This is a side-fic to one of my other works, "Here for You". As that one was based more on Fran's point of view, this one will be in Bel's, and it will explain everything as to why he had done what he did. I didn't clarify very much in the original story, hinting mostly. As I already had his backstory in my mind as I wrote the original fic, this side-story is already planned out linearly.

Belphegor never had much enjoyed school, so it was no surprise he asked his twin brother to lie for him so he could walk home and sleep while their parents were at work. He was eight-years-old, and he and his family lived in Italy, having moved from a different country shortly after his and his brother's births.

The boy was a good, well-behaved kid. He was polite to almost everyone, and respected the people he met. His twin, Rasiel, was much the same, the two boys having been raised by a loving family – even if it was clear that the first-born boy was everyone's favourite, older and better than his brother in everything.

Currently, the boy had already left his school, knowing he wasn't meant to be walking home alone without Rasiel. It felt different to be by himself, so used to being with the other blond boy every second of his life, and he was so caught up in his excitement, he didn't notice the car that had pulled up behind him.

"Hey, kid!"

Belphegor blinked as he watched a silver-haired teenager, probably about fourteen or fifteen, chase after him. His intelligent mind told him that the older male must have come out of that car, because neither of them were there ten seconds ago.

"Hello." Belphegor smiled, his friendly nature shining through. "What's your name?"

The older male smirked as he rebutted the question, a strange glint in his dark eyes. "What's your name?"

"Belphegor," the boy introduced. "But you can call me Bel. I don't like it when people call me Belphegor."

The silver-haired teenager's smirk widened. He opened his mouth to speak before the phone he was holding dropped out of his hand, falling onto the concrete they were standing on.

"I'll get it," Bel offered. He reached down, grabbing the phone.

Just as his tiny fingers curled around the device securely, the teenager lunged forward, wrapping his arms around the boy as he started dragging him towards the black car behind them.

"Let me g – oomph!" Bel struggled to break free of the hold the teenager had on him, but when a cloth was raised to his face and he breathed in a very odd scent, the world started going black.

The boy's body went limp in the teenager's arms, making it much easier for him to be dragged to the car and thrown into the backseat.

The teenager, who had attacked Bel, climbed into the passenger seat as his companion frowned, almost as if he hadn't wanted to do this.

This man looked a lot older than the silver-haired teenager. He had a part of green hair and orange fur along the collar of his jacket, and when he spoke, it was in a quiet voice.

"Shame Xanxus asked this of us…" The green-haired male bit his nails as he glanced at the young boy lying on the back seat through the rear-view mirror. "Such a tiny boy, too…"

"Shut up, Luss," the teenager growled, watching the world pass by through his window. "You know that Xanxus' orders are absolute. Could have been any kid – this one just happened to be the unlucky one walking alone by itself in a deserted area. Now focus on your fucking driving – the cops pull us over and find you're driving unlicensed…"

"Hush, Squalo, dear; we'll be fine." The older male smiled. "Make sure that when we get home, you cut his hair and dress him as a girl in the passport I forged; we're leaving for Japan before news of his disappearance is circulated."

"Voi, I fucking know."

Bel, who still lay unconscious in the back of the car, had absolutely no idea what he was in for.