Fourth FanFic. Cool. Not exactly sure what I was planning to accomplish with this, it was spawned off a random idea and friends saying they wanted more stories. By the way, all my FanFictions so far work in chronological order with one another, so if you've read my previous Soul Eater works, you might understand some things a bit better. However, it isn't necessary to have read them for the main plotline and I'll try to explain things as best I can. So, without further ado, the disclaimer, even though I'm pretty sure you know I don't own Soul Eater.

Define "Normal", Chapter 1

Roommates or Inmates?

It was quiet. Too quiet. There was no life to be seen, not a sound to be heard. All was still and motionless, as if awaiting a coming storm. And come it did.





Maka slammed her face down on the book she had reading. The teenage meister had been sitting at the kitchen table, quietly enjoying the literature she had chosen to immerse herself in. However, her self-proclaimed housecat had come to the conclusion that she wanted attention and that Maka must be extremely bored staring at the squiggles on paper the latter called "words". Blair had never learned how to decipher the code termed "reading", and she had no interest in the matter and no intention to do so. After deciding that her pigtailed friend must be tired of seemingly doing nothing, the purple feline proceeded to jump on the table while changing her form to that of an unclothed woman. The juvenile Albarn then began to tell the cat off at the top of her lungs, causing Soul to look up from his music and manga volumes then demand an explanation. All this commotion stirred up the newest member of the residence, causing the aforementioned child to cry out in confusion. And they wonder why they're the only tenants in their apartment building.

Maka sighed and stood from her chair as Blair, looking disappointed, waved her index finger to summon her typical purple dress onto her body.

"You're no fun, Maka." Blair whined.

"Reading is fun." Maka retorted, going to Crona's room to soothe him, when she remembered her promise to Soul to explain things to him as well. She backed up, opening his door.

"Hey." She smiled. The eyes of the scythe she was addressing merely flicked upward to glance at her. The latter had just settled back into his manga after the ordeal, and was still slightly perturbed.

"Blair jumped on the table while I was reading." Maka explained, causing Soul, despite his mood, to chuckle softly at the mental picture.

"Interesting. Thanks for telling me." He smiled, and then turned his gaze back to the adventures of Edward Elric recorded upon the pages before him. Maka nodded and closed the door once again. She was glad that she and Soul were both being more open to each other lately; the atmosphere within the household had been much less tense. But as a result of this thought, as the pigtailed meister walked towards the back of their home to console Crona, the gears within her mind began turning and an idea took form.

"I suppose you're all wondering why I've called you here today." Maka stated, examining the faces of her companions. Blair, Crona and Soul were all seated upon the living room couch, Crona conveniently placed between the cat and the scythe to discourage any of the cat's shenanigans involving Maka's weapon partner.

"Yeah, a little bit, but I don't really care." Soul muttered, nonchalant.

"You should." Maka said. "It involves you. I think we should change some of our living situations around here, and I want your opinion."

Soul sighed. "Okay, shoot."

Crona suddenly looked scared. "Why would we want to shoot anyone?" He exclaimed. "I don't wanna get shot!"

Soul bit back a smart retort. "It's an expression." He said through gritted teeth.

"Anyway," Maka sighed. "It's come to my attention that you two," She pointed at Soul and Crona respectively, "Have warmed to each other since Crona's moved in."

Both of the boys in question gave Maka looks that read "are you serious?"

Maka smiled warmly, not noticing their unpleasant expressions. "That's why I think you two should be roommates!"

"WHAT?!" Meister and weapon both said in unison. Crona was still intimidated by Soul, and the latter's opinion of the former remained sour.

"Maka," Soul began, "You can't be serious! Crona already has his own room, and you've said yourself that mine is a pigsty!" He hated to refer to his own room in such a manner, but he was trying to appeal to his meister's opinion. However, the blonde wouldn't budge.

"Soul, Crona's currently sleeping on an air mattress we barely managed to squeeze in the hallway's walk-in closet."

"I like my closet…"

"Furthermore, while you're not beating each other up anymore,"

"That was Crona's fault."

