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An explosion rocked the rooftop as the electric attack struck. Dust and debris were thrown into the air as Hikari and Hibiki placed their hands back at their sides. They could practically feel their Ashikabi staring at them from behind. Judging them. They could sense his disapproval. "Better," he said after a moment, but before they could breathe their sighs of relief, he continued. "But still, you need to work on accuracy and subtlety in your moves. You can't always win by trying to simply blow your target up." He looked around at the numerous wooden targets that had been blown to bits, taking special care to avoid the smoldering, burning pieces, which his twin Sekirei were quick to notice.

"Uh, Naruto, I don't know if you noticed, but lightning tends to make things, you know...explode..." Hibiki deadpanned, causing her Ashikabi to sigh and rub his temples in frustration. He had been trying to get these two to grasp his concept for the last three days, and got nothing.

"And yet you can shock me without blowing me to bits," he replied, causing them both to blush and attempt to avoid meeting his gaze. "Lightning is wild, and it is strong, but you need to focus not on frying your target. Instead try to focus on piercing it." Sliding a senbon needle out of his sleeve, surprising the twins, he casually tossed it over his opposite shoulder. It flew through the air and sank into the wooden cutout, directly in the target area painted to represent the human heart. "When you can do that with your lightning, then we will move on." Hikari took a step back in shock while her sister's reaction was a jaw drop. Accuracy like what he had shown had to have taken decades to master, yet their Ashikabi couldn't have been older than his late twenties.

Naruto, however was more concerned with his Sekireis' lack of progress. They had only ever practiced making their lightning attacks larger and stronger. Now that they were being made to go the other way, it was as if everything that they had learned about their powers had suddenly been erased from their minds. Call him impatient, but he had expected a little more after three days of work. He couldn't figure out what was wrong. Was it his Sekirei? Was it him? Or some combination of the two? Perhaps he needed to change his tactics. He had been trying to distance himself from the two, going so far as to dangle them out his thirty-story window by their ankles that morning when he found them in his bed...again. Maybe he was being too harsh, he thought. Eyes widened as he realized what thought had just crossed his mind and shook it from his head. Despite his best efforts, he was already becoming attached. And that was bad. Very bad. But why was he doing so? How?

His mind flashed back to the moment the two emerged, and the flair of chakra. His eyes narrowed as he played through the memory and watched the twins blow another target to smithereens. There was only one way to test his new theory, much as he prayed he was wrong. Setting up two more targets, he turned to his Sekirei. He walked toward them, and as they set themselves up for another attack, he held up his hand. "Hold on," he commanded. "I have something I want to try." The two looked confused, until he wrapped his arms around them, pulling the very surprised pair in for two, very passionate kisses. They felt the warmth of their Ashikabi flow through them and their power surged. Naruto on the other hand, felt something far different.

It was as if their chakras latched onto his own, flowing from their bodies and into his, and vice versa. And despite his alarmed confirmation of his theory, that the Sekirei's abilities may be linked to how close they were with their Ashikabis, a strange calm washed over him. Pulling away, he looked at the almost dazed look on each of his Sekirei's faces. Moving himself out of the way, he pointed to the small target area over the cut-out's heart. "Hit the target," he said, and instantly, he watched the twins acted in synchronization, their pupils dilating as they viewed the wooden stand-in. This time, they did not destroy the cut-out completely, instead punching a hole through it, the size of a human head, right over the heart. They still had a long way to go, but it was a very impressive development from mere moments ago.

Despite the pride his Sekirei were feeling, which oddly enough, he felt as well, he was concerned. If the Sekirei's power and skill increased based on the bond between them and their Ashikabi, which he had essentially just confirmed, that meant ordinary training would do little for them. It also meant that to win this game, he would have to actually let himself get close to the two of them, and even then, there was no guarantee that MBI could do what Minaka said, or if he would even follow through on his word anyway. Could he take that risk, only to have Hikari and Hibiki grow old and die before his eyes, while he stayed the same. Was it really worth it. Taking a deep breath, he steeled himself, and his eyes softened.

