Hello everyone. Firstly, I need to apologies for not uploading a one-shot or story this week. On Wednesday the 12th a close friend of mine died from cancer at the age of 16. His funeral was Sunday. I just couldn't bring myself to write for a bit there, it's been really hard at the moment for me and my classmates. Anyway, as a thank you for your patience I will be turning the promised one-shot 'Thief in the night' into its own story. Yes, it is a monochrome story (wanted to try something different). Anyway, it's the first date (Yay!). How will it go? Hope you like it. Read, review and most of all enjoy – Quill.

The Beacon grand library is possibly one of Vales largest homes for literature, housing thousands of books within its walls; yet despite its overwhelming size there was rarely many people inside. There was never more than a slight whisper or the turning of a page, making it a peaceful corner in an otherwise hectic school. That was one of the reasons that a particular Faunus girl enjoyed it, another being her love for stories. There was one spot that the dark-haired female would always retreat to, atop the highest bookshelf on the second floor. She even fell asleep whilst up there a few times. Few ever look there and she had yet to be found in the spot when the others searched for her. It was a seclusion that she cherished; her little secret.

"Hello Blake."

Or so, it was her little secret.

"Jaune!" the girl shouted in surprise at the unexpected arrival. She went to protest further, but was halted by a length white finger pressed against her lips.

"Shhh, we wouldn't want to get kicked out for being too loud, now would we?" he asked, his voice carrying an unusual seduction. He removed his finger from her lips and knelt to meet her face with his own. "Now, what are you doing up here?"

"N-nothing," the usually calm girl stuttered, a warm butterfly sensation forming in her stomach, "just r-reading." It was odd for Blake to like this, but her mind was taken aback as her heart began to pound in her chest; this only increase when the charming knight began leaning forward until their faces were inches apart.

"Oh? What's it about?" he asked, the warm breath of his words caressing the amber eyed girl's cheek and neck. He loomed his body over the girl, making her lean back until she was laid on her back.

"W-well it's ab-bout this girl… a-and this guy… and…" her words were stopped once more by the thin and nibble finger of the Arc boy.

"You talk too much," he said before claiming her lips with his own. Wide-eyed and unable to make sense of it all, Blake melted into the kiss, granting the attacking tongue access. The boys hand began to run along her side, massaging and caressing her. "Don't be too loud," he whispered when the kiss broke briefly. It was no use though, as a slight moan escaped her mouth and into the kiss. She rolled to be on top of him, forgetting their location. The two bodies rolled off the shelf edge and fell the four meter dropped.

"Ah," Blake shouted quickly as her body shot up into a seated position. She was sat in her bed. It had been a dream… a very interesting dream. The dazed girl looked at the book that sat on her lap. "I've got to stop reading this before going to bed," she stated to herself whilst looking at the book titled 'Ninjas of Lust.' Upon waking up, it had become clear to the Faunus that a thirst had grown in her throat. She stealthily got out of bed and put her slippers on before stepping out of the room in her yukata. She started to walk away from the dorm before she heard the sound of another door opening. Turning around, she was greeted by the sight of Jaune who had just featured in her semi-questionable dream.

"Hey Blake, I heard a scream before. Everything okay?" he asked with his usual concern. The girl tried to formulate an answer, but was heavily distracted by the boy who stood before her in boxers and a singlet. "Blake?" She snapped out of it.

"Oh, sorry, everything's fine. I just woke from a dream where I was… falling," she stated a little too quickly. Well she wasn't lying; she was just leaving out a few… details.

"Ah, I see. I get that too, it's the worst," he said comfortingly. 'Just like him to be caring about the little things too,' the Faunus thought. "Anyway, where are you heading at this hour?"

"Oh, I just was going to the cafeteria to get a drink, you're welcome to join me if you like," she answered, a little flustered from the sight she had now and the dream she had a few minutes ago.

"Sure, why not?" he asked rhetorically.

The two walked the halls of Beacon together in silence, enjoying each other's company. It didn't take too long for them to reach the cafeteria. It was left open each night with the tools and materials to make coffee, tea or cocoa, all accompanied by some light snacks for those with a midnight appetite.

