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Aokigahara, also known as the Sea of Trees. A 35-square-kilometre forest that lies at the northwest base of Mount Fuji. The forest contains a number of rocky, icy caverns, a few of which are popular tourist destinations. Due to the wind-blocking density of the trees and an absence of wildlife, the forest is known for being exceptionally quiet. Deathly quiet...

The forest has a historic association with demons in mythology and is a popular place for suicides despite numerous signs, in Japanese and English, urging people to reconsider their actions. These signs did not deter the young girl as she moved deeper and deeper into the dark forest, tears streaming down her face. In her trembling hands, she clutched a small pocket knife.

Yuri looked around, finally deciding she had gone deep enough in the forest. She leaned up against a tree, almost sobbing now as she slid down into a seated position. It was quiet save for her crying. Sliding the knife out, she prepared to draw it across her wrists as she remembered why she was here. Her mother had been sick. It was for that reason she had married again. Her step-father had seemed kind and caring at first, but showed his true colors once her mother passed. Everything they owned, he took for himself, before kicking her out on the street.

She felt the blade on her wrist, but couldn't bring herself to actually slice into her flesh. She was trembling even more, and she actually dropped the knife to the forest floor. As she gripped it in her hand, another hand gently brought hers into his own. Her eyes widened and she jerked her head up to look at the blonde-hair and sad blue eyes of a young man, who appeared to be in his mid-twenties. Picking her hand up, he forced her grip tighter on the knife.

"You hesitated," he said, softly. "Do you not want to die?" She did, didn't she? Her life was a living hell. After being kicked out, she hadn't slept indoors once. She was forced to scavenge trashes for food. Since she had no home, no car, and nobody to vouch for her, she couldn't even get a job. Nobody wanted to take the risk she may have to run off on them, or that she wouldn't steal. The only way she could have any peace now was in death. But did she want to go out alone? Did she just wish to fade without leaving behind a single memory? Nobody to even know she was gone until the next body hunt? Looking up at the man, who wiped a tear from her cheek, she whispered to him.

"Stay with me?" The man's gaze softened and he smiled a sad smile, before nodding. Picking the teen up and moving beneath her, he embraced her as she sat in his lap. Quickly, trying to make things as painless as possible, she drew the blade across both of her wrists, slicing her tendons and forcing her to lose her grip. The blonde man stroked her hair and hummed a small melody. Time seemed to slow for Yuri, who felt strangely warm as a dark figure manifested before her.

The blonde too, watched as the Shinigami, the death god, paid him no mind as he reached seemingly within Yuri, gripping something and pulling it out. At first it looked like a figure made of a blue light, before that diminished and revealed a transluscent form of the girl as the blonde who held her felt the life leave her.

Motioning with his hand, the air distorted next to the Shinigami, warping and opening into a portal of light. "Come child," rang the voice of the God of Death, which sounded like the collective speaking of millions, as though all who had ever died were speaking as one through the deity. "You have suffered enough in this world. Your mother awaits." For the first time that night, the blonde watched Yuri smile, floating to him and kissing his cheek. Not that he could feel it.

"Thank you," she told him, unsure of whether or not he could even see or hear her, before she entered the field of light. The Shinigami spared one final glance at the blonde man, before turning away and fading into mist, which slowly discipated in the air. Looking at the lifeless form in his arms, the man wiped the tears from her face.

"I really wish I could come with you kid...I really do." Laying her across the ground, he made a hand sign, before the ground around Yuri's body become more like mud. As her body sank below the surface, the blonde sighed, returning the ground to its normal state. And in a gust of wind, all that remained of the blonde man were a few drifting leaves.


Naruto let out a sigh as he gazed out the window of the train, bringing him to the city of Shinto Teito. His mind flashed to the the previous night, and the girl he helped to move on. He didn't even learn her name. He absent-mindedly sipped his tea as he saw the skyline of the city drawing ever closer. As he changed his focus to his reflection in the window, he frowned when he realized it was not his own.

" what do I owe this...pleasure," he asked, his voice laced with an almost acidic amount of sarcasm. The Death God did not even change its expression as time seemed to slow to a stop. "Are you finally here to take me? Or will you continue to mock me? Continue to leave me stranded in this life with no hope of moving to the next?"

"Never once have I mocked you, Naruto," the deity said, elisciting a growl from the blonde when he spoke. Rather than the 'voice-of-the-legion' effect he usually had, the Shinigami always decided to speak to him using the voices of his deceased friends, today talking with the voice of Sarutobi, the Third Hokage. "You have brought this fate upon yourself. And-"

"Bullshit 'I brought this on my self!" Naruto shouted. "All my friends, gone. The shinobi way of life, gone. Even Kurama is gone. I saved the fucking world! What the hell do you want from me?"

"You were gifted with eternal life for one reason," shot back the Shinigami, now speaking in the voice of Tsunade. "To live. So much was placed on you from an early age that even the bijuu felt sorry for you. They gave you immortality so you could live freely and be happy. And since then, you have squandered their gift by fighting wars, causing disasters, solely for the purpose of bringing an end to your existence. It would be an insult to you and the beasts to take you."

"So what? How do they expect me to be happy? Everyone I have ever known has withered away and died, while I have remained the same. Everyone I will come to know in the future will do the same. Why should I be happy about that?" Shinigami sighed sadly at the blonde, before vanishing.

"Perhaps soon, you shall understand true happiness, if only for a short time. And then you will see why the Bijuu bestowed this gift upon you." With his final words, spoken with the all too familiar voice of Kurama, time seemed to return to its normal flow. Naruto narrowed his eyes as the train pulled into the station, before collecting his things and exiting. His goal was simple. The company MBI had recently been growing even more rapidly than when it had first appeared, and it was rumored they would be attempting to buy out the entire city, and already had its own military. He was hoping he could find the odd job as a mercenary, or perhaps delve into a little corporate espionage. Sure, he could always fall back on his day job as an author, but that was boring. Though due to his complete immortality, nothing could really pose a challenge anymore.

As he absent-mindedly walked the streets, he recalled as many of his previous attempts at death that he could remember. He had been shot, stabbed, clubbed, beaten, poisoned, decapitated, incinerated, even drowned. Yet each time, his body would heal, or even full-on regenerate and the Shinigami would not come. He wasn't even sure he could die in the vacuum of space, but that was one he just never had the chance to try. There was that time he pushed a man out of the way of a bus. Of course he got hit, but he got up moments later, reattaching his arm and head. The man he had saved had looked at him in shock. He would later find out the man was named Rob Liefeld, and he worked in comics. Next thing Naruto knew, a comic book character was out, and inspired by him. He didn't really pay it any mind, as the character himself was completely insane. What was he called? Red-Dead? Deathwish? Deadpool? Something like that.

He was broken from his musings upon hearing the sounds of explosions from above. Looking to the sky, he watched two figures, female by the look of them, leap from the roof of one building to the building across the street, pursued by three others. Nobody on the bustling sidewalk paid any mind to the blonde in the crowd suddenly vanishing. In fact, the slight breeze created by the shunshin felt nice on the scorcher of a day.


Hikari and Hibiki, the twin Sekirei numbers 11 and 12 respectively, were not having a good day, by any stretch of the imagination. The two were only released into the city a few days prior, and had yet to find an Ashikabi, their destined partner. Not for a lack of trying though. Unfortunately, Sekireis weren't the only ones searching out partners. A few Ashikabis had taken it upon themselves to find and forcibly wing other Sekirei to increase their power in the game that was the Sekirei plan. Though the two were formidable, working in sync to increase their power of lightning, without being winged, they were not only out-numbered, but at a severe disadvantage.

"Crap, they're gaining on us!" shouted Hibiki, twirling mid jump and sending a lighting blast into their pursuers' midst. Not only did they all manage to dodge the strike, but they all separated, coming in on the twins from three sides rather than just one. To their left, Sekirei number 65, Taki. To their right, Sekirei number 38, Mitsuha. But their most pressing concern was their rear opponent. Single Digit and member of the First Sekirei Discipline Squad, Sekirei number 5, Mutsu.

"If we go down, let's at least take one of these bitches with us," replied her sister, who narrowly avoided being tripped up, curtesy of Mitsuha's whip. Taki looked to Mutsu, who gave her a nod. Calling on her power, number 65 began to form a mist around them. Under ordinary circumstances the speed at which they were running would have made this move pointless. However, being as they were so high up, condensing the mist right in the faces of her targets caused them each to miscalculate their last jump, causing the twins to fall down into the alley below. She almost winced at the sounds of cursing as well as a distinct metallic thud that told her they had hit the fire-escape on the way down.

Leaping into the alley as well, they saw Hikari leaning on her sister, barely conscious, a large bruise forming from where her head had slammed into the metal fire escape, before the sisters and the metal structure had crashed to the ground in a heap. Without so much as a word, Mutsu turned to Mitsuha, who smirked as she addressed the two.

"Don't worry, girls," she said, rather snidely. "You'll love being winged by our master." Rearing back her whip, the twins braced themselves for the impact. But it never came. Cracking their eyes open, they were shocked at the blonde man standing before them, number 38's whip wrapped around his forearm. The damn thing was able to crack concrete and he just looked as though it was little more than a mosquito bite...merely a mild annoyance.

"Who the hell are you?" shrieked Mitsuha, annoyed at being interrupted, surprised by the apparent strength of the man, who kept hold of her whip like it was nothing, and confused. She knew he wasn't a Sekirei, but something about him didn't exactly seem human either.

"Well, let me think. I just appeared out of nowhere to save two damsels in distress," he announced in a bored tone. "So I guess that makes me a big damn hero." Giving the whip a jerk, Mitsuha was caught off guard and pulled forward towards the newcomer, who launched a circulating kick across her face. Keeping with his momentum, he continued to spin before whipping his hand out and hitting her neck with a knife-hand strike, followed by a punch to her gut. A tiger-knuckle strike to her nose caused it to break, followed by a second, uppercutting tiger-knuckle to her sternum, fracturing it, before a high-speed palm-strike broke her jaw and sent her flying back onto the ground. The sheer speed, power, and location of the strikes had her unconscious before she even hit the pavement.

Mutsu frowned. This man...he was no ordinary human. Dispite being annoying, number 38 was an excellent fighter, and this man had taken her down in under five seconds. Number 5 wasn't stupid. Despite being a single digit, and as such more powerful than all other sekirei below him, winged or not, he knew enough to never engage in a fight if you didn't understand your opponent's capabilities. Mutsu may have been powerful, but the last time he felt such a presence as the one the man was giving off, was in the presence of his old team.

"We're done here," he announced, momentarily surprising Taki, before she begruginly nodded. She knew better than to argue with Mutsu. He was so respected that even their Ashikabi listened to him, albeit usually reluctantly. Hoisting the unconscious Mitsuha onto her shoulders, she leapt from wall to wall, bringing her beaten teammate to the roof. "As for you, blondie, don't think this is over. I've got my eyes on you." The blonde merely pulled out a small, orange book and began to absent-mindeldly read it.

"Oooh," he announced, again, rather bored in his tone. "I'm just aquiver with fear." Mutsu narrowed his eyes, before following his fellow sekirei to the roof. Stretching out to sense if they were really gone, he replaced his book in his pocket, before beginning to leave the alley.

"Wait!" Raising an eyebrow, he turned toward the twins. They each wore what could only be described as S&M costumes, each in a different color. Other than that, the only difference between them that he could see was their bust sizes. "You're just gonna leave us here? After you saved us, you're just gonna go on your merry way?"

"Yes, that's right," he replied, rather rudely too if you asked Hikari and Hibiki. However, they barely noticed the tone over the heat they were feeling rising within them as he stared at them. "I helped you out because it was the right thing to do. I want no part in whatever business got you into trouble with them, thank you...are you both alright?" The two had adopted a glazed look in their half-lidded eyes, and their faces were bright red. The two could barely keep on their feet.

Leaning in close, Naruto was able to see, and with his chakra-enhanced senses, smell the arousal of the twins, and he began to back away slowly. After witnessing their lightning attacks, he knew these two weren't ordinary humans, and the level to which they seemed to be affected by his presence only furthered that train of thought. Sure, over the years, he had seduced more woman than he could count, but never before was it anything like this. As their legs actually gave in and they began to fall, Naruto cursed under his breath as he ducked in between them, catching Hikari in his right arm and Hibiki in his left.

The twins seemed to muster their strength and to the blonde's surprise, he found himself on the ground with each girl pinning an arm. He felt his arm between their breasts, and under normal circumstances, he would have fought back, but his curiosity was peaked with these two... among other things. He felt himself getting aroused, and he hasn't felt like that in ages. Then he felt a hand grip his hair. He saw Hikari, who was the more impulsive of the two. She suddenly pulled him into her lips, and Naruto felt something he hadn't in a long time... a flare of chakra. It was so string that it was actually visible. He watched as the chakra manifested into a pair of glowing wings behind Hikari.

It lasted only a second, due to Hibiki gently pushing her sister away and taking her place. Unlike Hikari, this one was more gentle. And like before, he watched in amazement as a pair of glowing wings made from pure chakra emerged from her back. He was surprised when Hikari got in one last kiss before a bright light encased the trio, and once it vanished, the twins' eyes rolled back into their heads. He caught them as they landed on him. He wasn't sure if it had to do with the chakra flare, or if they were just exhausted from being chased across the city and crashing into a fire-escape before plummeting into the ground. He assumed it was the later, though it might have been a combination of the two. Standing, he contemplated leaving them both in that alley. The last thing he needed was to become attached to these girls. But as he walked away, he bit his lip, turning his head back to Hikari and Hibiki.

He sighed, telling himself he was just looking to sate his curiosity. Grabbing the girls, he threw Hibiki over his left shoulder, while carrying Hikari under his right arm. Deciding to find a hotel, he leapt up to the rooftops, carrying both girls like it was nothing. The looks on the faces of the hotel staff when he entered the lobby carrying two unconscious S&M twins were priceless enough to make the hassle worth it.

Chapter End

I decided to overhaul my original, which let's face it, it needed to be done. After reading the other stories, I felt that what was wrong was a lack of internal conflict. I noticed the good stories had these dark backstories for Naruto, but often times don't really do anything about it, other than use it to make people feel bad for Naruto. So I decided to not only make Naruto an immortal, but a Death Seeker as well.

I want it to actually drive the plot, rather than simply get brought up at random intervals.

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