It only took a few minutes for an alarm to sound and for guards to starting to run into the room. Seeing how it was all going down I hid behind the door. I peered into the room and saw the whole scene. Mal was being pushed into a wall and there was a man unconscious on the ground with five medics leaning over him. .I turned to run but, of course, my shoe squeaked. Everyone got really quiet and stopped what they we doing. Mal started walking off in the other direction. "Hey!" A man grabbed Mal's collar, "You aren't going anywhere," Mal groaned. Then, I ran for it. I was unfamiliar with what was going to happen to Mal nor was I interested. I was kind of hoping that he would be transferred to the Mental Hospital in the other section. This was a rational hope because as far as I'm concerned, Mal was diagnosed with crazy since the first day I meet him. And the psychiatrists can't over look the fact he just knocked a guy out. I went to sleep with the comforting thought of Mal in a psych ward.

I had to explain what happened to Gary and Tyler. During the entire time I was talking they were staring at me with the most ridiculous looks on their faces. As I finished Gary exclaimed, "YES!" Tyler smiled a little as Gary continued speaking. "They find noticed how crazy that kid is!" Will looked totally relived to hear this news. That was reasonable, considering he was on the top of Mal's list right under Joey. I was just glad I didn't get caught. The happy, joyous mood lasted all day. We didn't have to worry about getting stabbed with a pencil during drawing and at dinner we were completely care-free. Well, that lasted about a week. On Wednesday we were sitting at our lunch table waiting for Tyler to get out of the lunch line when that eerie, heart-wrenching sound came became clear. Before we didn't notice it, it just blended in with all the other noise. Then we realized no one would whistle like that, for fear the devil might hear them and take them away. He wasn't sitting down; he was just walking up and down the aisles. When he came to our table. Gary stood up. I'm not saying a genius, but some people have no learning curve. "I thought they finally hauled you off to mental ward." Mal laughed. That laugh the time I thought I would never forget. (Oh, the irony) "Didn't you hear? I'm only slightly crazy." Who the hell was that gullible? "And there's this new virus called Neurodisablia and it makes people insane. So they had to quarantine the whole place and everyone less than totally psycho got out. We have to be supervised though." Luck of the crazy. I swear Tyler was trembling in his seat. "So I'm back to have some fun." He laughed and when he pulled away his hand stalled and he embedded a fork in the dark wood of the table. I looked around, Gary was staring, shocked, into space and Tyler's head was tilted back, mumbling quietly. Will had already gotten up and left. I glance over at Mal's table. He seemed to be having some issues. Not that he wasn't always having issues. He twitched a little and then gritted his teeth. He almost silently whispered, "No, not you. Anyone but you." I remember thinking, What? But this was Mal so that thought ended up being replaced by, Who even cares at this point? Well, the "who" ended up at being a lot of people. Including me.

The next week proved to be interesting. Mal got into trouble. (Surprise, surprise). He had walked out at lunch with like, twenty eight guards trailing behind him. He was twitching, gritting his teeth, and mumbling to himself again. This was nothing. Then I and Tyler decided to ask permission for a free walk around the place. We asked the guy who Tyler helped fix his computer. So we ended up getting our free walk. While we were getting around the far corner we heard deep voices speaking, "Come on down already." "How'd he even get up there?" Tyler (forever curious) walked toward the men. We were just close enough to hear. "Now Svetlana will perform a well executed routine on the uneven bars." The voice wasn't of anyone's I knew. It was female and Russian. Tyler and I looked up and saw someone flipping and bending around the pipes. It was an inmate. Then we heard them again, "Amazing form. Svetlana earns perfect 10's!" One guard was calling for help while the other continued to stare, "Seriously, that must be fifteen feet in the air." "Now for the balance beam!" The more on duty officer grabbed a megaphone, "Sir, will you please realize that this is not a gymnasium and climb down." "The show cannot stop! Svetlana has just begun!" The person tried to flip again but they hit their head mid flip. They gasped, "Huh? Where am I? Oh, shit." They came crashing down to the floor with a loud, painful thud onto the tile floor. The person groaned and rubbed their head. And then they looked up. It, of course, was Mal, our favorite little psychopath. It completely eluded me how he got up there, but I finally found out where I had heard that voice. It was one of the voices I heard when Mal was talking in his sleep. So I came to the conclusion that I wasn't just crazy. Those voices weren't just mumbling. This isn't going to end well.