"I know your opinions of each other are still iffy. And if we're all going to live under the same roof, we need to be kind to one another." Maka concluded.

Soul glared at Crona, causing the pink-haired Gorgon to clutch the couch pillow he had been clinging to in discomfort.

"Why'd you call me, Maka?" Blair asked.

"Good question." Maka smiled. "In another attempt to better our relationships, I'll be taking Blair shopping."

"Yay!" Blair squeed.

Soul proceeded to stare at his meister. "Why are you suddenly so concerned about this stuff, Maka?" He raised an eyebrow, causing the girl to smile.

"I just thought it'd be nice to get to know each other better. We've already come a long way." She proceeded to pick up her purse from the table. "Blair and I are leaving for the mall. When we get back, I want Soul's room spotless and all of Crona's stuff moved into it." She said as opened the door for Blair, who skipped into the outside hallway, grinning.

"We're going shopping!" The cat cheered.

"Yes, Blair." Maka smiled, but was already beginning to regret her decision. "Bye, guys." She added without turning around to face them and promptly walked out, closing the door behind her.

After hearing the lock click, Soul turned to Crona. "Do you wanna move in with me?" He asked for his opinion, and the pink-haired meister shook his head.

"No." He was quiet for a minute, then added; "Do I have a choice?"

"No." Soul replied, standing. "I'm trying to stay on Maka's good side because we just got in a relationship, and I'm afraid of making it crumble. So I'll do what she asks."

"What's that?" Crona asked. Soul looked over at him.

"What's what?"

"Being in a relationship."

Soul facepalmed. Despite his efforts to please Maka, he openly showed his low tolerance for Crona when she wasn't home. "It means I like Maka, and Maka likes me."

"Oh. So since I like Maka and she likes me, we're in a relationship?"


"What's the difference?"

"I like her more than you do, and she likes me in a different way that she likes you."

"How do you know you like Maka more than I do and that she likes you in a different way?"

"Because I just know and she told me."

"Then… In what way does she like me?"

"You're her friend."

"And you're not?"

"I'm more than her friend."

"What are you?"

Soul was hesitant for a moment, but finally proclaimed; "I'm her boyfriend."

Crona looked confused. "But I'm a boy, and I'm her friend."

"Well, it's… It's different!" Soul growled in exasperation. "Ask Ragnarok later." The scythe told him, walking down the hall to Crona's closet. The timid child followed suit, but remained clutching the couch cushion.

"Shouldn't we clean your room before moving my things?" He asked, stepping inside the closet.

"Nah. This'll take more time than shoving everything under my bed." Soul replied. Crona made a mental note that cleaning meant "shoving everything under bed" and then looked around his former living quarters. It held clothes from everyone in the household, and had a small dresser in the corner for Crona's clothes. In the back was a twin blow-up mattress, whose only adjournments were a large pillow and black fleece blanket, and a small shopping bag with random pieces of anything Crona found interesting as its contents.

"It's kinda pathetic back here." Soul stated. "You seriously live here?"

Crona shrugged. "I've had worse." He closed the door after turning the light switch to "on". Soul rolled his eyes.

"Why'd you close the door? We need to carry the mattress out, and I don't feel like deflating it and then blowing it back up in my room."

"Isn't it our room now?"

"No, it's still my room. You'll just sleep there."

"Oh." Crona watched Soul pick up the mattress and hold it under his arm with little effort. "It does need air, though." The boy added.

Soul groaned. "Fine. I'll pump it up when we get to my room." He muttered, reaching a hand out to turn the doorknob. Crona watched him, then spoke up.

"Soul, I forgot…"

Soul jiggled the handle when the door wouldn't budge.

"The doorknob sometimes gets…"

Soul growled in aggravation and turned the knob with all his might.


Soul's eyes widened as the knob broke off in his hand.


Soul glared at his new roommate, causing the other to slink behind his pillow. "I'm stuck in a closet with you, aren't I?" The former muttered, earning a timid nod from the latter. Soul rolled his eyes once again.


So how was that for a first chapter? More will be added ASAP, so stay tuned! :D