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NO, REALLY. This is possibly the kinkiest fanfic thing I've written in terms of actual BDSM. Last chance to turn back.

As the rope wound its way around his hands, Beast Boy once again looked up at his girlfriend, nervousness dancing in his eyes and bumping against her empathic shields. "Uh, so you're sure you don't wanna tell me at least a little something about what you're gonna be doing to me while I'm tied up?"

Raven smirked. "All I'm going to say is that I can guarantee you'll enjoy it." Having completed a sufficient number of loops with the doubled-over length of jute, she tied a cinch and gave an experimental tug. "Tension good?"

The changeling wiggled his fingers. "Seems fine," he replied.

"Perfect." Pulling the rope gently toward her, she led her boyfriend over to her bed. "Kneel on the mattress, hands down at your knees."

With a nod, Beast Boy complied, looking over his shoulder at her. When she began pushing his shoulders down toward the bed as well, he gulped. "Uh, why exactly do I need to be in this position?"

Unrelenting in her firm but gentle pressure, Raven navigated his left shoulder down to the mattress, then made the right join it, careful to ensure that his head was resting comfortably as his hands naturally slid down through the space between his legs. "Japanese rope bondage— which, in case you hadn't noticed, is contained in some of those manga you read so often— is steeped in centuries of tradition. It's more than a means to an end; it's also an art form. And one of the standard patterns is the position you're in right now: momo shibari." With that, she scooted toward his feet and picked up the rope once more.

"What's that mean?"

"Shibari, more or less, means 'to tie'… and momo is the particular image that this tie evokes." With a wicked smile, she gave his well-rounded buttocks a pat. "Peach."

Beast Boy's gulp was audible.

"Trust me, Gar," she said, dropping the sultry tone for something more candid. "I won't do anything you don't like. We discussed this before, and I'll be happy to talk with you about it some more later, but for now, I'd suggest you just concentrate on the feel of the rope on your skin. This can be quite a pleasurable experience if you allow it to be; I would guess you've already started feeling a little hazy?"

"Kinda," he admitted.

Raven nodded as she began tying his ankles. "Good. That's an endorphin rush, just like what you get from exercise. Savor it, and don't worry so much. It's my job to keep you safe and happy, and your job is to enjoy this to the fullest and let me know if there are any problems." When both ankles were tied and the remaining rope had been secured, Raven placed an index finger in each of his palms. "Squeeze," she ordered. When satisfied that everything was in order and no nerves were being compressed, she knelt by the bedside and brought her face to Beast Boy's. "One more time: what are the warning signs to look out for?"

"Tingling, numbness, pain, anything that feels off," he parroted back, voice slightly dreamy. "And my safeword is 'Titans'."

"Good." The empath let a predatory grin creep onto her face. "And that means 'no' and 'stop' are not going to save you this time. Keep that in mind." Instructions delivered, she began slowly tracing a single finger up and down the length of his body, hearing his breathing quicken as she skirted around various erogenous zones, coming so very close but never quite going where he wanted.

Beast Boy gave a frustrated growl and began wriggling. "Raeeeee," he whined.

Relenting and bringing four fingernails to play, Raven was rewarded with a deep, guttural moan. "Don't worry, Gar," she said, shifting to lie face-to face with him as she continued to stroke him. "Be a good boy, and I'll take good care of you." With that, she brought a finger up to his ear and began ghosting over the lobe, the tip, the tragus, and back down to begin the circuit once more.

The green boy whimpered and bucked, and a flash of embarrassment hit Raven's shields. He then bit down into the comforter, muffling his voice.

"Oh no," Raven murmured, stopping to tilt his neck so that the top of his head now lay where his mouth had been. "Don't hide those sounds from me, Garfield. They're sexy and they're honest and they're mine, and I want them." Redoubling her efforts, the empath savored the grunts and gasps that came unbridled from her lover's lips. When she felt it was time to increase the sensation, she took a firm hold on his ear and began rubbing it between her thumb and and two fingers.

