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Rose was busy with her newest picture book when she heard her parents scream for delight and nearly jumped out of her skin. In all her three years, she couldn't think of a time when she'd actually heard her parents yell the way they were now. Then again, she reasoned with herself, she hadn't really been around for very long.

She gently placed a bookmark just like her mummy had taught her to mark the page she was at and closed the book, placing it on her bedside table. She then walked to her parents' room, the source of all the ruckus and knocked on the door shyly when she realised that the door was locked.

"Daddy? Mummy?" she called out sweetly in her high voice. She could hear her mum giggling while her dad scrambled for the door and vaguely wondered if there was something funny she could laugh at, too.

When Ron opened the door, Rose could only stare at her dad in amazement. His ginger hair was all over the place – even worse than Uncle Harry's, she thought. He kissed her cheeks and carried her, spinning her high in the air and Rose giggled with pleasure. She could never get over the sheer thrill of being swung around in the air and wished she always remained small enough for her father to be able to carry her.

"Daddy, what's happening?" She asked once he'd stopped. He carried her over to the bed where her mum said and placed her down gently.

She noticed her parents exchange glances as her dad sat on the bed with them, and then her parents took one of her hands each. This really began to worry Rose.

"Mum?" she asked with trepidation as her chocolate eyes grew huge. Hermione merely hugged her tightly in response.

""Rose darling," her dad began and she looked at him with a plethora of questions dancing in her eyes.

"You know how mummy hasn't been feeling quite so well lately?" Rose shook her head as she remembered the awful sounds of her mother throwing up and desperately hoped that nothing was wrong with her.

"Are you sick, mummy?" she asked softly, clasping her mother's palm in hers. "No, there has to be something happy, I heard you and daddy laugh very loudly a few minutes ago. You still look pretty happy," she observed.

Ron nodded his head as he laughed gently at his perceptive little daughter. She was so young yet already so intelligent.

"Your mummy is fine," he reassured. "How would you feel if I told you that you are going to be a big sister soon?"

Rose's eyes grew with wonderment.

"Do you mean…I am going to have another brother or sister?"

Hermione nodded in affirmation. "Just like James go a baby brother when Albus was born, honey," she explained.

"But Albus isn't a…a baby anymore," Rose noted dubiously. "And where is my baby sister now, mummy?"

Her parents burst out giggling again and Rose was rather confused.

Ron pointed to his wife's stomach.

"In your mum's tummy," he said, smiling. "And don't you forget, you might just end up with a little brother!"

Rose gaped. "Is the baby that little?"

"Oh, the baby will grow in due time," Hermione assured her curious little daughter, holding her close and taking in her sweet fragrance.

Rose nodded her head and cuddled up to her parents, holding her dad's hand as she snuggled up against her mum. She might as well enjoy the time she had left with her parents before another person came into their lives.