One time at lunch we went through the whole routine again. Some guy (this time his name was Brady) decided to take on Mal and make fun of his whistling. He remarked at lunch, "Yo, why you always whistle'n dat sissy stuff?" He slowly turned around again. (Seriously, would a sign be such a bad option?) But then he started to slip backward. Then Mal gasped, really deeply. It was like a freaking asthma attack. He did this pretty epic backhand spring. "Ha, and Svetlana sticks the landing! Now, Svetlana will perform the most daring stunt ever attempted!" Then the guy flipped over a kid and landed on a table. Mal cart wheeled across the benches while making sound effects. He back-flipped off the table and posed. Everyone clapped and cheered. And he was loving it, Wait, wasn't this guy a psycho who hated everyone? The guards grabbed Mal and dragged him off. "Hey, what are you doing?" He gasped again and went cross-eyed. "Wha-? Ouch! Quit it!" Mal beat one guard and the other ran for backup. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven officers had to restrain him. All the while he was screaming, "But why? I didn't even do anything. Today." After the incident everyone simply shrugged it off. We were used to Mal by then. We went back to our socializing and such. Though, I assume, we were all really terrified. Even when we're acting nonchalant we are. I guess that's kind of what happens when you're inmate's a crazy person. And this Svetlana. Weirdo. It was strange how such a scrawny guy could do those stunts. But, Mal took on Gary and Zane and won both times. so not as much as an accomplishment than if it had been a normal guy.

There were two other incidents where the name Svetlana was mentioned. The first was our ever-famous Positive Activity. This time it was acting. Of course, as I've previously mentioned, Mal rocked the stage. He got up there and played the role perfectly. Now, I'm a bad boy with no interest in theater whatsoever, but this kid was amazing! We were doing a play called "Last Year's Sorrow, This Year's Joy". Stupidest play ever. Mal, of course, got the lead. He had used the harness because his character's dead ghost friend makes him fly. (?) Well, that wasn't a smart idea. They didn't use the real harness until we started dress rehearsals. The guy strapping him in seemed to be really careful. Probably because if Mal fell the guy would die. The people ran a test trial, rising him slowly up. But as soon as his feet left the ground he gasped his really loud gasp. And then, "Why, what a perfect place for Svetlana to win the Olympics yet again!" Then he started doing these freaking awesome stunts on the harness. Flips, backbends, handsprings you name it Mal did it. About half the room was screaming at him. Then suddenly he slipped out the strap and hit the floor, really hard. Mal fell practically face first on to the stage. Only, like, three adults gasped and ran over to help him. (They were new) And the surround Mal and tried to help him. He growled at them. Then when everyone had gotten away, he started breathing heavily. Mal screamed at the ceiling, "SVETLANA!"

I walked around after dinner, not really thinking about anything, when I ran into Tyler peeked into the Plexi Glass on Mal's cell. He seemed to sense my presence. "He's doing it again." I looked at him eagerly. "Really? Can I see?" Tyler stepped back from the window, "Be my guest." I glanced in the room, Mal was sleeping abnormally stiffly and his head quickly moved from left to right. His mouth was moving so I pressed my ear close to the glass. "You dared to defy my authority." "Yes, oh, Svetlana is a bad kid now!" Then one of the other voices became clear, "Yo, ya not a bad kid if the rule you break'n was made by an evil flipp'n genius!" A girly scream. Then there was the voice that fit with the body, "Mal, what did you do?" "It wasn't my fault, she got the way." Another tone jumped in, "You whippersnappers! What's all this yammering about?" The darker voice, the one I was used to, grunted, "What the hell? YOU DARE TOUCH ME?!" "Whoa, man, why it always gotta come back to Mike?" "Stop hurting me!" "N- Wait, there are six of us…" "Geronimo!" "Oof" "Yo- you know what? I'm done I'm not sleeping anymore so you guys will SHUT UP. Oh, and by the way, Svetlana, you've officially been shut down." "Oh…" Then Mal jumped up like a monkey on crack. He started pacing around and spinning, probably try to stay awake. Tyler ran away for fear Mal might hear and rip out his jugular. Which… I started walking away. Thinking, of course. No mumbling, again, so he's still a really weird sleeper. His other voices seemed to be more real that time, but that was most likely because I heard one while he was awake. Then I turn a corner, I'd been down that way before. Millions of time. It's the old way to get to the cafeteria, the way we used before Mal came around. It looked so old and small. I tripped and fell. I laughed to myself. I was get sickly sentimental. Thankfully, I've always been a klutz. I laughed hard and shook my head as I walked. Insomniac Mal, this is going to be interesting.