Me and my friends got talking...and so this headcanon popped up. The timeline is a little screwy but what the heck.


Cupcake hated being her. She was the bully, the princess obsessed kid, that unintelligent girl who was always in the councilor's office at school. She loathed Jamie Bennett- the smart kid with all the friends. He was always out on the playground with at least two of them. They never teased him for his obsession with myths. He had a little sister, and a caring mother. But, then there was her. The girl in the tutu.

Her life changed when that snowball was thrown at her. She was minding her own business, building a snowman, when that know-it-all girl from across the street hit her in the back of the neck. She didn't have a coat, and the snow crept down her back. Angrily she grabbed the snowman's head and held it over the Bennett kid's head. Another snowball hit her. She froze – this snow didn't feel so cold. Then, a joyous feeling zoomed through her, and suddenly she was one of them, happily playing in the snow.

The nightmares started coming after that. Terrible ones about giant black horses. Even more about monsters coming to kill her. Some didn't even feel like dreams, and they were scaring her. Easter didn't come, and just like that, she couldn't believe anymore.

But then, she woke up from a dream one night to a snowball hitting her window. She grabbed her sled, and just like that, believe was back.

The sled ride was amazing, but too soon it came to an end. Dark clouds covered the sky. She stood in the back of the group – she could feel something akin to a war starting. The boogeyman was real too. He started threating them. She watched as the Guardians' strength failed them.

"They're just bad dreams, Jamie." Jack's voice was filled with sureness.

"Ya' mate, we'll protect ya'."

The boogeyman laughed, "You'll protect them? But who will protect you?!"

She watched as Jack moved forward, but detected other movement. Jamie stepped forward, "I will!"

A dangerous feeling overtook Cupcake, and she gently shoved the others out of the way. "I WILL."

The others joined in. Her eyes widened as the sand covered the streets, just like in her dreams. She looked toward Jamie, who had taken the role as leader.

"I do believe in you, I'm just not afraid of you!" With this the sand moved forward. Cupcake thrust her hands out, protecting her head. But, then the sand changed. It was golden instead of black. She smiled, bouncing on her toes. Toys zoomed past her head, and she laughed.

The others were laughing too. She watched as the Easter Bunny grew big and Santa drew his swords. A bunch of Bigfoots appeared and giant eggs popped out of the ground. Instincts pushed her forward and she commanded her troops,

"LET'S GET 'EM!" She moved forward, and the touch of her hands turned the nightmares into dreams. The Guardians left to go get the Boogeyman. She followed Jamie as he figured out something important.

The Sandman appeared, and her eyes followed the strand of golden rope up in the air. A tug on the rope, and the Boogeyman fell. They had won this war.

She followed the others to the lake where they watched Jack become a Guardian. The sleigh appeared and they had to leave, but not before the sky was filled with sparkles from the dream sand. She listened to Jack talk to Jamie. She would always remember this, and she knew that from the bottom of her heart.

The next morning she woke in her bed.

The next year she moved. To Arizona.

Her mother was fed up with her after all the tantrums she'd thrown after the news. She didn't want to move! She'd just made friends here and she was pretty sure Jack wouldn't be able to visit her in a freaking desert.

But in the end there was nothing she could do.

And then the monsters started coming.

Cupcake huffed as she was thrown on the ground. Growling, she lifted a leg and kicked at the demon dog that had been chasing her since school. While the monster was backing up, she grabbed a rock and launched it into one of its glaring red eyes.

She turned and ran quickly, a scream sounding out into the empty park. No one heard her.

The heavy breathing of the dog behind her pushed her forward, adreniline flooding through her veins.

A crackling sound filled the air. She no longer heard the dog behind her. Spinning around, she gasped when she saw Jack standing only a few feet away, the monster frozen solid. Jack moved closer to her, bending down so that he could see her face better.

"Hey Cupcake, you okay?"

"Yeah," she said, trying to catch her breath, "I'm fine. Why are you here?"

"Jamie asked me to bring you some letters," He glanced at the frozen dog behind them and shook his head, "I should have known..."

"Known what?"

Jack jumped a bit, his eyes focusing back on her, "Don't worry okay? I'm going to get in touch with someone. They'll come and help you."

"Help me with what?"

The Winter Spirit grimaced, "I know this sounds terrible, but I can't tell you right now. It'll just put you in more danger. But someone will come soon, and they'll explain everything. Promise."

She looked at him, noting the utterly serious expression on his face. She nodded in acceptance.

Jack grinned weakly at her and fished some papers out of his pocket, "Here are the letters I was bringing you... Stay safe alright? My... friend will be here soon."

Two weeks later Coach Hedge showed up. The goat-man was an interesting guy. For one, he didn't have a huge vocabulary. The two of them got along fine, and he taught her some stuff about fighting on the way to New York. Cupcake missed her friends dearly, but this was necessary- according to Coach Hedge. He told her that the Greek gods were real and that she was one of their kids. She took this information in stride. He also told her that Camp was a tough and grueling place sometimes. He hinted at a name change, and not to talk about the Guardians.

She arrived at camp, bruised and bloody, but alive. The centaur was nice enough, she guessed. When he first asked her name, she took a deep breath. A different name for a different place. She would be a whole new person. She discarded the nickname and decided that yes, she would use her birth name.

"Clarisse. My name is Clarisse La Rue. "

The years at Camp Half-Blood were hard. She was a daughter of the war god, Ares. She was expected to be tough. Goodbye unicorns and pink.

She wasn't everyone's favorite person, but she had expected that.

She never forgot the Guardians, or the Burgess kids. Jack visited her as often as possible, and always brought letters from the others.

Coach Hedge stayed pretty friendly. He had expanded his vocabulary just a bit. He now called everyone Cupcake. Apparently he thought it was a good name for the weaklings in camp. It was a little offensive, but whatever.

In later years she became friends with Selena. The whole camp wondered why they hit it off so well. The real reason was that the Aphrodite girl reminded Clarisse of her old self.

Chris became her boyfriend. The Hermes boy was very patient with her, and had the honor of knowing what a secret softie she was.

She went through wars. She went through hard times. But, no matter what happened, she never forgot the Guardians.