"The more important question...could I resist if I needed to..." he thought as he looked at the girls. Hikari was almost high off the rush of both his kiss and the act of controlling their powers to a greater extent than before. Hibiki, who was usually more subdued than her sister, seemed equally pleased with the events of that morning's training.

The ringing of his cell-phone drew the attention of the three, and Naruto scowled when he realized who was calling. Minaka. The man was a pain in the ass. And yet as long as Naruto was bound to the Sekirei plan, there was nothing he could do. He himself could heal and defend himself, but he was sure the MBI head would play dirty. In a city this large, he would have difficulty, even with his enhanced sensory abilities granted to him by Sage Mode, picking out who were just innocent civilians, and who meant his Sekirei harm. He would only be able to gain access to MBI's technology and data if he won the Sekirei Plan...a few well placed bullets from a Sniper could easily eliminate his Sekirei, and thus himself. So as much as he hated it, he was stuck playing by the rules.

But that didn't mean he had to just smile and take it lying down. "What the hell do you want, you idiot?" he demanded. He had expected a quip, or some sort of annoying, sarcastic, or even angry remark, but instead received something else.

"I have a job for you," Minaka replied, lacking in humor for once, his voice even and calm, if not a bit cold. "One of my little Ashikabis is getting a bit too high and mighty for his own good, and you have just the...skills to knock him down a few pegs." Naruto quirked an eyebrow at this, finding it to be a strange turn from the last conversation he had shared with the CEO.

"...You want him shook down, knocked out, or blown up?" he asked casually. "Specialty jobs are specialty prices." Hikari and Hibiki just shared a look, before turning back to their Ashikabi.

"I'm sure you're more than aware money is no object," announced Minaka with a chuckle. "Higa Izumi is your target, and you are not to kill him, nor any other Ashikabi in his employ. I'd also like to keep as many Sekirei alive as possible...for now. He has not only winged a considerable amount of Sekirei on his own, but is rumored to be blackmailing and even threatening other Ashikabi and Sekirei to follow him as well. Quite honestly, it's unfair to the other players. Your job is simply to invade the hospital he owns, in order to send him a message. The doctors, and security officers, and other Sekirei are fair game, though I would prefer to keep the body-count at a minimal. The hospital is crawling with Guards to protect Higa's interests. Take enough out and you might prompt a few successful escape attempts." Naruto nodded. Seemed simple enough.

"We'll discuss my fee at a later time. Given that you basically own this city, do I have your assurances I won't face any criminal charges for this?" Minaka just chuckled.

"Only if you're neither caught or recognized." And just like that, the line went dead. Turning back to his twin Sekirei, Naruto replaced his unreadable expression with an almost comically large smile.

"Ladies, I believe training is finished for the day. I have business to attend to, but you are free to have a day on the town while I'm gone. My wallet is in the hotel room. You'll be sitting pretty where money is concerned." He turned to get moving, but after a moment's thought about what Minaka said, and what his own Sekirei had almost had to go through, his face marred to a frown as he looked over his shoulder. "...And if you happen to find any Sekirei in danger of being forcibly winged...fry the offending Ashikabi." Lightning began to arc between the sisters at his demand and they nodded in confirmation. Naruto turned, before leaping off the edge of the roof they were on, seeming to disappear into the shadows of the alley below.

All three were so wrapped up in their own thoughts, they never noticed the masked figure watching them intently. His initial thoughts on this Ashikabi may have been off, Homura noted, turning and beginning to walk away. He had to admit, it would be nice to have some help watching out for the unwinged.


Hikari and Hibiki walked down the street, bags in hand, wearing brand new clothing, each with designer sunglasses. "So where do you think he ran off to in such a hurry?" The conversation had been veering in this general direction for the last hour, since their Ashikabi had vanished.

"Who knows. We should have probably made it a point to ask the jerk what he does for a living..." Hikari grumbled.

"Didn't the CEO say something when he contacted Naruto? I thought he said he was an author or something..." Hibiki replied. Hikari snapped to attention.

