5 - Stain

"Mmmaaah...Se-Sebastian…" The boy moaned out as the man stretched his entrance with two fingers. Of course, the sensation did burn despite having his fingers covered in saliva, but he did find some pleasure from it. His eyes were squeezed shut as he gripped the sheets below him, body hot and sweaty as he felt those expert fingers thrust in and out of him.

The Baku only continued to thrust his fingers deep into that tight hole, until he found the special spot inside him that made the boy jolt and see white. "D-Do that again!" Ciel cried desperately, taking his own hand and pumping himself as the creature continued to please him using his fingers.

"I'm going to add another, Ciel…" Sebastian whispered before inserting a third finger into the heat of the boy, making him whine in discomfort. "Ah...I-It hurts, Sebastian!"

He only drove his fingers deeper, finding the boy's prostate once again, making him scream out in pleasure. "Shh, it's alright." The man cooed, continuing his ministrations, stretching and scissoring until he felt that Ciel was ready enough for what was to come.

He was a quivering mess when he felt the head of that huge, hot cock press against his entrance. The pre-cum was used to lubricate the puckered hole even further before Sebastian gazed down at the younger male with lustful, half-lidded eyes. "Ciel…" He whispered before the next second, Ciel was screaming out as he entered-

"CIEL!" A harsh, desperate yell caused him to awaken groggily, snapping him out of his dreams. Sitting up abruptly, he found that Tanaka was beside his bed, looking down at him with a worried expression on his face.

"Wh-wha-?" Ciel asked, only now noticing that he was sweating, panting, and highly aroused as he saw the bulge from underneath the blankets. With a flustered face, he quickly gathered the sheets above the bulge, to try and hide it from the head butler.

"Excuse me for saying your name, Young Master. I meant no disrespect, but I had tried to wake you up with 'young master' and 'my lord'. It didn't work, so I had no other choice but call out your name several times. It seems like it worked." The old man commented, feeling relieved that his master was not having some sort of asthma attack. Though, he did not show any sign that he had seen Ciel's erection. But he was concerned that the youth's face was completely red. "Do you have a fever?" He asked, reaching out to feel the other's forehead.

The boy jerked his head away, then sank into the covers below him. "No, I'm fine, Tanaka. Please get out of my room until further notice." His voice was muffled by the blankets, but the butler did not complain nor question the command before he bowed and quietly left the room, leaving the young Phantomhive alone in his room. He did feel bad for offering no explanation to the steward, but it was for the best at the moment.

Peeking out from under the covers, his sapphire orbs scanned the room to make sure that no one was truly still in his room before he sat up again, sighing heavily before staring down at the bulge that still did not disappear. Looking over at his right hand and watched as the crimson rubies reflected in sun that came through the curtains. Those rubies reminded him of those two crimson eyes of none other that Sebastian Michaelis. Ciel had never in his life had such a dirty dream before, and he certainly did not expect it to be with the supernatural being. A male supernatural being.

But he couldn't focus on that now - not when he was painfully hard and needed a release. The boy had also never touched himself before...but, with inexperienced fingers, he slowly slid his hand down to his shaft, gasping as he felt his cool fingers wrap around his length. Biting his lip in attempt to stop himself from making any noises, he started to slowly stroke himself, pressing his thumb over the leaking slit and smearing his cum around the head. Whimpering slightly, he tossed his bed back before stroking himself faster, teasing himself, using his other hand to play with his balls while thinking of Sebastian's hot, wet mouth around him. "Aaagh!" His muffled cry was heard as he released onto the bed sheets. Just the mere thought of the crimson eyes and the achingly handsome creature left him trembling and longing for him.

As he came down from his high, he leaned against the headboard of the bed, feeling quite disgusted with the sticky substance on his fingers and coated on the blankets. Ciel knew that he couldn't let the head butler find out that he was doing.. that in his bed. So, he had to wash the sheets himself. But that would be done later. Today, he was going to visit the Trancy manor. Alois had invited him over for a game of chess, which, surprisingly, the blonde was quite advanced at. But, of course, that event would be during the evening.

Gathering the dirtied sheets in his hands, the boy carried it to his bathroom, filled the tub with warm water, and dumped them in without thinking twice.

