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So a couple days ago I received this review:

This is probably the only serious review you are ever going to get, so I'm going to have to make this count.

…Is this seriously a thing? That exists? That has over 400 reviews, while some great stories over 5 times the length can barely break 30? Okay, well, setting aside that the youth of this generation has no future, there's something that very clearly needs to be pointed out. It's things like this that are not only consuming necessary space, but with what 'story' you have here you could actually write a real story instead of posting… whatever on earth this is supposed to be.

I'm going to tell you this honestly, with as much truth and emotion as I can possibly convey. You have all these reviews – if you can call them that, because the grand majority of these amount to YouTube comments – and all this attention for one very specific reason. You, my friend, are in what is known as a hugbox. You are being showered in praise by the lowest common denominator, and never in a way that will ever really validate continued updates to a collection of this little project of yours. And if you do not get out of it now, you never will, and whatever talent you could possibly will remain dormant forever. You clearly care enough about the characters and have a mind that can potentially make something good out of a series that is plagued by all the bad things that come with a mainstream fandom. So please, abandon this, abandon the hugbox, and make something great. Something that could contribute to this series on a thematic level but in your own way, with a perspective that only a fan can have. Make something that people who write for a living can look at and appreciate. Make something that, no matter how radically different it ends up being from the source material, has the fundamentals of the series buried at its very core.

Just don't give into this. Get out while you can.

I have a few things to say about your review. I appreciate your 'concern'. And I get that this isn't a style that you enjoy, and that's completely fine, because everyone has different tastes. I don't mind if you voice that in your review, because you are entitled to your opinion.

However, that does not give you the right to tell me to stop writing this story. You're telling me that my writing doesn't "validate continued updates to a collection of this little project of [mine]" and that I'm supposedly being "showered in praise by the lowest common denominator"? And to "abandon this hugbox" of a story?

Did it ever occur to you that I'm writing these for myself? Sure, it's wonderful (and lucky) that a lot of people like my story, and so I am partially writing for them now. But I didn't start writing this for the popularity, for my readers, or to be "showered in praise". I started writing it for me. Because I wanted something fun to do. Because I wanted something light-hearted to offset the depressing and gory anime and manga. Not everything needs to "contribute to this series on a thematic level". The second SNK OVA doesn't contribute to the overall theme of the series at all. Isayama's renditions of the 104th squad as Titans don't as well. Does that mean that they shouldn't exist? They are simply meant for everyone to enjoy and laugh at. Same goes for Texts From the Survey Corps. I didn't write this with a theme in mind, just for pure enjoyment. I didn't intend for this story to be "great" or "appreciable", just enjoyable.

Also, it is rude to call everyone that's ever reviewed my story as the "lowest common denominator". You may have just obscured the meaning with your euphemism, but you've still called everyone mindless dumbasses, and implied that my story is made for these mindless dumbasses. And glad to see that you think that the "youth of this generation has no future". What are you, 40? If you would pull your head out of the gutter, you'd see that the youth of this generation has a bright future. Maybe...just maybe, people on the Internet act differently in real life.

If you haven't noticed, most of the reviews on this website are what you would call "YouTube comments". Are they such bad things? Sure, reviews that actually criticize the author's diction and style are preferable and more useful, but the "YouTube comments" are still helpful. They show support for the author and the story. Each comment mean a lot to me. Every person took the time, a few seconds, a minute, maybe even more, to write something, even something small, which I really appreciate. And they are not worthless at all, which is what you are implying.

So please, take the stick out of your pretentious and pompous ass. I don't need any validation from you on what I write.

Cough...in other words, enjoy the chapter! Lots of cuteness here :)

Chapter 23: Historia and Puppy Love

hrgoddess started a conversation with ymirror.

hrgoddess: Hi Ymir!

ymirror: hey Historia

ymirror: what's up

hrgoddess: I was wondering if I could ask you for a favour?

ymirror: shoot

hrgoddess: So I found a cute little puppy behind some crates outside storage...can you come with me to help find its mom or owner?

ymirror: sure

ymirror: but what are you doing behind the crates in storage?

hrgoddess: Uh...just some business.

ymirror: okay then...just stay put

hrgoddess: Okay!

A few minutes later...

hrgoddess: OMG Ymir

hrgoddess: There's a whole litter of them!

hrgoddess: We have to help them!

ymirror: are you fucking kidding me

hrgoddess started a conversation with titanscientist.

hrgoddess: Hi Hanji!

titanscientist: Hello there Historia! What can I do for you?

hrgoddess: Ymir and I found a box of puppies behind the storage area, and we've waited several hours and the mom's nowhere to be seen.

hrgoddess: Can we take them back to HQ?

titanscientist: Puppies!

titanscientist: Of course! We'll give them a temporary home until someone comes for them.

hrgoddess: Yay! Thank you so much!

titanscientist: No problem :)

fuzzypeaches started a conversation with freckledjesus, jeanchevaljean and potatopotahto.

fuzzypeaches: guys did you hear

fuzzypeaches: historia and ymir brought a box of stray puppies here

potatopotahto: OMG PUPPIES

potatopotahto: What breed?

fuzzypeaches: i think i heard german shepherd, if i'm not mistaken

freckledjesus: Where are they? I want them see them :D

fuzzypeaches: historia said she's bringing them to dinner

jeanchevaljean: what?

jeanchevaljean: we're eating them?

potatopotahto: OMG Jean...you're terrible

jeanchevaljean: why not...i thought you liked meat

freckledjesus: Jean...

fuzzypeaches: i'm not letting you near the puppies

jeanchevaljean: jeez it was just a joke

potatopotahto: don't joke about cute balls of fluff

jeanchevaljean: ...

titandestroyer started a conversation with mikasassasin and strategicpoint.

titandestroyer: i can't wait to see the dogs!

mikasassasin: Same...

strategicpoint: Historia said there were six of them

titandestroyer: i hope we get to keep them...

mikasassasin: But what would we do with six dogs?

mikasassasin: It's not like they can help us kill Titans

titandestroyer: they can keep the dumb military police away from us

strategicpoint: But they have 3DMG like us...

titandestroyer: ...stop being such rational killjoys

titandestroyer: do you want the puppies or not?

strategicpoint: I do...

titandestroyer: then stay quiet

strategicpoint: :P

humanitystrongest started a conversation with erwinsmith and titanscientist.

humanitystrongest: No.

titanscientist: But Levi!

humanitystrongest: They're dirty and nasty and covered in crap

humanitystrongest: I'm not cleaning their shit up

titanscientist: They're not that dirty!

titanscientist: We can get the cadets to do it!

humanitystrongest: Who even let them here in the first place

erwinsmith: Hanji did, and I approved it. It'll be a good experience for everyone, myself included.

humanitystrongest: I fail to see how this is a good experience for anyone...more like a nightmare.

erwinsmith: Levi...

humanitystrongest: Don't "Levi" me...

titanscientist: Erwin, leave him alone. Maybe he's just more of a cat person?

titanscientist: Actually, that would make a lot of sense

humanitystrongest: ...

humanitystrongest: Why the fuck are you talking about cats

titanscientist: Cause I'm assuming you prefer cats instead of dogs?

humanitystrongest: Again

humanitystrongest: Why the fuck are you talking about cats and dogs?

titanscientist: Wait...

erwinsmith: You're not talking about the litter of puppies we just found, are you?

humanitystrongest: No...

humanitystrongest: I was talking about the group of Garrison troops that were recently stationed here for training

humanitystrongest: I swear they travelled through horse diarrhea the entire way or something

humanitystrongest: No fucking way I'm cleaning their rooms once they leave

titanscientist: HA

titanscientist: You scared me for a second there

humanitystrongest: But what do you mean there's puppies here

humanitystrongest: No one told me about these abominations

titanscientist: ...

titanscientist: You can inform Levi about the situation, Erwin.

titanscientist: Have fun ;)

titanscientist left the conversation.

humanitystrongest: Well?

erwinsmith: Hanji...you'll pay for this later.

hrgoddess started a conversation with freckledjesus, fuzzypeaches, hooverdam, jeanchevaljean, mikasassasin, potatopotahto, strategicpoint, titandestroyer, wreckingball and ymirror.

hrgoddess: Hey guys!


potatopotahto: I'M ABOUT TO EXPLODE

titandestroyer: please don't...i don't want to clean up after you XD

wreckingball: I have to agree...the German shepherds are pretty cute

fuzzypeaches: hell yeah

strategicpoint: So what were you going to tell us, Historia?

hrgoddess: Ah! I was going to ask you guys names to suggest for the puppies!

jeanchevaljean: black forest!

freckledjesus: You want to name the dog after food?

jeanchevaljean: you would too if you've tasted my mom's black forest cake


hrgoddess: Okay then...any other suggestions?

titandestroyer: TITAN KILLER

mikasassasin: Hey Historia, can I suggest something?

hrgoddess: Sure Mikasa! What is it?

mikasassasin: How about we split up into pairs, and we each take care of a puppy?

hrgoddess: Hmm...that doesn't sound bad at all

hrgoddess: Each pair can get to name the puppy then!

hrgoddess: How that sound, everyone?

hooverdam: I'm good with it

strategicpoint: Same.

potatopotahto: Yup!

hrgoddess: Okay...how should I split you guys up?

ymirror: i think the officers will want one for themselves

ymirror: so we can split it up like eren, mikasa, armin

ymirror: jean and marco

ymirror: sasha and connie

ymirror: reiner and bertholdt

ymirror: erwin, levi, hanji

ymirror: and historia and me

hrgoddess: That sounds good! Let's do that then!

mikasassasin started a conversation with strategicpoint and titandestroyer.

mikasassasin: I'm exhausted...

mikasassasin: It's finally taking a nap on my bed right now

strategicpoint: I feel you...it's so energetic

titandestroyer: you guys are tired already?

mikasassasin: I think Eren and the puppy are perfectly suited for each other

strategicpoint: Agreed...

titandestroyer: what can i say?

titandestroyer: he takes after the best of us ;)

mikasassasin: Very funny

strategicpoint: Um Eren, it's a she

titandestroyer: oops LOL

mikasassasin: Anyways, what should we name her?

titandestroyer: TITAN KILLER

mikasassasin: No

strategicpoint: Yeah Eren...just no.

titandestroyer: :(

titandestroyer: you guys think of something then

strategicpoint: I'm really tempted to name the puppy after Eren.

titandestroyer: me?

strategicpoint: Yeah...you and the puppy act exactly alike

strategicpoint: While I was taking care of her she was zipping around the room and she crashed into the wall

titandestroyer: Haha...

mikasassasin: Actually, that doesn't sound like a bad idea

mikasassasin: Because it's a girl, we can name her Erin

strategicpoint: Alright! Erin it is :)

titandestroyer: wait why don't i have any say in this

strategicpoint: After a name like Titan Killer?

titandestroyer: ugh fine ._.

hooverdam started a conversation with wreckingball.

hooverdam: So...any ideas on what to name the dog?

wreckingball: Nope

wreckingball: Honestly he's not doing much right now

wreckingball: All he's been doing is sleeping in my room

wreckingball: And trying to eat my sheets

hooverdam: Same XD

hooverdam: I guess he's a lazy one

wreckingball: Oh...he just woke up...

hooverdam: :D

wreckingball: ...and just dropped down to the floor to sleep again

hooverdam: ...you're kidding me.

wreckingball: I wish.