"Hey, you're right!" she said. "He said he was the author to some series called...Icha-Icha I think. Ever heard of it?" Her sister shook her head.

"No, I haven't...but didn't Minaka say something else...I think he mentioned something else Naruto does on the side..." Both woman adopted thoughtful looks, trying to remember what it was that the gamemaster had said, but both drew a blank.

"Anyway, why don't we go check out what this 'Icha-Icha' series is. Maybe we can find out where Naruto got all this money." As they made their way down the side-walk, each managed to glance at one of the cars driving by, and both pairs of eyes narrowed. Mutsu was inside, and the person who was obviously his Ashikabi.

"Well, well, look what we have here, Sis..." Hikari announced.

"If those two are out and about, it means they have their eyes on someone. Which means we get to follow through with Naruto's orders," Hibiki replied. Lightning arced from their feet as they leapt to the rooftops. "I know we've emerged, but do you think we'll be able to take these guys?"

"We don't have to take them, just stall them," her sister replied, receiving a nod in confirmation. Keeping tabs on the car as they nimbly leapt from rooftop to rooftop, they didn't quite realize that they were being tailed by Homura, the Guardian Sekirei keeping both his pace and his distance. He had been keeping tabs on this Ashikabi as well and it was again time to do his duty. Perhaps these girls could help.


Naruto walked calmly through the doors of the hospital, not heeding the warning of the shouting security. Not trusting Minaka to keep his face out of this, he had decided to be as conspicuous as possible. He walked into the building in broad daylight, dressed in his shinobi pants, a black shirt - over which he wore a jonin flak-jacket and a black, leather coat - and a gun holstered at each hip. He wore black, fingerless gloves, combat boots, and a black bandana to cover his head. And to finish his look, a white, portable gas-mask, and goggles that - when viewed from the front - had bright, blue lenses.

As if this was not conspicuous enough, he had a katana strapped to his back, and had already incapacitated one guard through strangulation. The point was to teach this 'Higa' a lesson after all, so why not make a show out of it. He failed to comply with the two guards - each of whom had a gun trained on him - and simply continued walking. Casually pricking his open fingers with the small spikes on his belt, he used the blood to activate a seal in each of his gloves. The security had no time to react as - in two tiny bursts of smoke, two weapons had been summoned to the assailant's hands.

The two dropped to the ground, jerking involuntarily as the barbed probes from the pair of modified X26 Tasers surged electrical pulses into their bodies. Almost sadistically, Naruto stopped to take a look at the two. One had begun to pee himself. But he had a job to do, and couldn't get distracted. As was demonstrated when he noted the screaming receptionist had already gotten in contact with the police. Saying nothing, a metal ring - like a blunt shuriken without any points - was slid from his sleeve into his hand.

Throwing the non-lethal object, it still sliced through the air and crashed into her throat with force. Now the only sound she was making was a stained gagging as she clutched her neck and toppled from her chair and into unconsciousness. But the damage was done. The authorities had been called. Beneath his mask, a twisted grin grew. Now he could at least have some fun. Stepping behind the reception desk, he checked the hospital directory, looking for the most...interesting route through the hospital. One to make sure that he got Mr. Izumi's attention.

As he looked over the Directory map, his insane smile grew even larger as he picked his path, before leaping up on the desk. He could already see the lights from the police, hear the sirens blaring. Time to lay the trap. Looking down to the two men beginning to wake on the floor, he reached into the pockets of his vest, pulling out his ninja-wire.

The cops quickly arrived at Hiyamakai hospital - giving speed their highest priority - only to find the entire lobby covered in smoke. Nobody had said anything about the building being on fire, but just the same, they exercised caution. With the doors open in the lobby now, the smoke began to clear, slowly, allowing them to see the aftermath. The two security guards were seemingly tied together. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to have been done with some sort of wire.

One of the officers gave the stunned men a few light slaps on the face to get their attention. But they just continued to stare blankly into space, muttering something repeatedly under their breath. Nobody quite understood what they were saying, so one man pulled out a digital recording device, while a team of SWAT officers entered the building, fanning out to try and find any trace of the one responsible. Connecting the device to a laptop computer, the police enhanced the volume of the audio, and tried to clear up any static or background noise. But they still couldn't make heads or tails of what was being said, even after they could finally understand the words themselves.

"To die, to sleep — No more— and by a sleep to say we end The heartache and the thousand natural shocks That flesh is heir to—'tis a consummation Devoutly to be wished"

While the police couldn't understand what it meant, the young redhead could. She had hacked into their systems the moment the alert had been triggered. While her friend usually kept to herself about her Ashikabi, Uzume couldn't keep the secret from Matsu's computer. And this was definitely a situation where Uzume would forgive her for prying. Leaping up and dashing from her hidden quarters, Matsu burst into the sleeping Sekirei's room.

Despite being asleep, Uzume still was a very powerful Sekirei, and snapped awake instantly, sensing the total seriousness of the situation before even realizing what that situation was.

"What is it?" She demanded. "Is something wrong, Matsu."

"You NEED to get to Hiyamakai Hospital, now!" replied the Brain-type. "Some madman has already taken out two security guards. He's armed, and if he is what I think he is, your Ashikabi is in serious trouble."

"WHAT!" shout Uzume, leaping to her feet. "What the hell do you think he is?!" Matsu twiddled her fingers nervously, as though too nervous to speak, but gave her friend such a chilling, serious reply, Uzume would have doubted it had come from the normally cheerful pervert.

"I...I think we're dealing with an 'Angel of Mercy,' here. If he is, it's likely he will seek out and kill anyone he views as being too miserable or in too much pain to live. I don't know much about your Ashikabi's condition, but..." She never finished. Uzume was already out the window, moving as fast as her body would allow her. If this assassin laid a finger on her Chiho...she would rend the flesh from his bones.


A cry caused every member of the police and SWAT teams to turn towards the sound. They looked just in time to watch one member of the SWAT team drop to his knees, gasping for air but receiving on blood in his lungs for the effort. Upon closer inspection, it looked as if there were some sort of metal star lodged in his neck, completely severing the jugular. With one last gurgle, the man dropped to the floor, bleeding out into unconsciousness, and death was sure to follow.

"Stick together!" demanded the SWAT captain. "If we separate, we are dead."

"You're dead either way," a cold, monotone voice announced, seemingly from nowhere and everywhere. "Your only chance of survival is to not get in my way." A gunshot rang out, the bullet launching straight through the brain of one of the police officers. Turning to where the shot had been fired from, a glimpse of movement was caught and the law enforcement team opened fire. What they did not see, however, was the masked Assailant leisurely walking behind them.

"Too easy..." he whispered, launching several shuriken, curving the room and back around due to the spinning motion of the stars. Even as the trained Law Enforcement officials turned to their attacker, the ninja-wire - attached to each throwing star and connected to the Ninja's hands - pulled taut, pulling three of the six together with such force that they instantly fell unconscious as their heads collided and the wire constricted their throats.

"Shit!" shouted the Captain, he and the last three members of his team ducking around a corner. Peaking out, one of the police was struck in the shoulder with two barbs from Naruto's reloaded X26. As he collapsed to the ground, convulsing, the last three standing officers heard a whistling sound, before from the lobby outside their hallway, a strange, three-pronged knife lodged itself into the wall. They simply stared at it, at the strange markings on the hilt, before in a bright flash, their enemy stood before them, a shiny SIG-Sauer P229 Sport at them, firing a shot into each of their hands rapidly and accurately. Screaming in pain, their weapons dropped to the ground.

The Captain watched him move to both other officers, slamming the backs of their heads into the floor, sending them into unconsciousness easily. He followed suit shortly after. Naruto stood, looking over his handywork. Only two fatalities so far. Smirking, he seemed to melt into the floor. Minaka never said anything about the patients.


Uzume shot into the hospital, and was shocked to see all of the security and police officers were on the ground, dead or unconscious. She was running out of time. Sprinting, she raced to her Ashikabi, hoping beyond hope that she got there in time to protect her.

Chapter End

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