Chapter nine

After Harry and Draco showered, Harry left a note on the grubby small table then left with his husband.

It was about half an hour later that Ginny walked out of the room. She looked around the small dirty cabin for Harry, but only found his note.

'This is your home, hope you enjoy it, I've gone to my place, don't expect anything else,' Ginny stared around at the tiniest kitchen she had ever seen. It had one small sink that was stained brown, there was no stove, nothing to keep any food in or anything to keep it cold. There was one broken chair, a small table, a sofa that looked like it was going to fall apart but only the dirt was holding it together. The old curtains were ripped and had lost all their colour, the floor bare, not even one rug. She looked up at the roof which was full of holes, 'What happened?' her bewilderment turned to furious anger, she turned on the spot arriving in the garden of the Burrow. Now she had to explain what happened to her family and hoped they had some type of answer.

Harry stood under the hot shower when he saw Draco watching him, 'Are you okay?'

'Trying to get the feel of her off me.'

'You've done that, it's all psychological, that's all.'

'I know but I feel disgusted, but I also hate the fact I did that to you.'

'You had no choice, we both knew that, but more importantly Harry, I'm fine.'

Harry held his hand out, 'Join me?'

Draco undressed slowly, then stepped into the shower, taking Harry's hand and placing it on his arse while his hands went to Harry's arse.

'We're together forever love, and now she is stuck being married but she doesn't get you.'

'You still love me?'

'I will always love you and from this moment on, everyone will know we belong to each other.'

'Well, not until they come to dinner at Grimmauld place.'

'Minerva sent an owl, her and the minister are joining us, they know what we're going to do, they don't care, they want to make sure nothing happens.'

'Oh shit Dra, you mean they are going to see us, like that?'

'I'm sure they will keep their eyes averted. But I'm glad they're going to be there, just in case.'

'Yeah, it might not be me they go after, not if they find out they can't get anything even if I die. It might be you they go after.'

'They might, but now we know that the minister and Minerva will be there. But I have to say Harry, you're performance was spectacular, especially when Kingsley asked if you had a ring.'

Harry and Draco laughed loudly, 'It just came to me, I was planning on slipping that dirty wrapping paper on her finger.'

'Well it was brilliant, Blaize said you are an honorary Slytherin, he could not have done it better.'

'He's a good bloke Dra, but I am curious to know how my real friends took the news.'

'If Minerva explained then I'm sure they will support you, just like they always did. Now come on Harry, you don't smell anymore, you're clean, so let's get into bed. It is our wedding night after all.'

Harry turned the taps off and stepped out of the shower with Draco who cast a drying charm then pulled Harry into the bedroom where they fell onto the large king size bed.

A couple of days later Harry was ready for his next performance and even though he was a little nervous, this is the one that will show them exactly what is going on.

Harry watched Kreacher working on dinner while he sat at the end of the table. If anyone saw him they would think he left his shirt off, but they will soon see the truth. Just as the alarm sounded that told Harry and Draco their guests had arrived, Draco got into place while Harry picked up his drink but made sure two empty bottles of Firewhiskey was sitting on the table.

'You have a lot of explaining to do. How did you change the law so I couldn't be Lady Potter?' Ginny almost screamed as she stepped into the kitchen with her family after her.

Minerva moved around them and sat at the other end of the table, Kingsley beside her since they both knew what was going on.

Harry let out a loud groan as he closed his eyes, 'Harry, I'm talking to you,' Ginny yelled.

'And I'm getting blown, leave me alone. Oh Dra, come on, suck harder will you.'

Harry was pushed suddenly back, then he was flipped onto the table, completely naked with Draco on top of him.

'If you and your husband are going to do that Harry, why on the table and not in the bedroom?' Minerva asked sounding bored.

'Husband, what are you talking about Minerva?' Arthur asked.

'Harry and Draco are married, he is Lord Malfoy Potter, they married before your daughter's wedding.'

'Oh, how did you like your home Ginevra, I found that and told Harry, we both thought it was perfect for you. But remember Harry, this place is mine from tomorrow.'

Harry groaned again as he was turned over with Draco lying across his back, pumping and to everyone it looked like they were having sex.

'All yours, but talk to me after I finished getting fucked Kingsley. Dra babe, go harder, you know how I like it.'

'You like it any way I give it to you,' Draco pushed hard, 'Like that. Kreacher, how long before dinner?'

'Ten minutes Lord Malfoy Potter.'

'I think we'll be ready to eat in ten minutes, don't you love?'

'If you go harder I will be, now fuck me,' Harry screamed.

'Yes…my lord.'

'Fuck the lord, just fuck me.'

'I believe he is Harry,' Minerva said calmly but she made sure her eyes remained on the wall and not on the two men, but to everyone behind her, it looked like her and Kingsley were watching Harry and Draco.

Harry and Draco finished with loud grunts and groans, then stood up, Harry used his wand to clean the table then sat down with Draco beside him.

'We're ready to eat now Kreacher, I'm starving.'

'Yes Lord Potter and Lord Malfoy Potter.'

'It's confusing, we'll have to work on that,' Draco said, 'I don't think our guest want to eat.'

'It's a wonder, their all pigs when it comes to food.'

'You won't get away with his, I made sure I did the charms the other night, so if you want to see your child you will get rid of him,' Ginny screeched.

'You wasted your time, I had myself sterilised a long time ago that's why Draco will be the one to carry our child, hopefully he already is.'

'You have no patience love, all you want to do is knock me up.'

'All I want to do is love you, with every part of my body. But Minerva, did you explain to the others about the party we're going to host soon, that lot won't be there, this is a sophisticated ball, not for that type.'

'All done Harry, they are anxious to get to know Lord Malfoy Potter and see the new Potter manor.'

'The contract states you are to support your wife,' Molly scowled.

'She has a vault, twenty galleons will go in every month, by law that is all I have to add. Thanks for that information Kingsley.'

'You're welcome, but do you think we could eat in another room. After seeing you two going at it on the table, I really don't think I could eat with that memory.'

'How about the minister and Minerva come back to the manor and have dinner?'

'Good idea Dra,' Harry and Draco stood up, still naked, 'Kreacher, if they want to eat, let them then come home. Minister, Minerva, we will see you there,' Harry put his arm around Draco, sneered at the Weasley's before turning on the spot, disapparating from the house, Kingsley and Minerva following a couple of minutes later.

Harry and Draco had dressed and headed into the dining room, 'Oh Harry, you are so bad,' Kingsley laughed.

'Did it look and sound real?'

'Very real, I was not sure if it was or not,' Minerva said.

'Not real, just some good acting. I wasn't sure I was able to go through with it knowing you were there Minerva,' Harry said.

'I kept my eyes averted but made it look like I was watching. But I think they finally got the message.'

'They know now I'm married to Draco, they know he is Lord Malfoy Potter and they know they cannot get any money out of me, so yeah, I think they got that message loud and clear.'

'So was some of the things you said and did at the wedding your idea or Draco's?' Kingsley asked.

'It was all Harry minister, I said he would make a great Slytherin, he's just so sneaky and cunning.'

'Harry is a Gryffindor, but I admit that was a very good Slytherin act.'

Kreacher placed food on the table, 'Let's eat but we know now that they know exactly what it means to try and trap me, no one pisses me off.'

Kingsley, Minerva, Harry and Draco raised their glasses, clinked and drank, before they all started eating. They knew there might be some fall out to all this, but from tomorrow morning everyone will know the full story of what the Weasley family tried to do to the magical world's hero, Harry Potter, but with the support of the man he loved, the saviour can finally have the life he wants and deserves.

The end: