Chapter 11

Notes: Chronology changes: Gibbs married Shannon in 1982 and they had Kelly the same year, not in 1984. Shannon and Kelly died in February 1987.

In this story, Tim is born in May 1981, instead of 1977. He's four years younger.

The story starts in the timeline of season four, a week before "Cover Story" Episode, so in 2007.

N/A: This is the fifth part of the "Cover Story Arc" Warning: Tim's dirty mouth (he's lashing out and rightfully so), and Abby's well portrayed character's description (Did I mention that I cannot stand the woman?)

N/A #: Thanks to my beta jerseybelle for her work.


Tim felt his rage rise up, spiraling inside his chest, and before he knew what was happening he was laughing hysterically.


-Flash back-

The sound of it echoed through the room making Abby flinch and Gibbs straighten up, but Tim couldn't care less about any of it. If she had been clever enough to pay attention to him, Abby would have recognized the first sign of a major breakdown and kept her mouth shut but she had never really paid attention to Tim before and she wasn't about to start now.

"McGee! What the hell is wrong with you? How can you stand here and laugh at me after what happened to me because of your stupid book?"

That managed to stop Tim's laugh but it also tore the last vestige of his self-restraint to shreds…

"You really need to shut up, Abby," Tim gritted out harshly and the woman reacted as if she'd been slapped.

"And you know what? You also need to get the fuck over yourself!" The last part was yelled and Abby took a step back, gaping at Tim. He had never yelled or cursed at her before, ever.

And it seemed that there was more to come, but before the young man could say another word, Gibbs's hand grabbed his arm and abruptly spun him around.

"McGee, that's enough!"

Those words brought both men to the last time Gibbs had to say them to the young agent and Tim immediately wrenched his arm out of his boss's grip with a glare.

"Don't you fucking touch me!" he shouted angrily and watched as Gibbs's eyes flashed dangerously at him. If there was one thing his boss couldn't stand, it was someone cursing at him.

"And don't tell me what enough is! You don't have a clue of what it is!" Tim spat and spun around to face Abby, not bothering to watch Gibbs's reaction to his words.

"Tell me something, Abby, how dense can you be? Are you so incredibly blind that you didn't even realize that I was pulling things out of my ass, trying to save yours, when I told that psycho about the wedding? You're welcome by the way! Are you so arrogant that you actually think that I could still have some feelings for you after the way you've treated me every day, after the things you said to me?"

Petrified, Abby just stood there, mouth agape at Tim. The young man glared at her before letting out a contemptuous sound and stated harshly, "You need to wake the fuck up!"

Three things happened then. Once again, Gibbs spun Tim around forcibly, his hands digging into the young man's arms, the wooden door of the room opened with a crash, revealing the angry and shocked faces of Ziva and Tony and Abby burst into tears.

Tim struggled against his boss's grasp and raised his forearms in an attempt to push the other man away from him. To his eternal horror, he could feel traitorous tears forming in his eyes and redoubled his efforts. God, why did that man have such an effect on him? What was it that made Tim fall apart so quickly every time the team leader got physical with him?

"Let go! Let go of me now!" the young man ordered, his voice rising with every words.

But Gibbs wasn't letting go, in fact his grip on Tim's arms tightened and if Tim had looked him in the eyes, he would have seen the myriad of emotions twirling inside. Just as Gibbs was about to speak, DiNozzo took three steps forward and head-slapped Tim in a way far more violent and painful that Gibbs would have ever considered. The act shocked Ziva who let out a gasp and Gibbs, who released Tim in his stupor when Tony shouted at the young man.

"What the hell is wrong with you, McPotty-mouth? Huh? You think you can say all that crap to Abby and get away with it? You think you have any right to complain when all of this mess happened because of you? Who the hell do you…?"

DiNozzo never finished his tirade because Tim punched him square in the jaw, with all the strength he had. The senior agent almost fell on the floor, caught in time by Ziva who was now sporting a look of anguish and disbelief, clearly wondering how everything could have go so wrong so fast. Abby was hysterically screeching and hurling insults at Tim when Gibbs screamed.


The word echoed grimly in the room and silence descended upon them. Abby looked at Gibbs with wide, hurt eyes, full of tears and seeking comfort, but it was the last thing Gibbs had in mind right now. He turned away from her and looked at the furious and humiliated face of DiNozzo and then at the lost and angry face of Ziva. Tim had turned his back on all of them but Gibbs could see the tension and alert of his posture and frame.

The team leader took a deep breath and ordered with a deep and low tone, "DiNozzo, David, take Abby back to NCIS and write your statement, the three of you. Hand the suspect to Balboa when you there. After that, go home. I don't want to hear from any of you until tomorrow morning."

Stunned silence followed and Tony sputtered, "But, Boss! You can't… you're gonna let him…"

"Enough!" The deadly cold tone of their Boss shut the senior agent quickly. "That was an order and I don't discuss them with you DiNozzo. Do as I say."

"But, Gibbs! Tony's right, you can't…" Abby started to pout only to be cut off harshly by the team leader.

"I just did. And it's not your place to tell me what I can or can't do either, Abby. Is that understood?"

For the third time that night, Abby stood frozen, mouth wide open. Gibbs had never, ever talked to her that way before. Ever! But as she tried to make him relent by jutting her lips down and widening her eyes in a hurt fashion, Gibbs's expression only hardened and he repeated, with steel this time, "Is that understood, Abby?"

A wave of humiliation and anger washed through the woman and she spat a bitter, "Fine!" before stomping out of the room, slowly followed by Ziva and Tony who threw a last vicious glare at Tim.

Gibbs listened until he heard the car driving away. He then turned towards his youngest agent only to find Tim already assessing him coldly.

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