A/N: I was planning to release this a couple days ago, but course registration got the best of me (and it still is, unfortunately). Anyways, place your bets! You'll see what I mean at the end of the chapter :) And obviously it was Connie who created that meme XD

Chapter 21: Thanks, Connie

fuzzypeaches started a conversation with potatopotahto.

fuzzypeaches: hey sasha!

fuzzypeaches: whatcha up to

potatopotahto: ...are you really that bored?

fuzzypeaches: maybe...

potatopotahto: Ugh, just talk to me.

potatopotahto: I'm sitting right next to you, baldie.

fuzzypeaches: I SHAVE IT

fuzzypeaches: TAKE THAT BACK

fuzzypeaches: i have luscious brunette locks and you know it

potatopotahto: Ha. I bet your hair is actually grey, and you shave it just so it doesn't look like you're an old man

fuzzypeaches: ...

fuzzypeaches: you know

fuzzypeaches: i came out to have a good time, and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now

potatopotahto: LOL is that your new catchphrase or something

fuzzypeaches: er...no

potatopotahto: Well now it is!

fuzzypeaches: SASHA

fuzzypeaches: like hell i'm the only one that's bored

potatopotahto: Shush, baldie

potatopotahto: I'm trying to make history

fuzzypeaches: what?

potatopotahto started a conversation with jeanchevaljean.

potatopotahto: Hey Jean :)

jeanchevaljean: what is it potato girl

jeanchevaljean: come to make fun of me again?

jeanchevaljean: well guess what

jeanchevaljean: I'M NOT IN THE FUCKING MOOD

jeanchevaljean: SO JUST FUCK OFF AND GO AWAY

potatopotahto: ...

potatopotahto: I came out to have a good time, and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.

jeanchevaljean: what the fuck are you even saying

potatopotahto: That's Connie's new catchphrase

potatopotahto: Pass it on

potatopotahto: You know, that's all I was going to say until you decided to spazz at me

potatopotahto: Thank you very much

potatopotahto: So I'm going to cry in a corner now

jeanchevaljean: stop being so dramatic

potatopotahto: I'll keep being as dramatic as I want

potatopotahto: Until you pass it on :)

jeanchevaljean: jesus fine

jeanchevaljean: i can hear your wailing from the other side of the grounds

jeanchevaljean: just shut up already

potatopotahto: SUCCESS

jeanchevaljean started a conversation with freckledjesus, mikasassasin, strategicpoint and titandestroyer.

jeanchevaljean: hey guys

freckledjesus: Hi Jean!

strategicpoint: Hey, what is it?

jeanchevaljean: sasha just ordered me to pass on this dumb thing

jeanchevaljean: "I came out to have a good time, and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now."

freckledjesus: Uh, okay?

strategicpoint: Uh sure, Jean.

strategicpoint: Can I ask why, though?

jeanchevaljean: no clue

jeanchevaljean: just that connie made it up

jeanchevaljean: and potato grl threatened me if i didn't pass it on

jeanchevaljean: so there you go

strategicpoint: They're probably just really bored.

strategicpoint: I'll pass it on.

jeanchevaljean: thanks, armin

jeanchevaljean: btw, why aren't the others responding to the message

strategicpoint: Mikasa's training, and Eren probably deleted the conversation

jeanchevaljean: ha, figures

jeanchevaljean: asshole

strategicpoint started a conversation with mikasassasin and titandestroyer.

strategicpoint: Hey guys!

titandestroyer: hey armin

strategicpoint: You know, you really shouldn't delete messages

strategicpoint: Even if they're from Jean

strategicpoint: What if it was really important?

titandestroyer: naw, horseface has nothing important to say

strategicpoint: ...really?

titandestroyer: Important to me, anyway XD

mikasassasin: Hey, I'm back from training

titandestroyer: how was it?

mikasassasin: Pretty good. I broke another punching bag.

titandestroyer: uh oh

titandestroyer: corporal levi's not going to be happy about that

mikasassasin: Perfect.

mikasassasin: I should break another one tomorrow.

strategicpoint: Ohhhkay then

strategicpoint: Anyways, I wanted to tell you guys something

mikasassasin: Yes, Armin?

strategicpoint: I came out to have a good time, and I honestly feel so attacked right now.

titandestroyer: uh what?

strategicpoint: Sasha told Jean, who told me to pass it on.

strategicpoint: So, pass it on, guys.

mikasassasin: What's the point of this?

strategicpoint: I don't know. Silly jokes, you know, the usual.

mikasassasin: I think I'll pass. I could be doing better things, like breaking another punching bag.

titandestroyer: what's up with you pissing off levi?

titandestroyer: it's like you've made it your life mission to annoy him as much as possible

mikasassasin: And it seems like you've made it your life mission to worship his bleach-covered feet as much as possible.

titandestroyer: maybe it's because he's saved us countless times!

mikasassasin: Well, he doesn't need to be an ass about it!

strategicpoint: Calm down, guys...

titandestroyer: ...

titandestroyer: you know

titandestroyer: i came out to have a good time, and i honestly feel so attacked right now

titandestroyer has left the conversation.

mikasassasin: ...good job, Armin.

strategicpoint: What? You're the one he was arguing with!

mikasassasin: And you're the one who told him that dumb punchline.

strategicpoint: What does that have to do with Eren being mad?

mikasassasin: ...

mikasassasin: I hate to do this, but...

mikasassasin: I came out to have a good time, and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.

mikasassasin left the conversation.

strategicpoint: Hypocrite...

titandestroyer started a conversation with freckledjesus, fuzzypeaches, hooverdam, hrgoddess, jeanchevaljean, potatopotahto, wreckingball and ymirror.

titandestroyer: sasha

potatopotahto: What is it, Eren?

titandestroyer: where did you get that stupid line from?

potatopotahto: What line?

titandestroyer: you know what i'm talking about

titandestroyer: i came out to have a good time, and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now

potatopotahto: Ohhh that

potatopotahto: Connie invented it :D

potatopotahto: It's his new catchphrase

fuzzypeaches: IS NOT

fuzzypeaches: more like it's YOUR catchphrase

potatopotahto: But you're the first one who used it :O

fuzzypeaches: and you're the one using it the most!

jeanchevaljean: what's going on

freckledjesus: I'm not sure...

fuzzypeaches: we're arguing, that's what's happening

titandestroyer: and i'm trying to get rid of this annoying joke

jeanchevaljean: you're trying to get rid of yourself?

titandestroyer: you're so funny horseface ._.

titandestroyer: who asked you to join the conversation

jeanchevaljean: you did, smartass

jeanchevaljean: and don't ignore my messages next time

titandestroyer: i'll ignore them as much as i want

freckledjesus: Um, do you guys really need to argue?

freckledjesus: You guys argue quite often...

ymirror: i think it's become a habit

titandestroyer: NO IT HASN'T

jeanchevaljean: NO WAY

ymirror: idiots

wreckingball: ^Agreed

titandestroyer: reiner :O

wreckingball: Can't deny the truth, Eren.

potatopotahto: You two are even annoying me, and that's saying something!

fuzzypeaches: ^bad sign if you're annoying the master annoyer

potatopotahto: ...Connie

potatopotahto: I came out to have a good time, and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.

ymirror: SHUT IT YOU TWO

hrgoddess: Ymir...

ymirror: it's okay Historia, i've got this

ymirror: i have a proposition for you two

hooverdam: Which two?

ymirror: dumb and dumber

ymirror: the two guys that can't keep their raging hormones to themselves

jeanchevaljean: i call dumb

titandestroyer: you're calling yourself dumb, horseface?

jeanchevaljean: better than being dumber, dumbass

titandestroyer: fuck you

ymirror: exactly my point

jeanchevaljean: but anyway, what is it, ymir?

ymirror: you two can't argue for the entire week

titandestroyer: BUT THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE

jeanchevaljean: it's okay, we'll just stay clear of each other

ymirror: you haven't heard everything yet, kirschstein

ymirror: you two are stuck with errands for the next week together

titandestroyer: and who says that's possible?

wreckingball: The Corporal does.

titandestroyer: wait what?

wreckingball: He agrees that you two need to cool down a notch.

titandestroyer: ...

jeanchevaljean: ...

hrgoddess: Wow, I think it's working already!

ymirror: if you can do that, all of us will get rid of that meme you hate so much

potatopotahto: Hey! Who said you could do that?

ymirror: me

ymirror: got a problem with that potato girl

potatopotahto: ...no

jeanchevaljean: and if we fail?

ymirror: you'll be hearing it for the rest of your short miserable lives

ymirror: i'll even say it just to piss you off, eren

titandestroyer: ...

jeanchevaljean: i'm not agreeing to this

titandestroyer: neither am i

ymirror: too bad bitches

ymirror: it's already started

ymirror: have fun

jeanchevaljean started a conversation with titandestroyer.

jeanchevaljean: i don't care about the stupid meme

jeanchevaljean: i refuse to be humiliated like this

titandestroyer: same here

jeanchevaljean: what do you say we screw them all over?

titandestroyer: ...

titandestroyer: what were you thinking of?


fuzzypeaches: how many times do i have to tell you



fuzzypeaches: leave me out of it then

potatopotahto: Aww Connie, you're no fun :(

fuzzypeaches: i know

potatopotahto: ...

potatopotahto: Please help me?

fuzzypeaches: with what?

potatopotahto: Sabotaging Eren and Jean's bet

potatopotahto: You know you want to :)

fuzzypeaches: hm...

potatopotahto: You did say you were bored

fuzzypeaches: i dunno...

potatopotahto: You don't have to do it for the meme. Just for fun, pranking the two of them

fuzzypeaches: do i get to pull THE PRANK on them?

potatopotahto: THE PRANK?

potatopotahto: Hell yeah, bring your arsenal

fuzzypeaches: then i'm in!

potatopotahto: Woo hoo!

Well, it was nice knowing those two.