A/N: This is written for and dedicated to the amazing Bexy darling (DobbyRocksSocks), my soul sister. I love you so much! And I really hope you like this :3

- 1 -

Rose glided down the long, petal-strewn aisle, clutching her father's arm for all its worth. If Ron felt all sensation leave his right elbow as her grip on it tightened with every passing minute, he lovingly chose not to utter a single word of protest.

While the walk seemed to Rose to last forever, it felt too short to Ron who despaired at the thought of giving his daughter's hand away to another man.

Ron then spent the last few steps down the aisle carefully scrutinizing Scorpius' face. The boy looked harmless enough, but weren't the Malfoys all experts in the art of deception?

In his mind, Ron revisited months of conversations that flared into fights and arguments within moments and cringed at the memory of countless days spent without talking to his daughter. He shuddered. He'd rather sell his entire collection of Chudley Canon collectibles than go back on his word.

"Dad," Rose whimpered softly, and Ron snapped back into reality. They stood at the end of the aisle and Scorpius looked expectantly, a hand extended to receive Rose's.

But she held on to her daddy's arm as she stood on the threshold of her tomorrows, grasping the last vestiges of a childhood she was suddenly afraid of bidding goodbye to.

"Come on, dear," The old priest cajoled, clearly annoyed at her sudden reluctance. Ron watched Scorpius' eyebrows knot together with worry and for a minute, his heart clenched at the memory of another, long gone day when he'd spend an entire agonising minute waiting for an 'I do' from the brunette by his side.

He smiled.

"Rose, go on," He whispered to his daughter as a lump suddenly blocked his throat. He was surprised to find her eyes swimming in a little pool of tears and blinked suddenly as a tear dropped down his own.

"I don't want to leave you, daddy," she said, suddenly abandoning her bouquet of wild roses and lilies as she flung her arms around her father's neck like she used to every year the second she stepped off the Hogwarts Express.

"You're never leaving me, silly," he soothed, patting her back and swallowing his own tears. "I'll pop in to your house the second I find myself missing you, and you better promise to do the same. Okay?"

With much difficulty, Ron pulled his daughter away from him and gently wiped the tears off with his thumb.

"Come on, now. It's time to get you married."

Rose smiled through her tears as her father gave her hand to her fiancee's.

"I love you, dad," she promised.

"You better protect my daughter with your life, Malfoy. Oh, and I love you too, Rosie."