Shuffling out of the room after closing the door, he walked over to his bed and sat down on it before pulling the bell for Tanaka to return. He'd have to explain to the man what happened to his sheets...but, after a bit of thought, he decided to just stay silent. Ciel knew that the steward would not ask any questions, anyways.

Seconds later, the old man came into his master's room, surprised to see that there were no more covers. But, being a respectful man, he calmly asked, "You called, Young Master?"

"Dress me, and bring my breakfast to my room." Ciel answered as if there was nothing out of the ordinary, earning a small bow from the butler before he began undressing the boy.

I've really got to stop thinking of Sebastian... He thought to himself before returning his attention to the butler unbuttoning his shirt.

As evening came, Ciel found himself inside Alois' manor, finishing up a game of chess.

Alois mulled over strategies in his head before moving one of his pieces on the board. Ciel couldn't help but notice that the blonde had two rings on his right hand as well; on his middle finger. They were both a bright amber color. Amber gemstones.

With a winning smirk, he moved a piece on the chessboard. "Checkmate, for the fifth time in the row." Ciel declared proudly, leaning back in his chair with a huff.

"Aww, that's not fair! I didn't even win, not even once in the past 3 hours!" Alois whined, "You must be cheating! That's the only answer to this madness!" Said the blonde before grabbing the board with all of the pieces on it and throwing it onto the ground in rage.

A small frown was evident on Ciel's lips before he turned his attention back to the angered blonde. "Alois, I am not cheating. You just need more practice."

"I've practiced so many times with the triplets! I beat every single one of them, but I just can't dominate you…" The older of the two sighed and sat back down. "So...anyways… now that the board's ruined, and it's practically already eleven at night, why don't you sleep over? It'd be pretty tiring to travel back to your manor. It'll be another one hour carriage ride." Alois reasoned, pretty eager for his best friend to stay over.

Ciel nodded, already feeling drowsiness wash over him. "Alright, I'll stay. I'm much too tired to protest, as you can see…"

Alois' icy blue eyes brightened with delight as he jumped from his seat and with a wide grin, began walking up the stairs of his manor, gesturing Ciel to follow.

With a yawn and stretch, he stood from his seat and followed the giddy blonde to a guest room, which was right next to Alois' room. Surprisingly, the older boy did not say anything about sleeping with him like he usually did. "The clothes are in there," the blonde pointed at the closet. "They're my clothes, but I'm sure you'd look pretty delicious in them. And also, the restroom is just right down the hall if you need to go. If you need anything else, just ring the bell." Smiling widely again, he patted Ciel on the back before leaving the dark, candle-lit room.

Ciel was quite curious as to why the guest room looked so similar to his own room back at the Phantomhive manor, but, it didn't matter. Questions could be answered later.

The sapphire-eyed boy was shocked to see that Alois did not whine and say, 'Sleep with me!' or something along those lines. Instead, for once, he left him alone in a guest room. Now that was a first. Grumbling to himself about Alois being crazy, he began to undress himself with much difficulty. But his pride did not allow him to call for help for something as trivial as this. After a few tugs and unbuttoning buttons, he found himself completely naked as he stared into the closet.

The only thing that looked like something suitable for wearing was a blue, lacy shirt that went just under his thighs, covering his crotch. "It looks too...girly for my tastes...but it's better than being naked…" he murmured to himself before slipping the shirt on easily. It slumped down his shoulders, but it stayed put.

As he got under the cool sheets of the bed, he stared outside of the window. It was a full moon tonight. The light of the moon illuminating the room with it's mysterious glow. For a moment, he had considered calling for Sebastian again. But he didn't have a nightmare to offer the Baku. Unfortunately...But then again, didn't Bakus eat every dream you had, whether it be a nightmare, or a pleasure-filled dream? He felt heat rise up in his cheeks as he remembered what he had been dreaming last night. If Sebastian saw that dream, then…

Then...what? What would happen? Would anything change between the two of them? Ciel could only imagine what that creature would say to him. Deciding to deal with his thoughts in the morning, he sank down into the covers and closed his eyes, falling to sleep easily.

