I still can't believe that he's here. On the island. With me. I know that I should warn Zoey but I just need to be with my own thoughts right now. I stand out side on the balcony and clutch the railing. I remember the first time I meet Mal.

It was my third week of juvie and only had two friends. I knew this was dangerous for a newcomer but these guys were pretty dangerous themselves. Gary was a tall strong built guy. He was alright but he was really arrogant and likes to taunt people no matter who they were. He was put in for slapping a cop who called him walrus. Tyler was the other kid. He was a small, really smart person who was very strategic. He was convicted of hacking into a government. Tyler always denied it but we all knew he was perfectly capable of doing that. So, anyway, we were sitting at the table during lunch and we were talking about cars or something. Then I heard the slightest whistling noise. I didn't pay much attention at first but then I listened more carefully and couldn't help but think, What kid in juvie is whistling that cheery symphony? I could tell it was annoying Tyler and I didn't even have to tell with Gary because he screamed out, "Will who ever is whistling that stupid song please shut the hell up!" After that everyone was dead silent. A few of the infamous inmates stared down and shook their heads. Then in the silence we heard footsteps, suddenly they stopped. I felt a hand drop on my shoulder and I jump two feet in the air. I made out a single, evil, psychotic, merciless laugh. I turned around to see a boy standing behind me. From the neck down he looked totally out of place. He was scrawny, tan, and weak, that kind of kind of guy I used to steal lunch money from. But that was where that ended. His brown bangs hung in front of one of his eyes which had dark circles beneath them. He had a sharp smirk on his face that I decided to fear. He sat down beside us, "Now," He nodded toward Gary, "you're the one who yelled at me. Gary, right?" "Yup!" Gary sounded too confident. The kid stuck his hand out to Gary, "Mal" As Gary shook his hand, and Mal began to whistle again. One word crossed my mind. Psycho. "Hello to you two as well" Mal's hand reached across the table and took Gary's cookie and bit in to. We thought he was taking a serious risk because around here people killed for desserts and Gary was twice Mal's size and a lot stronger. "HEY! Whoa man, you better think about what you're doing." Mal laughed again, his signature malicious laugh, "You have no idea." Gary stood up and clenched Mal's shirt in his hand. "Look, sickly, don't you come in my way again or you'll be sorry." "Okay, what ever you say, man." Gary threw him on the floor. Mal got back up and sat at his table. Then all the conversation started back up. I just shrugged the event off for the rest of the day. It was just a little kid trying to take on the bigger ones. No big deal. But have never been more wrong in my life. I got my breakfast and waited around for Tyler and Gary. Then Tyler ran into the room screaming at me, "Someone almost killed Gary!" I dropped my tray, "What? Who? How?" Tyler shook his head, "They don't know who. Last night someone got into his cell tried to. The guards found him lying on the floor with four aligned cuts on both his hands. He's in the infirmary, now." Just then Mal walked by whistling his normal tune. He was twirling something metal in his hand. It was a fork with something red on the prongs. Mal stopped walking, twirling, and whistling. He turned around slowly and smirked at us. "You know your friend talks in his sleep." Then he continued on his way like nothing happened. But I and Tyler were thinking that exact same thing. There was a criminally insane one among us.

I would have forgotten the incident if Gary had gotten better sooner. He had to spend an entire month in the infirmary. During this time we only had one encounter with Mal. He was in our group for positive activities. That week it was painting. I honestly had hated it. My painting was a tiger climbing a tree. Tyler's was E=mc2 in colorful letters. Since we were done before everyone we walked around and peered at people's art. I was uninterested until we reached Mal's. He obviously had no artistic talent but it was the painting that fascinated me. He had drawn six stick figures and crossed five of them out with red paint. The sixth one was laughing and it had the signature angry eyebrows. Its arms were up in victory. Mal seemed to be keeping in laughter. We slowly backed away. Something about that was too creepy for me, Mal, the fork, the painting, and his laughter. He wasn't like the other inmates. Too out of place.


