his legs. He jumped into the air and shouted, "Ignis draconis alae impetum!" Sprouting from his wand and Katana were twin waves of fire that looked like Dragon wings. He swung both wand and blade simultaneously at his enemy, releasing both waves of fire into the enemy's ranks. Dozens burnt from the sudden attack.

Harry had learned of ancient, lost Magiks from the Black Library all those years ago. Mixed in were the Lost arts of Dragon Slayer Magiks. Ignis draconis alae impetum, almost literally translated into Fire Dragon Wing Attack. Harry had trained himself in Fire, Lightning, and Shadow Dragon Slayer Magiks.

With the momentary break, Harry caught his breath and pulled out a pair of Shuriken, which he launched into the enemy horde catching a Death Lord and Vampire in the chest. The vampire caught the projectile in the heart and the Death Lord caught it in a lung. Both fell down dead soon after.

A vampire quickly attacked Harry who just barely brought his katana up to block the vampire's attack. Pulling out one of his Handguns, Harry quickly shot the vampire in the heart before she could move, killing her.

Harry heard a gargled scream from behind him. Quickly spinning around, he watched as a fellow squad mate was practically bisected by a vampire. Looking around, Harry noticed that the Dark Army had broken the Allied lines to his left and were now trying to move behind his group in an effort to cut them off.

With this distraction, Harry never noticed the club swinging at his back till it was too late. The pain was unbearable, but luckily he blacked out and knew no more.

A couple hours later, Harry woke with a painful grunt. He could feel at least a few ribs were broken along with some bones in his left arm. Looking around, he could tell the battle was over. Dark Army soldiers were policing bodies and there was no fighting. Looking around, he realized he was tied up separate from the other survivors. There were maybe a hundred left at most. They all looked completely defeated. Most were so injured Harry didn't think they would live to see the next day. That was if the Death Lords didn't kill them all before that. He couldn't see Severus in the group and was saddened to realize his last link to his old life was most likely dead. He comrade and friend gone like the rest.

He felt more than saw the Dark presence behind him. Not turning around he asked, "So what now, Voldemort? You've won. What's next for the 'great' Dark Emperor?"

His binds were vanished and his wand and other weapons dropped in front of him. He saw Voldemort walk past him a few meters before the Emperor turned around.

Speaking to the group of Dark Followers and prisoners, the Dark Emperor said, "Harry Potter has kindly joined us for my coronation party. One might go so far as to call him my guest of honor."

Some Death Lords smirked at Harry and Harry had to keep himself from rolling his eyes. Voldemort had once said almost the exact same thing. Back when he had been reborn a little over a decade before.

The Dark Emperor continued to talk: "I'm going to kill you, Harry Potter. I'm going to destroy you. After tonight, no one will ever again question my power. After tonight if they speak of you, they'll only speak of how you begged for death. And how I being a merciful Lord... obliged."

Lifting his wand, the Dark Emperor mockingly asked, "You've been taught how to duel, I presume? First we bow to each other", which Voldemort punctuated with a bow. Harry, playing the game didn't return the bow.

Voldemort tisked and said, "Come now, Harry, the niceties must be observed. Dumbledore would not want you to forget your manners. I said, "Bow.""

Harry felt the Imperius Curse wash over him, but now it didn't even had a tiny affect on him. Harry instead raised his wand and Katana and moved into a fighting position.

Voldemort smirked and rose his wand. He then conjured a shield much like the one at that fateful Department of Mysteries battle and the battle began.

With as swipe of his arm, Harry released a chain of purple and orange spells that caused internal organs to expand and explode painfully. He followed his attack up by jumping forward, Katana at the ready.

Voldemort blocked or dodged each spell in the chain and returned with Avada Kedavra, which Harry caught on his sword blade and flung back at the Emperor.

Voldemort's eyes widened as he easily sidestepped the attack. It harmlessly dissipated upon hitting the ground behind him. Voldemort nodded almost respectfully to Harry before he started to shot spell after spell at the younger man. Harry had to dodge and block and had little to no chance of returning fire.

At this rate, Harry knew he would tire out soon. He had to gain the upper hand or risk losing. While diving out of the way of a nasty hex, he quickly pulled out a shuriken and his Uzi. Coming out of his roll, he threw the Shuriken and started to fire with the Uzi.

Voldemort conjured a rock, which blocked the projectile and bullets, but it gave Harry ample time to catch his breath. He then moved forward and shouted out, "Fulmen draconis boatus!" His cheeks puffed up and then with a shout, a large beam of concentrated lightning shot out of his mouth.

Voldemort moved out the way, but wasn't quick enough to completely dodge the attack. The lightning struck his shield, which was the only reason the Dark Emperor wasn't electrocuted to death. He quickly threw aside the shield and conjured a blade, which he had to quickly lift to meet Harry's blade.

Harry had used his attack to run forward almost too quickly for the eye to see and swung his sword at Voldemort's neck. A clash was heard as Voldemort's conjured blade met Harry's Katana.

The two pulled back a step before their blades met again and again. The two men began a deadly dance. One that Voldemort knew he couldn't win. His talents lay with magic although Harry was proving to be inventive using spells Voldemort had never even heard of. That last one he could vaguely translate from Latin to mean Lightning Dragon Roar, but he had never heard of it before.

Quickly coming up with a new plan, Voldemort apparated back a few meters and with a swipe of his wand, he shouted, "Occisionis facie" and a black spell launched from his wand and hit Harry in the face who had been too shocked by the sudden change of fighting to dodge it. He caught the spell in the face and immediately began screaming in pain as he clawed his mask off.

Voldemort smirked taking a moment to rest. The spell was one of his own: "Slaughter Face". It was working brilliantly as he could see. Harry's face was covered in cuts, skins was pealing off, and parts were blistering painfully if Harry's screams were any indication.

His Death Lords were all openly laughing at Harry's fate now, and Voldemort decided to allow them to continue.

Stepping forward, he grabbed Harry by the chin and smirking he said, "the Dark Emperor is merciful, so soon you'll no longer feel pain. Soon, you will be gone forever and I can take over this world without ever having to worry about the "Chosen One" ever again. As I said, I am merciful. All that screaming must be painful, so Silentium aeternam."

Harry immediately stopped screaming even though everyone could tell he was still in pain.

Voldemort just laughed and said, "There. Now you've stopped screaming. That little spell of mine literally means Eternal Silence. It's a rather nasty curse that has no counter. For all eternity, you'll never be able to speak again. And no for my promise to you; I shall grant you peace from your pain."

Voldemort paused to smirk and then pointing his wand at Harry one last time, he said, "Dimensiva dimitto" and a portal opened up under Harry who was then sucked into it. Never to return.

With a smirk, Voldemort picked up Harry's dropped wand and turned to his followers and exclaimed, "We have won!"

The cheering and celebratory explosions could be heard for miles.

Meanwhile, in another dimension, a portal opened up and a body dropped from it, not moving. It fell into an apartment room in front of a young, beautiful, blonde woman who started to scream bloody murder.

Harry Potter's life in his old world had ended, but his journey in this new one had only just begun.

End of Chapter 1. This is probably the longest chapter I have EVER written, but I wanted to end Harry's old life all in one go. Yes, Voldemort won. No, Harry will not be going back. That part of the story is over (although if anyone wants to use it their own story, just let me know?)

The next chapter will revolve around this world's Lily Potter.

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