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Kingdom Keepers: The Search for the Great Power

Chapter 1: The Calm Before the Storm

In a time of great strife, a legendary interdimensional being known as Wayne, came to the city of Orlando to establish a vanguard in the never ending struggle against evil. With the aid of his trusted assistant, Jess, the noble master sought out six extraordinary teenagers and gave them the power to transform into an unstoppable fighting force. In time of great need, the young heroes could now call upon colossal assault vehicles known as "Zords". While the identity of the six remained a closely guarded secret, their courageous exploits soon became the stuff of Legend, earning them the title…The Kingdom Keepers…

The small, yellow prop plane whisked across the cloudless blue sky over the city of Orlando. The pilot focused on his job as he carried his eight passengers to the designated drop site.

"YeeoowwW!" yelled Amanda excitedly as she opened the door of the plane. She turned around to grin at her friends.

Finn, Philby, Maybeck, Charlene, and Willa returned her grin. The teens all sported sleek skydiving suits, parachute packs, and helmets in their respective Keeper colors. Finn was strapped into a high-tech airboard.

"We're OUTTA here!" Amanda exclaimed anxiously.

"Easy, Manda.", cautioned Charlene. She knew that the red ranger was just as eager as the rest of the team to begin the jump. Everyone was counting on Orlando High School to win first place in the contest.

Finn, the leader of the team stepped forward to stand beside his fellow rangers.

"Once we hit the target zone, we have fifteen seconds to make the drop", he explained.

"Step aside, pinheads!"

Greg Luowski and Dillard Cole forced their way through the crowd of Keepers, each wearing bizarre skydiving suits, complete with World War II leather caps and aviator goggles.

The Keepers tried their best to keep a straight face.

"The Stealth Eagle is about to fly", announced Luowski in a determined voice.

"Ditto for the Swooping Swallow", Cole added.

The Keepers shared an amused look.

"Well then," Maybeck replied, "lead on, flyboys!" He gestured to the open door.

Charlene stopped them when they were halfway to the other side of the plane.

"Hey, guys!", she said.

Luowski and Cole turned around to look at her.

"You might want to put those on!"

She pointed to a far corner of the plane where the two remaining parachutes were waiting.

Luowski and Cole exchanged worried looks.

"Good idea!" they said in unison as they grabbed their gear and began strapping them to their suits.

The strange pair walked to the door and froze in their tracks. They looked at each other for several seconds, then back at the vast open sky, and finally back at each other. Both of them swallowed hard.

"Luowski…where did the Earth go?" Cole asked nervously.

"Five seconds to the target zone!" informed Philby.

"Maybeck, you're on!" Finn told him.

Luowski and Cole quickly stepped out of the way as Maybeck launched himself out of the plane, giving his fellow keepers a thumbs-up as he did so.

Charlene followed next.


"On your tail!" squealed Willa.

"All systems are go!" screamed Philby.

Finn and Amanda paused at the door and smiled at each other. Amanda indicated with one hand that Finn should go first.

"Surf's up!" her boyfriend declared.

Finally, it was Amanda's turn. She stood with her back facing the doorway and grabbed the sides of the plane with both hands.

"Catch you on the flipside!" she said to Luowski and Cole.

She was gone in the blink of an eye.

The Keepers plummeted through the atmosphere as they made their dramatic entrance back down to the Earth's surface. They flipped, twisted, dived, and fishtailed their way through the deep blue sky.

Three thousand feet above the drop zone, the Keepers met up with one another and grabbed each other's hands as they formed a perfect circle. Although the six teens couldn't hear it, they knew the large crowd below them was cheering.

They held their current positions for an entire minute, taking time to share a laugh before dropping hands and releasing their parachutes.

As they approached the grounds of the Magic Kingdom, they were finally able to distinguish some of the people in the crowd.

Storey Ming, Finn's neighbor, cheered louder than anyone else the moment the Keepers came into view. Her father stood beside her, sharing his daughter's enthusiasm.

The Keepers were less than a hundred feet from the target now. The bullseye had been placed in the Town Square area of Main Street U.S.A. A male announcer called out each Keeper's name over the loudspeaker as they landed on the drop zone.

Finn, the last one to land, received the loudest applause of all.

"And the winner, with all six participants successfully landing on the target is, Orlando High!"

All of the Keepers exchanged high fives as they removed their parachutes.

Storey raced over to meet them, a huge smile forming on her face.

"That was amazing!"

"Thanks, Storey", Finn answered. "Glad you could make it."

Mr. Ming approached Finn and shook his hand.

"Congratulations on your success today, Finn."

"Thank you, Mr. Ming."

"Hey, guys! Are we going to get something to eat, or what?" asked Maybeck.

Finn grinned and shook his head. Maybeck was always thinking with his stomach.

The Keepers said good-bye to Storey and her father, then raced down Main Street in search of lunch.

They had no idea that their next battle was lurking nearby, waiting to be unleashed…

Meanwhile, Luowski and Cole still had not exited the plane. They stood stock still in the doorway, hesitant to move.

"Boys, if you're going to jump, you'd better do it now," the pilot demanded. "I'm running out of gas up here."

The boys nodded reluctantly.

"Be the eagle, be the eagle, be the eagle", Luowski whispered to himself.

"Be the swallow, be the swallow, be the swallow", Cole joined in.

The two gave each other a reassuring look, took a deep breath, and jumped.

They screamed all the way down to the ground.

As the six Keepers ran through Fantasyland, they passed the Disney Imagineers and construction workers who were busy completing the framework on a new attraction.

One man was using a shovel to dig into the foundation of the new Seven Dwarves Mine Train roller coaster. He whistled, "When You Wish Upon A Star" as he worked.

Suddenly, the trowel of the shovel hit something hard buried beneath the earth. It bounced back with a long, metallic clang that vibrated the entire tool.

The man stopped working.

What on Earth?

"Hey, Joe! I think I found something here! Get a backhoe down here quick!"

Moments later, the construction crew had unearthed a massive blue egg held in place by what looked like a huge, closed metal hand. All thoughts of work were forgotten as the workers apprehensively gathered around the strange object.

"Whadda you figure it is?"

"Hey, you got me!"

The man who had been digging edged closer to the egg and stretched out his arm.

"Steve! Are you INSANE!?"

"Relax, Eric!", said Steve, "It's just an egg! What could it possibly-?"

Steve's hand had touched the outer layer of the egg. Seconds later, a strange blue energy came out of the egg and surged up his arm. He screamed for help for several seconds before being blasted off his feet and landing several yards away from the egg.

The crew ran over to Steve, picked him up, and ran as fast they could from the construction zone.

Luowski and Cole slowly made their final descent to the Park. Sometime during their adventure, a strong wind had knocked them into one another and entangled their parachutes together.

"Stealth Eagle? Lame Duck is more like it!" Cole grumbled.

Luowski rolled his eyes in his disbelief.

The wind had blown them off course and away from the target zone. Now they finally set foot on the solid ground of the construction area.

The sound of screaming brought them both back to their senses. They turned in surprise as hundreds of workers and Imagineers ran toward them.

"What are you two standing around for? RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"

For once, Luowski and Cole didn't bother to ask why. They untangled themselves from the parachutes and followed the crowd from the construction yard.

Meanwhile, the Keepers had just settled down to lunch at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café.

As they tucked in to their delicious cheeseburgers, Finn's wristcommunicator started beeping.

All of the Keepers exchanged knowing looks and began looking around the patio of the restaurant where they were sitting.

Once they were sure they were alone, Finn spoke into his communicator.

"We read you, Jess."

"Keepers," a female voice said over the static, "Wayne needs you in Escher's Keep! It's urgent!"

"We're on our way!"

"Looks like we'll have to take lunch to go," said Philby.

As one, the Keepers pressed a button on the morphers on their belts and in the next second, all six of them had disappeared in six colored rays of energy.

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