Gary finally got out of the infirmary and we started hanging out again. Occasionally we would hear Mal's tune but by then we learned to just keep our heads down and stop talking. Besides he was preoccupied with other challengers. We also learned that we weren't the only ones. Mal was particularly defensive about his whistling. But that wasn't the only thing. Once Mal was tormenting Tyler's cousin's friend. It was dinner and we were speaking and laughing when we heard someone with a dark, low voice call out. "You dare suggest that you useless peon!" Everyone turned around to see Mal towering over a young blonde child. "I-I just asked if- if you h-had a me-mental condition." Mal lowered his head and stared down evilly at the kid. "You have insulted me. And for this you must pay." Mal ripped a cloth from the rim of his shirt and wrapped it around the boy's neck. None of us tried to help him. All of us knew better than to get between Mal and his prey. The kid's face was beginning to turn purple before a guard grabbed him and sent ten security officers to escort Mal to the detention level. They were all reluctant to go No ten guards were going to hold that psycho. Tyler went up to the boy and whispered something to him. He nodded and came toward us, "Dudes, this is my cousin's friend Will. Yet another victim of Mal." Gary laughed grimly, "Who isn't?" He slapped him on the back and he almost fell over. He was small, not quite as scrawny as Mal, but still little. "Don't worry, kid. Mal's the only crazy guy in this place." I muttered to myself, "But he's worth about sixteen." Tyler elbowed me. It didn't hurt but I got the message. I had never been good at positive reinforcement. We could tell that Will was a nice person by what he said next about the guy who just tried to strangle him. "Well, maybe he's fine and I just triggered a bad memory" "Nope" we all said at the exact same time. Gary laughed, "There's no way everyone triggers a bad memory all the time. The only side that kid has is his bad side." Tyler and I nodded. No one has ever really seen him on a good day. Not that anyone expected him to ever once have a day which did not threaten or carry out a threat. Will tapped his chin and thought, "Well, It sure is easy the get on his nerves." "Amen, brother!" We all laughed. We all decided to come up with a speech that would help Mal in a battle he could not win. It was odd how such a huge threat that lived just a few cells away from me quickly turned into a joke. But deep down inside we all knew that there was something wrong about him. And that one step out of line just might be the last thing we ever do.

For a few days no one saw Mal. But he was just in the detention center. Mal was back and causing trouble again. Upon his return almost everyone was quiet and Will was hiding in his cell the entire day. Which everyone agreed was a smart idea. Mal was not in a good mood. Everyone who approached him got a utensil thrown at them. He actually almost took someone's head off with a spoon. But at least he wasn't whistling creepily like he normally was. A guy named Oliver walked by and tried to say hi and got himself tackled. He came out of it with a black eye and a broken arm and Mal was still strong enough to almost kill Leo during lunch and Patrick during dinner. Both times they were seriously injured and Mal was alright. Pure evil, he would not even take a hit for it to be a fun fight. Nope, just beat the shit out of first guy you see. Tyler, Gary, and I made sure we were always on the opposite side of the building of him until nighttime when I noticed everyone was crowded around a cell's door. I found Tyler, "Hey, dude what's going on?" Tyler put his finger to his lips and whispered, "Man, guess what?! Mal talks in his sleep!" My jaw dropped, "You're kidding me." Tyler pointed to the door, "See for your self." I looked in the window and listen. "Will you please be silent?" "Don't hurt me again!" The second voice was different. It seemed to fit more with Mal's body. "Hey, you cricket. Leave Mikey alone bit, 'right" This one sounded Australian. Then Mal's voice was back, "You stay out of this! This is not your affair" The next voice was like an old man's, " Oh be quiet you whippersnapper! As long as all you loud kids are in here it's all of ours. Just like back in the day!" "Oh, please." "Yo, he might not as great as me, but Mike's the base, man." This one was a Jersey Shore guy's voice. The next sounded more feminine and it was Russian, "Yes. You are out of control, Mal. Mike is the base, you must give him back command!" "Look! Who can wake up whenever he wants? Who can beat people up whenever he wants? Who's in control? Me, so by those standards I'm the base. So I'm going wake up. See you later when the worlds is more doomed." Mal awoke suddenly and turned around, "HEY!" Everyone shrieked and scattered. A few guards woke up and had had to restrain Mal from killing anyone. As I was walking back to my cell a thought crossed my mind, How did he get put here? I guessed we all just assumed that he was so evil he must killed someone. Or worse yet, tortured someone to death. I also wondered something about those voices. They seemed real like they had minds of their own. Not just Mal mumbling randomly in his sleep. They were not the same as the way my brother talked in his sleep. He was spacey and distance. Mal spoke like he was awake not asleep. When I entered my cell I closed my eyes but I couldn't to sleep I was too frightened. Me , who took on a bear, a shark, and a lion. Who punched a cop, ran from guards, hit my teacher, and pulled a knife on my mom. Who made friends with the most dangerous underage hacker in the world and a boy who could probably break my leg by pinching it too hard. Yes, I was afraid of a sickly boy with a lock of hair in front of his eye.