The young boy woke up from a dreamless sleep. Ciel really needed to go to the restroom. 'Why now of all times?' Said a voice in his mind before he jumped off the bed and took a candlestick with him before walking out in the dark halls of the Trancy manor. It was relatively quiet as he passed by Alois' room, so he assumed that the blonde was already asleep. Obviously. It was already three in the morning, who would be awake?

Ciel had finished his business in the restroom, and began walking back to his room. But this time, as he walked past Alois' room once more, he heard a muffled cry of "C-Claude!". Pausing near the blonde's door, he listened closely. A low groan was heard in the room before a rather loud moan came. It was the blonde's moan, no doubt. It sent shivers down Ciel's spine to hear him in such an intimate act. But wait - who on Earth was Claude? He hadn't remembered a butler being named Claude in the Trancy manor before. Perhaps he was new? Curiosity getting the best of him, he slowly neared the door and opened it slightly, allowing him to see through the crack of the door.

He nearly dropped the candlestick in his hand when he saw what was happening inside the room.

Alois was being roughly fucked by a handsome man. He had glasses, yes, but what made him gulp was that the man had the same exact outfit as Sebastian. Except instead of parts of the outfit being red, it was yellow. Another Baku... Ciel thought to himself. He had never thought there was more than one Baku. The boy had learned something that day, that was a fact. To be peeping at people doing… it. It made him feel quite uncomfortable in his own pants.

Claude was taking Alois from behind, violently thrusting into the abused hole, making the blonde cry out in pleasure as he did him hard and good. "Mmmahhhh! C-Claude!" With one last cry, the blonde had reached his climax and came all over the bed. The Baku continued to thrust, at least five more times before he found his own climax and came inside of Alois, filling him up with his seed. He pulled out after his high came down and tucked his softened member into his breeches before flipping the boy over, laying him down on his own cum, and hastily threw the covers over him with no care in the world. Alois had felt the semen on his back and shuddered, staring quietly at the Baku.


Those amber colored eyes stared at him.

"I...I love...you…" Alois smiled softly. A smile that melted even Ciel's own heart. The blonde's eyes shone with love, passion, lust, dreams, hopes, everything that Ciel did not see until now, under the illumination of the moon.

The Baku's lips curled up into a smirk as he replied coldly. "Ah, is that so?" His voice was low and monotone. He neared the boy and whispered into his ear, something that Ciel could not hear.

"It's time for me to collect my prize after servicing you for a month. It's a full moon tonight - you know that is when I collect my payment."

Alois' icy blue eyes widened in shock as Claude kissed him after the words were exchanged, and then Ciel gasped when he saw those glittering blue eyes, once filled with so much hope and love, turn into grey, dull, lifeless eyes. They slowly lidded over and his friend was still, head lolling to the side. He was still breathing - so he couldn't have died!

Claude pulled back, licking his lips as if he was satisfied with his meal. Which he was. "Humans are so foolish. Speaking of foolish… I know you're there, boy. I heard you gasp." The amber eyes focused on the door, narrowing.

The dark-haired boy could only tremble and step away from the only thing separating him and the Baku.

And that thing was slammed opened in the very next moment.

Ciel gasped again as he felt the cold wall behind him now; sapphire eyes locking with amber eyes as Claude stared into the endless blue orbs. A moment of silence hung in the air before the Baku broke it. "You...you have...such beautiful eyes." He licked his lips in a frightening manner, as if he was going eat Ciel right then and there. "How I would love to suck the life out of them and turn them grey. I know you desire for pleasure; I can provide you with that. Let me fulfill your deepest desires…"

The young boy shook his head from side to side, trying to break free of the grasp of the Baku that was pinning his hands above his head to the wall. "N-No! Let me go!" He cried desperately, but the creature was just too strong.

"I will take it by force then. I may be satisfied with my last meal, but seeing you...he doesn't even compare to you. And seeing that you won't cooperate, then…" Claude lifted his chin up to meet his gaze again, and without warning, crashed their lips together.

Tears burned the boy's eyes as he could not break free from this vicious, disgusting Baku. He felt the world around him slowly fade to black, his sapphire eyes being drained of their beautiful color. It's the end for me...

And he felt himself fall to the ground, the grasp on him was suddenly gone.

"Faustus...I believe that he is my property. The very thought of you running your hands over his body and defiling his beauty with your filthy lips disgusts me."

Ciel drifted off into unconsciousness.

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