While Beast Boy gave himself over to the pleasure, Raven sneaked a peek at his member, throbbing and leaking all over her sheets. The sight was entrancing. "Look at yourself," she whispered, lips just barely brushing his ear. "Look at that big cock of yours dripping so much already. I bet you want to put that in me, don't you? You want to fuck me with it, make me scream… would you like that, Garfield?"

"Y-ye-eees," he gasped, breath coming ragged. "Pleeease, Rae?"

The thrill of dominance and words she so rarely used emboldened Raven further. Her tongue flicked out to run in slow, deliberate patterns across her lover's flesh, driving him even further into madness. "Too bad," she replied, smirking. "I have other plans for now."

A whine began in Beast Boy's chest, only to be sucked in and swallowed to make way for a full-throated cry as Raven's other hand reached around and began teasing his other ear. "Oh god, Rae," he gasped, body trembling. "You gotta stop, please, stop! I'm not gonna—" He jerked and let out a groan. "If you keep… you're gonna make me…"

Raven smiled against her boyfriend's ear. "Then come for me, Gar. I want to make you come just like this… give it to me." Lowering her shielding, she allowed Beast Boy's lust to flow into her, amplifying her own and bringing her to the brink with him. The purple-haired girl let forth a moan and bit down on his ear, allowing her tongue to play on any nook or crevice it could reach even as her fingers went into overdrive.

Orgasm hit them simultaneously, and they cried out with each exhalation, Raven's free hand digging into Beast Boy's shoulder. The changeling's hips bucked in an erratic half-rhythm as he spilled his seed all over the bed. When the suspended glory of the moment faded out, the changeling collapsed on his left side, facing Raven.

"Hey," he managed after a moment, "Think you could untie me now? I think it's cuddle time."

Reaching over with a lazy hand, eyes still half-closed, Raven tugged at the simple knot where she had begun tying the doubled rope. Within a few seconds, it had fallen away, leaving him free to unravel the rest.

"Wait, it's that easy to undo?" his incredulous voice came.

"Of course," she murmured. "The biggest part of any of this, other than consent, is safety." Her eyes flickered open. "Why do you think I had you remember all those…" Raven stopped short.

Pale, viscous liquid formed a haphazard goatee around her boyfriend's mouth, and it was slowly losing the fight with gravity, sliding down his face sideways. Apparently Beast Boy hadn't only managed to hit the bed.

Raven just managed to stop a bark of laughter, but failed to catch the snort that escaped her nose. After that, the floodgates were opened, and she dissolved into a fit of giggles.

The changeling glared at her for a few seconds before he, too, succumbed to the hilarity of the situation. In doing so, however, he inadvertently opened his mouth, providing an entrance point for a small delivery of Garfield Logan's Special Soy Sauce. Sitting bolt upright, he scrunched his eyes and and scrubbed a hand over his face, sticking his tongue out. "Blech," he muttered. "You actually like that stuff?"

Regaining composure for just a moment, Raven gave a sideways shrug with one shoulder. "It comes from you, and I like you. As for the flavor… well, it's not terrible by any means, and it's only around for a little while."

"Yeah," he conceded, "It's not bad, but… remind me to add pineapple juice to the grocery list."

Raven smiled. "So considerate; I knew there was a reason I kept you around."

A grin from Beast Boy lit up the room. "What, you mean apart from using me as a practice dummy for your rope bondage? Where'd you learn that, by the way?"

"Remember when I started going back to Azarath after we started dating? The monks of Azarath are pacifists, it's true, but Japanese rope bondage is about connecting with your partner, sharing an experience that is both sensually and aesthetically beautiful. That's right up their alley… and it would appear you're not opposed to it either," she remarked, swiping a fingertip over the head of his nearly-soft penis.

"Guhhh! Sensitive!" he exclaimed, jerking away from her touch. "But… uhh… yeah. That was… nice." His face turned a darker shade of green, visible even in the half-light of her bedroom.

"I'm glad you liked it," she replied. "If you like, I can even teach you how to do it to me."

Garfield's eyes lit up like a child's at Christmas. "Really?"

Raven smirked and nodded, reaching a hand out and pulling him back down to cuddle.

Safety note: all stunts were conducted by trained professionals. Seriously, don't try this at home unless you absolutely know what you're doing. Nerve damage isn't funny.