Chapter ten

The story about Harry being forced to marry Ginny Weasley had hit the papers the next morning. With the accompanying story about Harry's love for Severus and Severus' love for Harry and how they had married before the youngest Weasley used her seventh child status to tell Harry he had to marry her, whether he wanted to or not, he did not, but he has no choice. As the story stated, Minerva McGonagall who had been appointed Harry's magical guardian until the age of twenty one, she was able to stop Harry marrying Ginny until that age, but she also found out some very interesting information in regards to Harry's ancestry, his blood line. So once the Weasley family realised that Harry could take his rightful title as Lord Harry Potter, he could put forth how his marriage to the Weasley girl would be even though he wished he never had to marry her. As Harry is Lord Potter he can take on two spouses, Severus Snape was his first and as far as Harry is concerned the only one that matters, the one he loves, so Severus Snape is known officially known as Lord Snape Potter. Lord Harry Potter and Lord Snape Potter have both said that Severus will be known as Lord Snape to save confusion. As minister and a friend of Harry Potter, he stated I performed their ceremony and at first I admitted I was sceptical, but seeing the two men and even though they are very private men, I did see how much they truly loved each other, but he also wrote that he did not approve of forcing someone into a marriage when one of the parties was in no way interested, it was forcing Harry into a loveless marriage as he had already given his heart to Severus.

Harry and Severus received hundreds of letters starting an hour of their story being published. All Harry's friends who had been at Ginny's seventeenth birthday party had all been told that Harry was just shy and couldn't commit, they were also told that Harry was scared to commit because of the loss of his family, his parents and his godfather. Ginny and the Weasley's had everyone convinced that once Harry was married and a member of the Weasley family he would come out of his shell. They had no idea that Harry was a lord or that he was wealthy, but to find out that Ginny wanted the title and the money, they realised they had been lied to and just told Harry they were happy he found someone he wanted to be with and that made him happy.

'All supportive bar a few,' Severus said as he sat reading some letters.

'My friends support us Sev, they're all that matter to me. I care about them and they helped me a lot over the years. I am pleased that almost everyone believes you do truly love me and there are angry at what the Weasley family tried to force me into, trapped into a life I didn't want.'

'Yes, and if we were not married and if Minerva did not find out about lily's family, you would have been trapped. I think we will continue to receive letters over the coming weeks, it might be nice if you put another release out stating you're thankful for the support. But do you know what I would like us to do my love?'

Harry smiled, 'Go back to bed.'

Severus laughed, 'You are insatiable my young lover, but no, I thought we could go out for a while. I need a few things, and I'm sure you could do with a new broom or maybe something else. We can have lunch while we are out.'

'You realise the attention we will get Sev.'

'Yes, I know and it will happen sooner or later, so let's get everyone used to seeing us together,' Severus took Harry's hand, 'I can see you are nervous, and I know why, yes, I will be holding your hand or I might even have my arm around you. We are together Harry, it's time everyone saw us.'

'I just don't want you to do anything you don't feel comfortable with.'

'If I was going to be uncomfortable I would not have suggested it. I admit I would probably not kiss you in public, but you are the same, you said you do not like showing that type of intimacy in public.'

'Yeah, you're right, I don't. I could do with some clothes, some new shoes as well, maybe some sexy clothes.'

'You do not need anything to make you sexy, you already are. But if you wish to get anything that makes you feel good about yourself, then get them. We do not need anything to sleep in as we sleep naked.'

Harry groaned, 'Oh yeah, are you sure a quick trip to the bedroom is out?'

'Yes, we can make love later. Let's get out of the castle for a while. It will be too cold very soon.'

'True, and I wouldn't mind a fly while the weather is still good.'

Harry and Severus flooed directly into the Leaky Cauldron which made the place fall silent. Severus took Harry's hand then headed to the back to the entrance of Diagon Alley. Their first stop was to quality quidditch supplies, where Harry bought himself another Firebolt. Their next stop was to the apothecary where Severus stocked up on potion supplies. He explained to Harry that even though Horace was now the potions teacher, he preferred to make his own. But there were some potions that Poppy used as matron of Hogwarts that required a potions master to make which Horace wasn't and Severus was. Everywhere they went, everything they did they were watched, but Severus did hold Harry's hand the entire time. While they were waiting to be served at the apothecary, Severus put his arm around Harry making the younger man smile as he blushed.

They sat and had something to eat and a coffee in the Leaky Cauldron before they would continue their shopping. They did have people coming up to them, Harry and Severus had their hands shook and they were congratulated on their marriage, some thought what the Weasley girl did was disgraceful especially as it was known Harry had saved her life when he was only twelve.

'You see my love, everyone realises what they tried to do to you, which was wrong.'

'Yeah, they do and they do seem to have accepted us, I wasn't sure about that.'

'You were concerned they would believe I was too old for you or maybe I was after your money?'

'Yeah, people can be cruel but they wouldn't know how I feel, like with my age. I know I'm naïve about some stuff, the way our world is run, but I do feel older than you are, so to me, you are my perfect age, my perfect partner,' Harry smiled.

'We are perfect my love. So what next?'

'Clothes, I only grabbed a few things that day I went out. I was still healing so I didn't want to take too long.'

'So a trip into muggle London then?'

'Yes, I like my jeans and stuff, but I thought I could get some nicer stuff, like pants instead of jeans, some decent shoes instead of my runners.'

'Then we have a few more hours of shopping to get through.'

'Would you let me buy you a gift?'

'What type of gift?'

'I wasn't sure at first, you are like me, not one for a lot of material things. You love your books, I am starting to as well now I have time to read. But and you don't have to, but I thought of a new watch, I could do with one as well. I might send the one I have back to Mrs. Weasley since it belonged to her brother.'

'Then yes, you can since you are buying one myself. This old one is something I have had for a long time. With everything that was going on I never wanted to get a new one as it might have been broken.'

'I get that, my glasses ended up broken a lot. But I did want to ask Sev, when Hogwarts is closed after the school year, do you ever go anywhere?'

'Normally I would spend some time at my parents old home.'

'Did you ever want to go on a holiday, maybe overseas?'

'It was hard to leave even for a short trip, I never knew when the dark lord would call. During the years he was missing I had to stay close in case I heard anything.'

'Could we go on a holiday, just you and me and away from everyone and everything?'

'I think that is a nice idea Harry, we could both do with some time away. This first year back for everyone will be difficult even for the teachers. So for now, let's finish shopping and then we can go home and discuss our first holiday, something we can do every year if we want.'

'I love you Sev.'

Severus smiled then kissed Harry's cheek, 'I love you too Harry. We have each other and we will have a perfect life, exactly what both of us deserve.'

'You're already giving me that,' Harry smiled at Severus. He realised what he said was true, Severus had given him the perfect life. He finally got to be normal, he found someone that loved him for who he really was and not how he was thought of. He might still have to marry her in three years, but it was not going to be a problem for Harry in anyway. To Harry, life couldn't get better so he was looking forward to a long and wonderful life with the man he loved, Severus.

The end: