I got this idea when I was driving down the road today. I think I needed a break from LIADW. I want to be able to alternate between the stories so that I won't get tired from writing one story.

So here is this story. If I could add a third genre to this story, I would. It's kind of a humor/romance/adventure story.

Of course this is a BBxRae story, with a little bit of RobxStar!

Give it a shot. No flames!


Temporary Babysitting

Part One

Chapter One: We Drew Up Hope


"Leave me alone, Beast Boy. Before I send you to another dimension," threatens a young sorceress, who is right now, trying to indulge into her new book.

"Aw! C'mon Rae! Just one game of Ghosts and I'll leave you alone!" Begs a green, teen changeling.

The young demon/sorceress sighs in annoyance before looking up from her book, "No, you won't. You will annoy me about five minutes later, probably to force tofu down my throat."

Beast Boy looks shocked, while clutching two xbox 360 controllers in each of his hands. He looks at her amethyst eyes, which are filled with no emotions. He gives her a charming smile before walking closer to her. She looks at him.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Rae?" Beast Boy begs as he drops down to both of his knees and brings both of his hands into a begging motion.

Raven rolls her eyes, sighs and closes her book. She stands up from the couch she had been sitting on. Beast Boy stands up from his position and is now looking down at the short, violet haired girl. Raven's emotion still staying platonic stands up on her tip-toes.

"No, now leave me alone, before you push me too far," Raven says as she begins to walk out of the Common Room and adds, "Don't call me Rae, it's Ra-ven."

She's about to the door until she hears him mumble something under his breath, curiosity getting the best of her she turns around and looks at him.

"Care to say it again, because unlike you, I wasn't born with animal-like instincts," Raven says emotionlessly as she looks straight at him.

Beast Boy's face drops for a second before responding back, "Neither was I."

Raven looks at him with a confused look before asking, "What?"

"I wasn't born with animal-like instincts either. Maybe if you weren't so focused on your own powers, maybe you would know more about everyone else. It's not always about you, Raven," Beast Boy says with sadness and slowly ends it with spitefulness.

"Excuse me? But if I don't keep my emotions-"

"Under control, I can seriously hurt you guys! Blah! Blah! Blah! That's a bunch of bullshit, Raven! You're not the only one with unstable powers!" Beast Boy yells at Raven, who just keeps her emotionless composure.

"I don't see your powers blowing up the tower when you cry. I don't see your powers destroying the furniture when you laugh. I don't see any destruction from you when you express any of your powers," Raven says in monotone, but her annoyance and anger is quickly building.

"That's not what I'm getting at! I'm saying that all of us have powers that come with downsides. It's not all about you and your powers! Like I said, maybe you would know that if you weren't so selfish," Beast Boy continues you to yell at Raven.

"Selfish? Me? Selfish? Yeah. I am. Because I don't worry about the safety of your being," Raven says with sarcasm while a stereo that is sitting on top of a table began to glow in black and shake violently.

"I'm not saying that you don't care about our safety, Raven! I'm just saying that you're not the only one with unfortunate powers!" Beast Boy yells back, not even noticing the stereo.

"If anyone is selfish, it's you. You only care about you and what will benefit you," Raven says back calmly, which is slowing becoming harder to do.

Beast Boy chuckles and throws his arms up, "Wow, really? I'm the only person that tries to include you in stuff, tries to make you laugh, and tries to take your mind off of your damn powers."

Raven doesn't say anything back. She just tries to contain her anger, which is slowly slipping through.

"You're a heartless person Raven. But maybe that's just what comes along with being part demon, right?"

The stereo blew up and Beast Boy is lifted off the ground for a split second before he is thrown back a couple of feet.

The sound of the stereo was loud enough to bring all the other titans into the Common Room. They missed a good deal of the argument and all they had to go by was the smoking remains of the stereo and Beast Boy sitting on his butt in front of the huge TV.

Robin looks at the stereo with a knowing glance before looking at Raven with a raised eyebrow, "Raven?

"Yeah?" She asks in monotone.

"Any idea what happened to my stereo?"

Raven looks at the remains of the stereo and then back at Robin. She shrugs her shoulders and says, "Not a clue."

She doesn't say anything else and leaves quickly through the double doors.

Everyone then turns their attention to Beast Boy, who is now sitting up.

"Friend Beast Boy, what has happened?" Starfire asks with much curiosity in her voice, while floating over to him and helping him to his feet.

Beast Boy grunts in anger as he quickly wipes the dust off of his bottom and answers back to Starfire.

"She's just a selfish person! She's always concerned about herself and her own powers! She doesn't even know how we got any of our powers, except Robin and Starfire!"

"Well she knows how I got mine too, so it looks like you are the only one she doesn't really know about," Cyborg says to Beast Boy.

"Maybe she just doesn't care about me enough to know about how I got my powers…" Beast Boy mainly says to himself.

"Why does it even matter?" Robin says to Beast Boy while giving him a look.

Beast Boy could feel his face heat up quick in embarrassment before answering, "It doesn't. But she just makes me so angry that she seems to care so much about everyone else and even herself."

"Don't even worry about it-"

Cyborg is cut off by the Tower's alarm going off, signaling that the city is in trouble. Robin quickly clicks on the TV to see who or what was causing the distress. What they saw confused them more than anything they had ever seen. It seems to be the same magic that is similar to Raven's except that it has a white aura rather than black. The white magic is in the form of a raven, but it didn't appear like it is destroying the city. It just seems to be flying around in circles.

"What the heck is that thing?" Cyborg asks to no one in particular.

"I have no idea." Robin says distantly before realizing who they needed for this.

He pulls out his communicator and calls Raven down to the Common Room, who appears a couple seconds later through the double doors.

"What's going-?" Raven is cut off by the sudden flicker of lights.

Everyone looks up at the lights and then back at the screen, which had nothing but the city on it. The lights finally stop flickering, but stay on. Everyone looks at Raven for a couple of seconds before looking at each other. Raven didn't like the awkward glances she just got.

"Why are you all looking at me like that-" Raven is cut off again, but by herself. She suddenly feels a very powerful pain to her head, mainly behind her chakra.

She grabs her head in pain and drops to her knees. Everyone became very alarmed by their friend's sudden pain. When they got close enough, she whispers something, but no one could hear it. Beast Boy kneels down beside her and tries to understand the words she is whispering, but he is beginning to think that she is not talking to them.

"What's she saying, Beast Boy?" Robin asks.

"She's not talking to us, but she keeps saying, 'Come to the roof,'" Beast Boy says as he stands up from Raven, who is still holding her head.

"No…just…me…" Raven says, completely out of it.

Her eyes are wide, but she is still aware of everything that is going on. She stands up from the ground and quickly levitates from it and phases through the ceiling, leaving the other titans in the Common Room.

They all look at each other.

"So, should we follow her?" Cyborg asks in concern.

"She said not to," Beast Boy answers back.

Robin gives him an astonished look, "Really? Of all the times that you want to listen to her, you choose today to listen?"

"She's not in any danger!" Beast Boy yells at the boy wonder, which just shakes his head.

"I don't care, we need to make sure! If you're just saying that because of your stupid fight, then get over it. Come on titans, to the roof!" Robin yells as he runs out of the Common Room and to go to the roof.

Everyone else runs after Robin, except Beast Boy who is a little skeptical about it, but decides to follow anyway.

When they get up on the roof, they notice that Raven is in front of someone, who looks exactly like her, just a little taller. It's hard to tell what the person looks like, because he or she has their hood up, like Raven. They appear to be talking.

Robin whispers to Beast Boy, "Try to hear what they are saying."

Beast Boy sighs and steps in front of the group.

"There's no need to eavesdrop, you're more than welcome to listen too," They voice says to the group from beneath the hood.

Everyone freezes as they've been caught trying to spy. They slowly make their way out of the tiny doorway and onto the roof. They all walk behind Raven and listen to what is going on.

"As I was about to say, I need you and the other Teen Titans help, please," The voice asks. All of them could tell it's a woman's voice.

"Well, what do you need…exactly?" Robin asks in caution.

The white cloaked woman removes her hood and everyone is in shock. When the woman reveals herself, she has identical hair and eyes as Raven.

"I actually require Raven's help the most, but more help would be great. It's actually a two person job," The woman answers as she looks at Raven and then at specifically Beast Boy.

