8-year-old Ciel shook in his bed. Eyes screwed shut as he tried to ward off the bad dreams; the scary nightmares that frightened him to the bone. But with no prevail as he continued to dream the same exact dream that had been haunting him every night in his sleep.

The manor was on fire.

The smell of smoke stung his eyes as he coughed violently, desperately trying to find a way out. No, that wasn't it. He was desperately looking for his parents, wanting nothing more but to escape this Hell and run into their comforting arms. He wanted his mother to pat him gently on the head and smile at him, to tell him everything was going to be alright. He wanted his father to embrace him and cradle him, to praise him for being a good boy and listening to them.

"Mummy! Daddy!" Ciel screamed through the flames. The orange fire dancing through the halls, devouring everything in its path. It licked up the walls, engulfed the furniture whole, and now here came the part he dreaded the most - it opened its large mouth, like a shadow looming over its prey…

And his parents disappeared, eaten alive by the burning element. Roasting them to their deaths.

His cries of help and despair was enough to wake the whole world from slumber, awake or not. Running into flamed room, a spark of light licked his clothes and hair hungrily, craving more human bodies.

He stumbled, falling onto the floor with a choked sob. Helplessly looking up back into that room - that room where his parents were once just sitting in - that was now nothing more but smoke and fire.

A dog appeared from the black smoke, trotting over so casually to the child. But the dog wasn't just normal - the dog was on fire. It whined and fell to the floor, fire eating it, burning it, killing it, until it was nothing but a pile of ash on the floor.

Ciel's eyes widened in fear, crying so horribly now. God knows whatever happened to Tanaka, and the rest of the servants. His only dog, his only companion, his only friend Sebastian died - crumpled and burned to the ground right in front of his eyes. Just like his parents.

Taking the advantage of the fallen child, the heat found its way up to his ankle, wrapping a fiery hand around it, and began dragging him into its belly. He shrieked, cried, desperately clawing at the floor's carpet as he struggled to escape its grasp.

It was too late.

His clothes caught on fire, his hair, his everything. Ciel gasped and screamed in agony as he felt himself being burned alive, like a meal for another animal.


And that's when he screamed himself awake; causing the head butler of the Phantomhive manor to rush towards the young boy's room, bursting through the doors in case of an emergency. The old, but reliable man sighed to himself as he saw the trembling mess of a boy on the bed.

"T-Tanaka!" Ciel whimpered when he saw the butler, tears running down his cheek, dropping lightly onto the soft blanket. "I-I'm scared!" The small boy was being haunted, he was sure of it. It had all started when he was 7, these nightmares of his.

He was peacefully sleeping, one year before. Dreaming of chasing butterflies down the the endless fields of grass and blooming flowers. It was one of the things he used to love. Chasing butterflies, chasing puppies, kittens (although he was allergic), chasing anything really. He was not but an innocent child, 7 years of age. That is - when his beloved dog, Sebastian, died.

Ciel was instantly attached to the creature when he was young, the bond between master and pet growing each day they spent together. But on one particular day, the dog had died on his 7th birthday. Why? Because of one simple reason: natural death.

His dog was too old, becoming weaker and weaker, until eventually...the creature died in the manor, laying on the cold floors, motionless. At first, he thought his Sebastian was just playing dead, so he giggled and ran over to the dog, reaching a hand out to shake it. But the moment he touched the pelt - it didn't feel right.

Instead of that warm, body heat that he was so used to feeling for every year of his life next to the dog, all he had felt was a cold, no - freezing, dead corpse of the companion he once loved so much.

They had buried the dog near the Phantomhive manor, near a huge tree. The memories of his precious dog forever engraved in his brain, made him shake involuntarily as he realized this was reality. But he was so close to the dog, that without Sebastian curled up next to him in bed, he began having bad dreams of death. Sweet, delicious, death...

Ever since that day, Ciel began to have nightmares that included the death of someone, something, or even himself. Every day, he woke up screaming from the dreams he had. Tanaka had always came rushing in, as a substitute for his parents. His parents didn't come to comfort him anymore, but they used to. At first, they were worried for their child, hearing his painful screams. But when they found out it was just haunting dreams, they decided the head butler should take care of the young boy. Because being parents, they did not enjoy seeing their only child writhing in pain, covered in sweat and perspiration.

The old butler walked over to the child, patting him on the head, trying to calm him down. "Master Ciel, please relax. I am here now." He paused a moment, waiting for the boy to calm himself. As his breathing became calm again, the butler recalled an ancient Japanese story that his mother told him when he was a child, when he himself had nightmares. "Would you like me to stay and tell you a story, so you may calm down?" He asked, making Ciel lean back into the pillows and pulling the blankets over him.

Ciel eagerly nodded - anything was fine for him at the moment, as long as it didn't include his scary nightmares. With someone else's presence, he felt more safe and secure. The image of his dead dog would briefly leave his mind as he focused on a different topic.

"Very well then." He coughed, clearing his throat before beginning his tale. "They say when a child in Japan or China wakes up from a nightmare-"

Just the mention of nightmares scared him, but Ciel continued to listen intently.

"-they know what to do. Hugging their face to their pillow, they would whisper three times:

Baku-san, come eat my dream. Baku-san, come eat my dream. Baku-san, come eat my dream."

"Why?" The curious boy cut in, interrupting the story. Why would they say 'Baku-san' three times? What exactly was a 'Baku' in the first place?

The man chuckled lightly before going on, "Oh, do forgive me. I forgot to mention what a Baku is. Let me explain." Tanaka continued, "They say that Baku have the body of a bear, the nose of an elephant, the feet of a tiger, the tail of an ox, and the eyes of a rhinoceros."

"But...but that's creepy! Scary!" Ciel whined, feeling the frights and scares of the nightmare slowly fading away. Even though he was young and had a great imagination, he could not find himself imagining such a strange animal, if that's what a Baku was. "What do they do?!"

"Why, they suck away (eat) all of the bad dreams you have, of course, so that they may never be seen again. Just by calling its name out three times, it will appear and grant you request. However, you must take caution, Young Master." He warned, making sure the child was listening before going on. The sapphire blue eyes staring up intently at him. "If you are unfortunate enough to summon an especially hungry Baku, it will not only eat your nightmares, but your dreams, hopes, and aspirations as well. Leaving you to be nothing but an empty, walking human shell."

The boy gasped visibly, wondering what kind of creature would be so kind, yet so evil at the same time. Was it really worth it, to summon the Baku and get his wish granted? To get rid of this continuous nightmare that he lived through everyday or his life? Yes, it was. Ciel would do anything, anything to make sure he had no more bad dreams. He felt like if he had anymore, his sanity would be long gone before he would be 13. Just at the age of 8, he was quite intelligent and understood most things children did not. But despite that, he continued to be quite cheery and innocent. "A Baku, huh…? Tanaka, do they really exist? Will they really come if I called out for them?" He asked, quite interested in the current topic.

Tanaka shook his head and winked. "It is nothing but a legend, Young Master. But, it never hurts to try. It is quite a risk though...if it were really true, I wouldn't be summoning such a beast that eats away your dreams and hopes, as well as your future. That is quite a bargain of life and death." He replied professionally, merely stating his opinion as the head butler. "Now, you are calm. I shall be taking my leave shortly, so sweet dreams, Master Ciel."

Ciel nodded, the feeling of fear coming back to haunt him as the butler stood up from the chair and blew out the candle, walking towards the door. "Have pleasant dreams…" he whispered before opening the door, bowing, and then shutting the wooden door quietly with a click.

A Baku...they will eat away my nightmares. He thought to himself, shivering from the cold as he tried to go back to sleep. No sooner had he closed his eyes - he saw it again. The flames, the fire, the death of his loved ones, replaying behind his eyelids.

Quickly opening his eyes to darkness again, he knew what he had to do to stop this madness. It was his only option now, it didn't matter if he lost his hopes and dreams. It was better than losing his sanity.

Taking his pillow, he whispered quietly into it, his voice being slightly muffled, but still clear enough to hear.

"Baku-san, come eat my dream. Baku-san, come eat my dream. Baku-san, come eat my dream."

The three whispers were barely audible, but he shivered when he removed the pillow from his face.

Nothing had happened. All was dark and silent as his sapphire blue eyes scanned the room. Sighing, he put the pillow back under his head, as he realized that there really was no escaping the endless dreams and the tired nights. Gulping, Ciel closed his eyes again. He saw orange-red light again, but this time it was quite strange.

It was not behind his eyelids...rather, it was coming from outside of his eyelids. Slowly cracking an eye open, he gasped as he noticed that the candle that Tanaka had blown out previously had been lit again. Ciel sat up, scanning the room once again. But there was no one there. So who had lit the candle?

And that's when he saw it. From the corner of his eye - he saw it. Outside of the window, standing on a tree next to his window, the full moon shining its light through the window.

That pair of crimson eyes staring at him with no emotion in them. It was wearing a top hat while holding a cane. It's outfit like a butler's, but it was designed and changed until it looked like a noble's outfit mixed with a butler's. A sly smirk came from it as it bowed in a polite manner, and suddenly disappeared, a black mist where it had just been standing replaced it.

Ciel was confused for a second, before he heard a velvety, smooth voice of a male's.

"Hello there. You have summoned me, young one?" Those crimson red eyes burned into sapphire blue ones.

The boy could only stare at it as it stood in his room. Gaping, he stuttered out, "Y-You're...a Baku?"

It smiled and chuckled in amusement. "No - you see, I am One Hell of a Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku." It tipped its hat, revealing a stunningly handsome male face. "And I am here to grant your wishes, for you have summoned me here with your delicious nightmares."

Am I crazy? Yes.

Am I insane? Supposedly, yes.

Am I writing too many stories at a time? Fucking yes. 10+.

This fanfiction is based on the song Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku by Len Kagamine. If you want to know where I might be going with the plot, you should search it up on YouTube because this is entirely based on that song. And this is a song fanfic, so I will be posting lyrics in between paragraphs and then writing about it. So anyways, I hope you enjoyed this awesome chapter.

Also, if you still do not know what a baku is, search Baku Japanese on Google and click on the second link, under the images. That's where I researched what Bakus were and what they do, are, and everything else.

One more thing - I'm calling 'it' an 'it' because Ciel doesn't know exactly what that crimson-eyed 'thing' is. It adds more suspense, don't you think?

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