hooverdam: You know, if Annie was here, she'd whip the dog into shape

wreckingball: Good thing she isn't here then, eh?

hooverdam: Haha yeah XD

hooverdam: I kind of miss her

wreckingball: Yeah...I miss her cold personality too

hooverdam: You're so nice XD

hooverdam: Hey I have an idea. How about we name the dog after Annie?

wreckingball: We're going to name him after the Female Titan?

hooverdam: Something like that

wreckingball: How about Short Tank?

hooverdam: LOL

wreckingball: Or Motherfucking badass

hooverdam: That's acceptable XD

wreckingball: Okay, in all seriousness...how about Leon?

hooverdam: That...doesn't sound too bad.

wreckingball: Alright then...I'll try to wake Leon up

hooverdam: Good luck with that :)

hrgoddess started a conversation with ymirror.

hrgoddess: Ymir he's so cute!

ymirror: meh

ymirror: it's just a puppy

hrgoddess: But it's a puppy!

ymirror: it's just another animal...what's so special

hrgoddess: Cause it's just so adorable! If he wasn't asleep I'd boop his nose :D

ymirror: okay then...

hrgoddess: Come on, you can't deny that he is the cutest thing in existence

ymirror: actually i can

ymirror: cause you're the cutest thing in existence

hrgoddess: Ymir!

ymirror: ...but i guess i can place the puppy as second cutest

hrgoddess: :)

hrgoddess: What should we name him?

ymirror: you can name him

ymirror: i don't really care

hrgoddess: Come on! The puppy's both of ours!

ymirror: i really don't know tbh

hrgoddess: You must have noticed something about him while you were dogsitting him!

ymirror: not really...

ymirror: although he did trip over the floor a lot cause his legs aren't steady yet

hrgoddess: THAT'S IT

ymirror: ?

hrgoddess: Let's name him Trip!

ymirror: ...sure

hrgoddess: :)

ymirror: ... :)

hrgoddess: Let's see what the others have named their puppies!

ymirror: bet that the idiots gave them derpy names

hrgoddess: You don't know that

ymirror: just trust me

hrgoddess: Hey guys! I'm just wondering what you guys have named the puppies!

hrgoddess: Ymir and I named ours Trip :)

mikasassasin: Erin

jeanchevaljean: ...

wreckingball: Leon

titandestroyer: ...

freckledjesus: Mikasa

jeanchevaljean: Marco!

freckledjesus: Oh sorry I meant Shadow :)

mikasassasin: ...

potatopotahto: Arrow!

ymirror: see Historia? told ya

hrgoddess: No, they sound really nice :)

strategicpoint: I wonder how the Commander's doing with the sixth puppy...

fuzzypeaches: i'm sure the puppy's doing fine

A couple hours before...

humanitystrongest: No.

titanscientist: Oh come on!

humanitystrongest: I'm not taking the puppy.

titanscientist: You have to! Erwin's meeting with the Garrison troops in your stead, and I have to run experiments on Sonny and Bean!

humanitystrongest: I refuse.

titanscientist: Too bad. I'm coming over, and there's nothing you can do to stop me :)

humanitystrongest: Fuck you Hanji.

titanscientist: Love you too 8D

erwinsmith started a conversation with humanitystrongest and titanscientist.

erwinsmith: So...you haven't strangled the puppy yet, Levi?

humanitystrongest: No...why would I?

erwinsmith: Cause you vehemently opposed taking care of it.

humanitystrongest: I'm not that heartless, Erwin...

titanscientist: So how was taking care of the puppy?

humanitystrongest: Surprisingly not that bad...although she does remind me of a certain someone I know.

erwinsmith: Interesting...

humanitystrongest: And for the record, Hanji

humanitystrongest: I prefer dogs a bit more than cats

titanscientist: Huh

humanitystrongest: I hope you two don't mind, but I've named her already.

erwinsmith: No problem. What's her name?

humanitystrongest: Isabel.