"Well, first, who are you and why do you need my help?" Raven asks in confusion.

"Hopefully you will take this well, I don't exactly remember how I acted when I was your age. Try not to freak out. And if you need proof, I will prove it to you," The woman starts to say.

Raven takes notice that the woman is holding a bundled something in a black blanket. "What are you holding?"

The woman sighs and then says, "That's why I'm here. If you let me finish, I'll explain that too. It's nothing too dangerous, so don't start lazerbolting, or booyahing, or batteranging me with attacks."

They all look at each other and then at the woman who is now removing the blanket. Everyone tries to lean up to see what it is but no one could really see. After a couple of seconds, the woman reveals a little baby in her arms. Everyone is looking between the baby and then the woman.

"This is Averi Hope, but I just call her Hope," She says as she pushes the bow, that's wrapped around the baby's head, back a little more and out of her eyes.

Everyone looks confused, that's when Raven speaks up, "Okay, what does she have to do with me?"

"I need you to watch her for me," The woman states, rather than asks.

Raven's expression doesn't change, "Eh, I'm not really the babysitter type person."

"It's not a question, Raven. It's a demand. I need you to watch her. Please, I'm begging you," The woman says as her expression of worry deepens.

"Why do I need to watch her?" Raven asks in annoyance. "I don't even know you."

"No, you don't know me. But I'm you, in ten years. I have no choice, but to ask you to watch her," The woman says, receiving a bewildered look from all the titans.

"Prove to us that you're-" Robin begins to say but is cut off by Raven.

"Don't worry, she is me and I believe her," Raven says to Robin and then turns back to her future self, "But why do I have to watch her and who is she?"

"This is my, well, if you want to be technical. She is actually your daughter and mine," The woman pauses as she watches Raven's expression change to confusion.

"How is she possibly your- my kid, I know that genes are crazy, but she has blonde hair and a few freckles, if you haven't noticed lately, we don't have blonde hair or freckles," Raven explains as she walks closer to her future self and Hope.

"This is true, but someone else has those features, besides, you can't see right now, but Hope has our eyes. But I'm not here to discuss genes. There is a great deal of chaos going on in the future right now and it just isn't safe for her to be there. I just need you to watch her, please. I'm begging you," The future Raven says as she hands over Hope to Raven, who awkwardly holds the baby.

Robin starts talking, "Look I understand that something must be happening in the future, but Raven is only nineteen years old, and we have-"

"I'll do it. I mean, it is my child too," Raven says as she really begins to look at the baby, who is sleeping with her eyes closed tight, "How long do I need to watch her?"

"Unfortunately, I don't think this destruction in my time will end too soon. Let me go ahead and tell you, there is a great evil in ten years, they're all after my two children, but my son is old enough to fight alongside with his father. Hope, however, is just an infant, but everyone is aware that she is the ultimate superhero if she is brought up by good. That's why everyone wants her, because she will have unspeakable powers," The future Raven explains to Raven and the group.

"What ultimate villain could possibly want her? Who is it?" Robin asks in curiosity

"The ultimate evil is someone you've never encountered, but everyone you could possibly ever imagine is with him," The future Raven says to him.

Raven feels the young baby moving around in her arms. She looks down at her, but the baby still has her eyes closed.

"You still didn't answer my question. How long do we have watch her?"

"I really do hate to ask this, but I really have no choice, but you need to watch her until she is five. She's one right now," The future Raven states, instantly knowing this would set of Raven and Robin both.

"Raven needs to watch this child for almost four years?! We can't possibly do this! That's way too long! We have a job right now to protect this city, not to babysit children," Robin says to the future Raven, who just gives him a crazy look.

"Okay, so you just want her to go back with me, be abducted by the villains, and the entire world be destroyed, just because you can't take care of a baby for three, measly years. Grow up, Robin. You will have children in the future too, in fact. About six of them," The future Raven spits back at the young boy wonder.

Robin shuts his mouth and looks like he is about to pass out, "I have six kids?"

The future Raven chuckles, "No. Just one and she's beautiful."

Robin smiles slightly, but then shakes it away, focusing on the task at hand.

"So, you need me to train her with her powers? Meditation and stuff?" Raven asks her future self who nods.

"Yes. She is quite the handful, she takes after her father. I haven't started meditating with her just yet, she's far too young. I will stop by every few months to see the progress, but this is mainly what I need you to do. Right now, just raise her like a normal baby, feed her, and whatever else, you know how to do that, I can send everything to you by tonight, so you don't have to worry about buying anything. I have everything you will need. My friend has made and bought outfits for Hope until she is about four, so don't worry about that. When she turns three, I want you to begin meditating with her, that's when she will start displaying whatever powers she may have. Like I said, I will stop by to see the progress and I'll help along the way," The future Raven explains while eyes the little girl, with a loving glance.

Raven nods and notices her future self eyeing the baby, so she hands the baby back to her. The Titans just watch as the future Raven loves on her daughter. They wait for her to finish, until Raven speaks up again, but she faces towards the other titans.

"Where will she stay?"

They all thought for a moment, until Cyborg spoke up, "We can turn Terra's old room into Hope's room, that way she will be close to you Raven. It's a couple of doors down."

"That's a glorious idea, friend Cyborg. I would love to decorate the room for the little baby!" Starfire says in excitement as she has stars in her eyes.

Beast Boy looks down at the ground for a minute, which the future Raven notices, but doesn't say anything.

"So, you will do it? Basically raise Hope until she is five years old, with me checking in from time to time. Her living in her own room and you helping her with her power development?" The future Raven asks to all the Titans.

Raven turns around, mainly at Robin, who just reluctantly gives his answer, "Yes, we will help in anyway we can, even if it means temporarily babysitting."

The future Raven sighs in relief, "Thank you so much. You all don't understand how much you are helping everyone out. And please, do not let anything happen to her and don't let anyone know you have her. Don't trust anyone."

They all nod in agreement.

The future Raven smiles as she looks down at her daughter. She kisses her cheek and then hands her over to Raven.

"Here's her carrier and blanket. I have already managed to put everything you need into the room, but you will need to set it up the way you all want. I need to hurry up and get back to the other Titans. I said I wouldn't be gone long," the future Raven says as she walks up and kisses Hope's cheek one last time, which finally makes her eyes open, to reveal two beautiful orbs of amethyst eyes, "Oh yeah? Now you want to wake up from your nap?"

Hope doesn't say anything, but she looks over to her real mom and smiles brightly, revealing four little teeth, two on the top and two on the bottom.

"Bye Hope, I love you. Please be good for them. I will stop by to see you little girl. Mommy, Daddy and Bro-Bro Drew love you so much," The future Raven says as she lets a few tears drip down her face, "Once again, thank you all so much. I will see you guys in a couple of months, but Raven if you need to get a hold of me, you know how to reach me."

Raven nods as she shifts Hope so that she has both of her legs wrapped around Raven's waist. That's when Hope really notices that someone else is holding her. She understood that she wasn't in danger and she likes this person who is holding her. Hope giggles, rather cutely, and brings her small baby hands to Raven's hair and grabs a fistful of her violet hair, receiving an annoyed sigh from Raven.

"Aw, she likes you Raven. Well, I have to leave now Titans. Once again, thank you so much," The future Raven says as she begins to make a portal again, before she steps through she looks at Hope once last time, who just smiles brightly and claps her hands together. The future Raven steps though and the portal slowly closes up.

Raven turns around to face the other titans and awkwardly says, "I guess I'm a teen mom."

"No, I think you're just a temporary babysitter, for your future child," Robin says as he walks up to the baby, "Which is such a little cutie."

Robin starts to baby talk to the little girl, who just looks at him in curiosity. Raven slowly walks past the group.

"We should start on the room, it's getting dark and it is pretty cold out here," Starfire says as she follows Raven, while everyone follows.

Except Beast Boy and Cyborg.

"Hey man, are you okay? You seem like you're sad," Cyborg says to the green teen.

Beast Boy shrugs his shoulders, "Eh, I'll get over it."

"Are you upset about the baby?"

"No, not about the child," Beast Boy answers back.

"Were you expecting it to be green?"

Beast Boy's face lit up with a red tint, "Uh, no. Besides, there could be a good chance that my kids wouldn't or would be green."

Cyborg nods in agreement and then puts a hand on Beast Boy's shoulder, "I'm sorry, for now, let's just try to get the room set up."

Beast Boy nods and then makes his way to Terra's old room with Cyborg following behind him.


"I do not think this is how you set up the crib of sleeping, friend Cyborg. It looks like a cage for an animal," Starfire says to the mechanical man who is just finishing up the final touches to Hope's crib.

The crib appears to be made out of a dark wood, pretty smoothed and furnished. The bed set is all matching and almost appears to have came together in an entire set. The blanket that covers the mattress is violet colored and the blanket that is in the crib is the same one that covered Hope and she even had a little pillow in there that is violet and black, and sewn in is 'Hope'.

"Well, I got the diaper changing table up, or at least I think I do?" Robin announces while putting his hands on his hips, proudly.

Starfire floats over to Robin, "Earthly infantry is strange. Why must you have a table to change them?"

"It makes it easier, I guess," Robin responds as he takes in the appearance of the table.

The table is made out of the same wood as the crib and the padded little pillow that holds Hope is covered with a violet colored case. And the diapers even have violet or black designs on them, almost appears custom made.

Beast Boy has been particularly quiet, while hanging up pictures and even connecting up the iPod that the future Raven had given them with a stereo. It's specifically has her lullaby music on it. He's been pretty quiet.

Raven has noticed this. She had just laid out her black blanket on the floor, with a couple of child-safe toys, and allowed to let Hope crawl around on the floor.

Raven looks over at Beast Boy, who is now finishing up connecting the baby monitor. Raven walks over to him.

"You can give me the other part of the monitor and I'll put it in my room," Raven says to Beast Boy who just nods in agreement and hands it over to Raven. He begins to walk away from her, but Raven stops him.

"What do you want, Raven?"

"I just wanted apologize for earlier. I'm sorry for treating you like that and saying those things, they were mean," Raven says as she looks at Beast Boy's face, which softens lightly, "I just think its best that we all get along, for the sake of this baby."

Beast Boy smiles slightly, "Yeah. I'm sorry too, Rae. I shouldn't have called you heartless. You obviously aren't heartless if you end up having a husband and two kids."

Raven notices his change in his face. She can feel his sadness coming off his body. That's when she finally notices that Hope has crawled her way over to the both of them. Beast Boy looks down to finally get a good look at the little girl. He looks at Raven, who is looking down at the little baby. Raven finally looks at Beast Boy.


"Can I pick her up?"

Raven looks a little taken back by the sudden question, "Uh…yeah? I guess if she lets you. If she starts to get squirmy, you can hand her to me."

Beast Boy smiles brightly as he kneels down to pick up the little blonde baby. Raven finally notices the outfit she is wearing. She is wearing a purple, black and gray cheetah print footie pajama and on her head is the same bow she was wearing when she first arrived. The bow had a quilted, black band around her head and a huge purple flower with a white/silver gem in the middle of the flower.

Beast Boy, however, is finally able to see her features. From afar, she looks like a very cute baby, but up close, she is beautiful. She has a few freckles that cover her cheeks and the bridge of her little nose. Her hair is almost platinum blonde and it curls a little at the ends. Her skin is slightly tan, but is still very light-skinned, so it looks very natural. And her eyes are what draw him in. Her eyes are exactly like Raven's, beautiful, amethyst and just amazing, but what he couldn't see before, is that the main color of her eyes are amethyst, but on the inside is a slight emerald color. They were very mesmerizing.

"Hey there little Hope, I'm Beast Boy," Beast Boy says up close to the little baby girl, who is just looking at him, with her wide eyes.

"Don't scare her, Beast Boy. Your fangs are probably intimidating," Raven says in monotone.

"Oh hush, Raven. She's probably digging my ears," Beast Boy says as he wiggles his ears causing the little baby's attention to be drawn to his ears.

Raven watches as Hope gently places her little hand on Beast Boy's ear and then turns her eyes to his face. Beast Boy flashes a toothy grin at the little baby, who instantly returns it.

"Da! D-d-da-da!" Squeals Hope in excitement as she bounces up and down in Beast Boy's arms.

"Wow, I'm surprised," Raven says.

Beast Boy looks at Raven in confusion before asking, "About what?"

"Someone other than Cyborg likes you," Raven says sarcastically.

"Ha ha ha. Very funny Raven."

