This story has had a complete re-write; with things removed and others added in and above all, had the quality improved greatly.

It is also a side story to "Here for You", which is set in Fran's point of view.

Warnings for this include a broad range of child abuse which I have done my best to keep as non-graphic as possible without taking away from the story, so I apologise in advance for anything in this story that may upset anyone.

Walking home from school by himself was something eight-year-old Belphegor had never done before, but maybe that was because his parents loved him too much to want to risk anything happening to him. Of course, as smart as people always praised him for being, thoughts of something happening to him while he was out on the streets alone never crossed his mind; home wasn't far from school, so what was the harm in sneaking away early without telling anyone, after all?

It was strange to be completely alone; he was so used to always being with his twin brother, it was exciting to be by himself for once, and he couldn't help but hum a tune out loud as he tried to decide what he could do once he got home. Of course, his elation wouldn't be able to last forever; sooner or later his parents were going to find out about him skipping school and he was going to be in trouble, but until then, he could do what he wanted for once.

For the first time since his departure from school, he saw a car coming down the street towards him, but he didn't think much of it; people drove by all the time so it was nothing to worry about. He continued on his way, but he was so focused on his thoughts he completely missed the car doing a U-turn behind him and coming back until it had pulled up behind him.

"Hey, kid!"

Bel blinked as he turned around. He found the door to the black car was hanging open, and a silver-haired teenager was standing next to it, probably around fourteen or fifteen years old. He smiled. "Hi. What's your name?"

A smirk crossed the newcomer's face, and if Bel was more experienced in the ways of life, he might have known that the strange glint that now appeared in dark eyes was nothing but malicious intent. "What's your name?"

"Belphegor." The boy's smile remained. He didn't move as the other approached him; nothing was going to happen to him, after all. "But everyone calls me Bel. I like Bel better, anyway."

The silver-haired male's smirk only widened, and though he had opened his mouth to say something, he quickly shut it when he dropped the cell phone he had been holding. He started reaching down to get it, but as soon as Bel moved forward, his smirk turned into a nasty sneer as it became clear the lure had worked; he waited until tiny fingers had curled around the device before he lunged forward and wrapped both arms around the child so he could drag the younger into the car behind them.

"Let me g - oomph!" Bel struggled to break free, but there was nothing he could do; he was powerless against the cloth that was raised to his face, and all he could do was breathe in the scent that suddenly made him feel so drowsy, his world was going black. His body fell limp, and the teenager who had grabbed him threw him carelessly into the back of the car before he moved to get into the front passenger seat and scowl at his companion who was driving. "The fuck are you looking at?"

The driver, if Bel had been conscious to see him, would have noticed how much older the other looked to be compared to the silver-haired male; in fact, he looked like he could have been a young adult. His part of green hair hung down in front of his sunglasses, and on his face, he wore a troubled frown. He raised his hand to his mouth so he could bite at his gloved fingernails, and when he spoke, he was quiet. "Shame Xanxus asked this of us… Such a tiny boy he is…"

"Shut up, faggot," the younger growled. "You know Xanxus' orders are absolute. Could have been any kid – this one just happened to be the unlucky one walkin' alone by itself with no one around. Now fuckin' drive!"

The taller male offered a small smile, as if his anxiety had completely vanished. His voice was significantly calmer as he said, "I'll cut his hair and dress him like a girl so we can forge his passport; let's get to Japan before his disappearance becomes public."

With that said, the accelerator was depressed as the two made their getaway before anyone noticed them.