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Chapter 8: The Search Begins

When Storey arrived home from the parks that evening, she knew something was off.

The house was unusually dark inside. Storey knew that her father had come home, because his truck was parked in the driveway out front. His car keys were lying on the kitchen counter.

"Dad? I'm home!"

No answer.

That's strange. It's his turn to make dinner tonight.

"Dad? Are you here?"

He wasn't in the den.

He wasn't in the master bedroom.

He wasn't lounging in his favorite chair by the pool.

Mr. Ming was nowhere to be found!

She took her cellphone out of her purse. Not a single missed text or call from her dad.

Two attempted phone calls later, and Storey started getting worried.

Where was her father?

Back at Escher's Keep, Jess was busy trying to fix the viewing globe in hopes of establishing some contact with the outside world.

"The list of missing parents reports continues to grow…"

"The mayor of Orlando has established a 9 p.m. curfew for all persons under the age of 18, and advises that no one leave their homes after this time. Lock your doors and windows…"

"'Where's my mommy and daddy?', young children cry…"

"One thought on everyone's mind is: where are the Kingdom Keepers?"

"Oh for the love of Walt!," Jess exclaimed, "the entire city is going down the drain!"

She went back to fussing over Wayne, who now looked as if he had aged about ten years in the last hour alone.

"Jess…I am deeply concerned about the Keepers…We must try to communicate with them"

Jess looked out over the decimated headquarters.

"Perhaps if I could locate a vertical-deflector, I could assemble a holographic-comlink."

Wayne shuddered in pain, and closed his eyes. Jess watched over her mentor and shook her head in anguish.

"Oh for the love of Walt!"

It didn't take long for Storey to decide to go looking for her father when he still hadn't shown up the next morning. She wasn't surprised to learn that other parents had gone missing as well, but no one else seemed to be upset about it.

As she entered the main gates of the Magic Kingdom, a sense of foreboding came over her.

Main Street U.S.A. was swarming with children and teenagers! On a normal day, Storey wouldn't have thought twice about seeing them running around the park.

But, their parents were nowhere to be seen.

Her mind made up, Storey continued down the street at a faster pace, ignoring the shouts of the youths around her.

As she walked through the opening of Cinderella's Castle, the strange sensation she felt grew stronger.

Suddenly, she paused and ducked back inside the castle walkway. As she stood listening to the rapid thumping that was her own heartbeat, she slowly peeked around the stone façade of the castle.

A small band of Overtakers was making its way through the queue line of the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. Chernabog and Gaston were among them, bringing up the rear. Chernabog took a moment to make sure they weren't being followed, making Storey shrink even further back into the shadows of the castle, before he finally turned around and disappeared into the attraction.

Storey waited for an additional ten minutes to make sure Chernabog didn't come back with reinforcements. Then, she quickly and quietly made her way to the construction site to finally see what was going on.

Where are the Kingdom Keepers?

The sun had just started peeking out over the horizon when the Keepers woke up the next morning. Disneyland's version of Tom Sawyer's Island was closed for the season just like it's sister in Orlando.

The Keepers knew that they didn't have much time. Disneyland would be opening to the public in just a few short hours; they needed to find the Great Power and return home before the guests entered the Park.

Finn stood at the lookout post of the fort on the island, surveying the Frontierland side of the Park. The rest of the Keepers gathered around him. The Rivers of America glistened in the fading starlight.

"It's time," Finn announced.

He silently led the way out of the fort and towards the awaiting canoe.

Five minutes later, the Keepers were rowing to the opposite shoreline towards the Indian village.