Chapter ten

Harry and Charlie knew it wouldn't be long, but the moment he stopped singing their lips joined in a very heated and passionate kiss. The crowd that were either staring at the two naked men kissing or looking away was completely silent.

Spells started flying only for every spell to bounce off harmlessly. 'Charlie, how could you?' Ginny screamed.

'I believe easily since he is kissing he's husband Mrs. Potter. I thought you all knew, but Charlie is Lord Weasley Potter, they were married more than a week ago. It was very nice, I conducted the ceremony in my office,' Minerva smiled as she watched the two men kissing, one she had come to care about very much, so helping Harry pull this off was something she wanted to do.

'How could you do this to your sister, you knew she loved Harry,' Molly screeched.

Harry and Charlie looked up, 'I happen to love Harry as well, but the difference is mother, Harry loves me and wanted to marry me, not her. She forced this on Harry, well, she got married, but my husband only has sex with me. Poor Ginny, stays alone forever just because you were selfish. Now let me finish kissing my husband,' Charlie pulled Harry back to him, their lips joined and their hips grinding against each other. Harry and Charlie backed towards the table, bumped into it, making the people near it scatter, then the two men ended up lying down on the table and everyone could see what they were doing. All the guests and reporters hurried away, the sound of apparating filling the air.

No one knew it, but Harry and Charlie were not really having sex, just acting. When they noticed everyone had left apart from four people, they quickly dressed.

'I think that little show we put on told them everything, more than words did, thank you again for that Severus.'

'Ah, so that was one of his ideas?' Minerva asked.

'So was the ring and the bathrobe, sorry about all the language, you know I'm not one for swearing.'

'We understand Harry, but I must say, I thought you were really drunk. But please tell me what that smell was, I almost couldn't breathe?' Kingsley asked.

'Dragon dung, Charlie got it for me. I had to cast a smell blocking charm on my nose it was so bad, Charlie did as well.'

'I must go, but it was…enjoyable, I will say this, it's too bad Mr….Lord Weasley Potter got to you first Potter, I quite enjoyed the scenery,' Severus nodded, turned, his black robes billowing as he walked out of the marquee to shocked silence.

'Did he just make a pass at you Harry?'

'Um, I think so, I don't know, bloody hell, I thought I was supposed to shock everyone. I wasn't expecting to be shocked.'

'We should go explain everything, it's been enough time for you to finish having sex,' Minerva said as she stood.

'Let's do this,' Charlie smirked then pulled Harry into his arms and followed Minerva and Kingsley into the house.

'You're a bastard Charlie, how could you do that to me. You knew I wanted to marry Harry,' Ginny screeched.

'You wanted his money and his title, not to mention what being Lady Potter could give you.'

'As for the money, the Potters and the Blacks made sure they were protected. Only a blood family can ever enter the vaults, so you see…Mrs. Potter, you are not blood. Harry by law has to support you which he has done. He has placed ten galleons into a vault in your name and will add ten galleons every month, but that is all he has to give. As Harry and Charlie were married first, Charlie has all the rights that go with being Lord Weasley Potter.'

'It was supposed to be us, I was supposed to be Lady potter, I love Harry, it wasn't supposed to be you Charlie.'

'See, you're doing it again, I want, I love, what about Harry, what about what he wants. Not one of you thought of him, you all thought of Ginny and were going to trap Harry into a loveless marriage. Well you lost, the lot of you, Harry wanted me, he loves me and he got me, all legal as well. All you get now Ginny is to be alone. As this seventh child law states, you cannot divorce Harry, you cannot have sex with anyone other than your husband, which is up to him and he does not want to touch you. You don't get him in anyway, you can't even speak for him as his wife, that now is my job as his husband. You didn't care how hurt Harry was, so much so he was going to leave, but I was going to leave with him. We decided it was time you all paid for doing this to Harry. Oh and the money you borrowed from Muriel, good luck paying that back because Harry does not have to give you any of it as he didn't want this, you did. You planned everything even after Harry told you he doesn't think of you that way and the only reason he never told you he was gay was so he could keep that part of his life private. But from tomorrow on, Harry's statement gets released to the magical world. Oh just so you know this, Harry and I got together on his seventeenth birthday and we've been together ever since.'

'I have to say something,' Harry turned his face to his old friends, 'You didn't trust me, that I will never forgive you for, you thought you knew me best, you never bothered opening your eyes to the truth. Hermione, you found out about my family yet you never told me, to me, that's betrayal again I will never forgive you for. Ron only wanted me married to his sister so he would be the saviours brother in law, well you are, but my statement tells everyone what you expected. To be an auror without passing the tests just because you're related to me, well the head auror is doing me a favour, you will need to pass every test including N.E.W.T.s first. My two so called friends couldn't see the truth, yet one look from Charlie and he knew, but so did Neville. He had been trying to see me for months to find out if I had a boyfriend. As for you…Ginny, I hope you like the life you're trapped in, like you tried to trap me. You will never see me again, you will not get anything from me and if you ever try to lie then everyone will see the truth of what you are, a gold digging bitch. Oh and sorry to say, every quidditch team in this country said you will not be right for their teams. Let's go babe, I'm hungry.'

'Let's go lover,' Charlie and Harry hugged Kingsley, Minerva and Neville before they headed outside. They never even let each other go while they apparated.

'Are you okay love?'

Harry looked up at Charlie, 'I'm fine Charlie, yeah I was hurt about this, but I'm okay, we're okay.'

'Then come eat then we are going to bed because from tomorrow both of us are in for a lot of attention and questions.'

Harry went into the kitchen with Charlie where he heated some food he had prepared earlier.

'It's over, we're married and together, but did you notice that when Arthur was trying to tell me to get Ginny a ring she poured a potion into my drink. I felt it, straight away, but as Severus said, it would not take over my senses.'

'Good, then I'm glad you took it. But you are right Harry, we're together and even though she is legally married to you, it means nothing to us. But again, did you notice my family, they were all worried about Ginny, they did not care about you or me.'

'I know this hurts Charlie, you don't have to pretend, but you do have me, forever.'

'You're all I need love, now finish eating so we can go to bed. After all that pretending earlier, I'm still rock hard.'

Harry laughed, 'It felt good,' Harry and Charlie started eating, but their feet couldn't stop rubbing on the other. So they got up, not even bothering to finish eating and hurried up the stairs and into their bedroom, where their clothes disappeared and their bodies were join, just as their lives, their souls and their hearts were joined, forever.

The end: