Only the Strong

Post-fic Notes

I'd like to take time to thank those who have reviewed my humble little fic. And I will do what some of you guys have suggested.

Ron and his Sakura: I have to admit, that has been my standing problem. I plead being non-Anglican, so I think that excuses my errors? ^_~ I've done a final rewrite without having that final edit beta-ed, so I think that's where you found it. Thanks for pointing that out and thanks for being a sport!

And, yes, I will write more... if only SD muses didn't come barging in and interrupt my writing! .

Cherie Dee: Need I say more? Thanks for the insight!

C-Chan: The Kyoto series is the best arc on the anime. And it provides a lot of conflict and tasty angsty stuff for a lot of characters. Bet you love to "torture" our favorite characters like a lot of us, ne?

It's a one-shot, so that's it. But I might base other shorts I might make from OTS

Ashfae: Domo! I'll get that little glossary bit at the end when I can.

And to the others that I haven't mentioned, thank you ALL for the encouragements and for letting me know I did a good job. It really helps a writer-wannabe to carry on.

Domo arigato! m(_ _)m

Shinomori no Kami Daiji (aka ShiKaDa)