On the first night they met, his first word to her was "Run!"

And so she did.

She ran as fast as she possibly could, away from Henrik's and the moving mannequins, away from the strange man and his cold but engaging demeanor. Though she didn't know it, she was running away from the life she'd always known too.

She was making her way into a new life, a life full of color and life and adventure as she'd never known it before, a life she'd always been waiting for without even knowing it. And a life that involved a hell of a lot of running. Sometimes, she didn't think she'd be able to run fast enough, that the werewolves or the Daleks or the Cybermen or the Slitheen would catch up to her. She was still so unused to it, so behind it all. She was just the girl from the Powell Estate, nothing special about her at all. So many others, so many more special than she, were caught and killed. Sometimes it made her just want to stop. Sometimes it made her just want to quit.

But then she'd look and see who she was running with.

And that would give her the strength to run onward, hand in hand with the most wonderful, brilliant, fantastic Time Lord in the universe. He believed in her, believed that she could outrun anything. So she had to prove him right. The two ran together for miles, pursued by monsters and pursuing a grand adventure.

That is, they did for a while. But something caught up to them, as things always do.

She tried, but she couldn't outrun the pull of the Void. Only luck saved her from being pulled straight in. As it was, she was still pulled into yet another new life. But this time, it wasn't her feet carrying her willingly. It was a force dragging her kicking and screaming away from where she most wanted to be.

There was one last glimmer of hope after that. One last chance to run to him, to tell him what it meant to her to be able to run with him. And so she did. It didn't quite sound like "I want to keep running with you," though. It sounded more like "I love you." Because the two meant the same things to them.

But before he could tell her the same, he had to leave her, and there was no way she could go with him. Not this time.

He would have to find someone new to run with. He always did, after his companions fell behind. It wasn't as though this one was breaking his hearts in a way that few departures had.

And Rose Marion Tyler, the girl who ran?

She didn't run anymore. There was no point.

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