Warning: strong language.

Chapter one

After the battle of Hogwarts, Harry went straight to Grimmauld place to stay there, Kreacher had begged Harry to return to his old home with his new master, Harry related and only because Kreacher risked his life when he joined in fighting. The Weasley's, and Hermione all tried to talk Harry into returning to the Burrow with them, he refused. No matter what Harry said they thought he would be better with the family but Harry would not change his mind. He knew part of this was to do with Ginny, they all wanted Harry to resume his relationship with her. He knew he would need to tell her eventually, he would not tell her the truth, not yet and only so he could keep part of his life private, but he would tell her he wasn't interested in her in anyway but a friend.

After all the funerals were held, the trials for the captured death eaters and snatchers were held. Harry went to most because he wanted them to finally be locked up, but he did speak for Narcissa and Draco Malfoy. As the younger Malfoy had been underage when the dark mark was given to him, he was released but was told to report to the aurors once a month. Narcissa Malfoy was given a five year sentence instead of life and that was only allowed as she did aide Harry Potter during the battle of Hogwarts. All other death eaters and snatchers were given life, but when Dolores Umbridge was sentenced to life in Azkaban, the courtroom exploded in cheers, whistles and applause making Harry laugh loudly.

Draco had got Harry's attention, so they went to a quiet corner to talk. He did see Hermione and Ron heading towards them, but Harry held up his hand which told them to stop.

'Thank you Potter, not just for today, but for the room of requirement. The moment I saw you turn around to come back for me, that's when I realise I had a second chance,' Draco held out his hand, Harry shook it and smiled.

'Dumbledore and I knew you didn't want to do any of that Malfoy. But you are right, you do have a second chance now, I don't think the wizengamot would give you anymore.'

'I'm not going to stuff this up, but it wasn't just them I was talking about. You gave me this chance, I won't disappoint you, that is a promise.'

'Then how about we put all that shit behind us and start again…Draco.'

'I like you're idea…Harry, maybe we can talk again soon.'

'Maybe we can,' Harry smiled then watched the blond walk away and even though Harry kept his face impassive, he was really checking the blond out, especially his rear end.

Hermione and Ron hurried over to him, 'What did the ferret want?'

'To thank me and to say he wasn't going to stuff up his life now he has a second chance. We decided to call a truce and put our past where it belongs, in the past.

'Harry, please come back to the Burrow, everyone wants you there,' Hermione pleaded.

'No, I like my time alone, and right now I need it. I want some peace and quiet, I don't want to answer questions and now those trials are over I am not talking about Voldemort or my life ever again. It's time for me to start a life, the life I want that does not involve danger of any kind. I want to know more about my family so I am going to spend my time learning what I can. Now I have to go, I could do with a long stiff drink after that.'

'You're drinking?' Hermione blurted out loudly making everyone turn to stare.

'Thanks a lot Hermione, tell the world why don't you,' Harry scowled. 'But for your information, yes, I am an adult, I'm entitled to drink if I want to and I want to, a lot. Now I have to go, I'm getting a headache,' Harry hurried away before Ron or his parents started on him but he did miss the looks, especially from Ginny. He also missed the nod to Ginny from her parents, so Ginny left not long after Harry.

When Harry got home, he went straight up stairs to change into he's jeans then sat on the sofa in the drawing room with a large glass of firewhiskey, he knew he had been drinking too much, but right now he helped with his nightmares. He just started on his second glass when he heard someone try to open the front door. Harry never told anyone he had enchanted the house to stop anyone just popping in whether it was through the door or floo, he couldn't even get a fire call and that's what Harry wanted, quiet, not people popping in all the time, even their heads. Harry was hoping whoever it was would go away, but they started knocking, he sighed but go up to answer the door.

'Ginny, what do you want?' Harry never moved to allow her in, he just kept his body blocking the entry into the house.

'To talk to you, can I come in?'

'Five minutes,' Harry sighed again but let her follow him into the drawing room where he finished his drink and poured another, 'Talk or your time will be up.'

'Why do you sound so cold?'

'I'm not, I just want to be left alone, why is that so hard for people to understand. Now what did you want Ginny?'

'I want us to get back together.'

'I don't, I don't want a serious relationship, at least for a long time. But I will tell you this, I will never get married or have kids. But I don't think of you like that, not anymore, you're just not my type.'

'You're lying, you think now you're some big hero you can get anyone you want. I was just used to pass the time.'

'No, that is not true, but I've been asked on lots of dates and refused every one. I do not want to go out with anyone, I want to be left alone, to my quiet, peaceful life. Now you're time is up, I want to be alone,' Harry walked back to the door, but when Ginny didn't follow Harry called out, 'If you don't leave I'll have Kreacher use his magic to send you away and the landing is not soft. You'll end up with a sore and bruised arse,' Harry sighed but he saw Ginny walked towards him, he opened the door and slammed it after her. He was frustrated, he had already told Ginny he didn't think of her that way, that he didn't want a relationship. He had been hoping that she would get the message so he wouldn't need to reveal the truth, because Harry just wasn't ready for everyone to know that about him.