"What would you like?" Jaune asked.

"Oh, you don't have too. I can-"

"No, I insist. What would you like?" he asked again, cutting her off mid-sentence. She rolled her eyes at the boy before answering.

"Tea, black, one sugar."

"Did you just roll your eyes at me?" the knight asked playfully, reminding the girl of one of her books. She blushed.

"M-maybe…" Jaune gave of a little chuckle before moving on to make the order. Blake sat by one of the windows, trying to brush of the thought of her story. It wasn't a long wait for her tea as the blonde boy returned with two mugs of sources, one with tea and the other with cocoa. He also carried a small plate with an assortment of biscuits. Despite his usually clumsy manner, the boy did well in balancing the goods.

"Here you go coffee with milk and six sugars."

"What?!" Jaune laughed.

"I'm kidding, tea with no milk and one sugar," he replied with a playful wink before seating himself across from the girl. Moonlight shone through the window, bouncing of her dark hair and illuminating her face as she sipped at her tea. Jaune couldn't help but stare a little, causing Blake to blush. "You know, you're really beautiful in the moonlight." Her blush deepened.

"I… I-I… what?" she stuttered. The knight chuckled a little.

"I said you look beautiful in the moonlight."

"Oh… th-thanks…" she said, barely. It was often difficult to render the mysterious girl speechless, but Jaune seemed to have no trouble in doing so.

"So, any new books that you're reading?" he asked breaking the silence.

"Just the one you got me."

"Oh, cool. So how is it so far?"

"It's great, better than the first one. I've read it six times already." The knight's jaw dropped.

"Six times?! That's a lot of reading."

"What can I say, it's a good book." Jaune raised an eyebrow questioningly. "I know what you're thinking, Arc. You better watch it." The boy feigned innocence.

"Whatever do you mean? I certainly wasn't thinking that you like it for the smut," he said playfully.

"It's not just smut!" the girl yelled as she stood up, though she wasn't angry. The boy too stood up and slowly began backing towards the door.

"Oh, I never said it was… you did." His grin matched his game.

"I'll get you, Arc."

"Have to catch me first," he said before dashing out of the cafeteria. Blake gave chase. The two ran out into the Beacon courtyard, a smart move on Jaunes part. In such an open area there were few places that Blake could take cover in, and she was lacking Gambol Shroud. The knight was smart, so he had to know that there was no outrunning the Faunus girl. Despite that, he continued to run towards the field just outside the main courtyard. Eventually, the amber eyes of his predator were upon him and he quickly found himself pinned to the ground. "Okay, okay, you win," he stated playfully.

"Why run Jaune, you know I'll catch you?" the girl asked teasingly.

"Thought it'd be a fun way to get you out here," he said with a victorious tone. The girl who had him pinned looked at their surroundings, realising what the boy had done. As she looked, the knight slipped from her grasp and stood up again.

"Why?" Blake asked curiously, turning to the boy. She found him lying on the grass and looking at the stars.

"Because the stars look better here than out of a window," he replied, patting the ground next to him, bidding her to join. She did. The two looked at the stars and talked casually. Blake wasn't expecting her date, but she was enjoying it. Jaune was also enjoying it. He was still new to the whole dating thing, but he was pretty sure that he was doing okay. The duo stayed in position for a while, with the only movement coming from Blake as she cuddled up to Jaune for warmth. After a while, they walked back to their dorms.

"Well that was fun," the Faunus stated as they stopped in front of their rooms.

"It was, wasn't it," he said, a little shyly and unsure. Blake rolled her eyes once more before moving closer to the boy. She placed her hands on one of his shoulders and kissed him on the cheek.

"It was indeed. Thankyou Jaune, and goodnight."

"Goodnight. Don't go waking up with a scream again."

"What, don't you want to do this again?" she asked teasingly.

"What… no I didn't mean… what I meant was…" Blake laughed at her little payback.

"Goodnight Jaune. That was a lovely date." She stepped into her room and shut the door.

"Yeah… g-goodnight."

Blake slept well that night, and she had another dream…