Chapter 1–Into the abyss I'll fall

"I could have done it father!" I pleaded, "For you!" I had loved him the whole time, I just had a different way of doing things. I was so sure he'd understand.

"No, Loki," he said and with that, I felt divorced from this world. I don't know now what came over me, what my plan was, but I let go of the staff and fell.

Now, when I say fall, don't think I mean like falling from a horse, or falling off a building or even falling from a plane. No, this was falling as I'd never fallen before and hope never to fall again.

I was falling off the world, and all around me was darkness and the stars, like the eyes of the night watching me go down further and further.

The cold was unbearable. Its frigid talons wormed their way into my frost giant heart, for this was not the cold of Jotenheim but of the void itself. It pervaded me, encircled and ensorcelled me till I was but a vessel for it, and still I did not die. I do not know what kept me going - perhaps it was my heritage, perhaps it was the will of the rightful king of Asgard, who knows. But keep going I did, till long after my last breath, till I had all but forgotten anything but the cold, the dark, and the void.

Some part of me latched onto the thing I would eventually call the tesseract, and for a moment I was myself, able to send one of my illusions out to find it and try to bring me to it. Looking at it, recognizing it for what it was, I coolly stated "Well, that's worth checking out", ready to try again for a throne.

Then I lost my connection to it mere moments after discovering its power, its power to save me, to give me the throne I so rightly deserved.

It felt just like the first time I fell, finding a moment of hope and then being consumed again by despair as I dropped further into the void. After several years (or was it minutes? I cannot say for sure), I saw it. A nebulous cloud of darkness suspended in the deeper darkness of the void, and as I landed, as I became Loki again, I looked up into a face, purple, wrinkled and utterly alien. As it twistedly smiled at me, the first emotion I knew since my second fall was fear.