Upon hearing Raven's voice Hope turns her head and body to find Raven. When she finally locks her eyes on her, she squeals and squirms in Beast Boy's arms.

"Oh no! You don't want to go to her. She's a meanie," Beast Boy baby talks to the little girl who now starts to cry in anger.

"Give her to me, Beast Boy," Raven says in defiance as she takes Hope from Beast Boy's grasp.

Hope instantly calms down. Raven and Beast Boy were too busy worrying about Hope to notice that everyone had left the room.

"What time is it?" Beast Boy asks to himself and then glances at the purple, digital clock in the room. It read 5:45 PM.

"The others must have gone into the Common Room. C'mon Hope," Raven says as she picks up the black blanket from the ground, "Let's go find them. Beast Boy, can you grab a few toys? I don't care which ones."

Beast Boy doesn't say anything, but he does pick up two different toys and follows Raven into the Common Room. All the other Titans are doing their own things. Cyborg is playing video games, Starfire is playing with Silkie and Robin is cleaning the dishes. Raven walks to the right of the couch and lays out the blanket with one hand and Beast Boy helps her straighten it out and puts the toys on the ground.

"Ugh, down you go Hope. I do hope that you can levitate eventually or even levitate at all, you're a big girl," Raven says emotionlessly as she places Hope on the ground, which immediately diverts her attention to her ring toss toy. She just grabs one of the rings and begins to bite on it.

Raven picks up the book she had previously been reading and begins to read where she had left off and finds a seat on the end of the couch.

Beast Boy walks over and sits beside Cyborg and grabs a controller and joins in playing with him.

"Yo Raven, you really got this mother thing down," Cyborg says, while still playing his game against Beast Boy.

Raven looks up from her book and then back down at the page, "It's not too hard. I had practice with Timmy and all them."

"I wonder who her father is, she obviously gets a big majority of her looks from him," Robin says as he continues to clean the dishes.

"Well, he's obviously a Titan or some sort of hero," Raven says while her eyes are still on the page of her book.

"Why do you say that?" Robin asks back.

"Because my future self said that Hope's brother is fighting alongside with her father, he must be a Titan or a hero," Raven explains.

A few minutes of silence slip by until Starfire breaks it.

"Which Titans have blonde hair and freckles?"

Raven sighs in annoyance, "Who knows?"

"Who cares?" Beast Boy mutters angrily as he furiously smashes his buttons to the controller.

Raven looks at him and then back her book, ignoring his comment. Starfire then places Silkie down and goes to wash her hands. Then she walks over to Hope, who is lying down on her back while still chewing on the same ring. Starfire bends down and picks up Hope off of the ground. Hope looks at the alien with wide eyes. She quickly smiles at the alien and starts to giggle loudly.

"Who is your father, Hope? Who is your daddy, little Hope?" Starfire asks in baby talk as she bounces her up and down.

Hope stops looking at Starfire and then starts to look around the room quickly, trying to focus her amethyst eyes on her surroundings. Everyone is now looking at Hope, watching to see what she does.

When Hope finally stops turning her head they look to see who she had stopped on. She is looking at Beast Boy and stretching her arms out.

"Da-Da! D-d-d-da!" Hope yells in happiness as she tries to stretch out far enough to reach Beast Boy.

Starfire giggles, "That is not your father, Hope. He is green."

Beast Boy's heart drops, but quickly gives a fake smile, then continues his game with Cyborg.

Raven closes her book and stands up from her seat. She walks over to Starfire and takes Hope from her arms.

"I think I'm going to turn in early tonight. I don't know if she wakes up throughout the night or not," Raven says as she picks up the blanket and shakes off the dust and toys, "Night."

Everyone watches Raven leave the room and when she is completely gone, everyone starts talking.

"I want to know who the father of Hope is," Starfire says as she watches Robin take a seat on the couch along with the others.

"Who do we know that is blonde and has freckles?" Robin asks.

Beast Boy, who is growing more and more annoyed with the subject decided to input his opinion, "Why don't we just shut up about it?! It's none of our business!"

No one is able to say a word, because right after he said that the lights flicker on and off and then a portal is seen on the floor in front of the couch. It's the same as Raven's. It's black and not white like the future Raven's was. Everyone is on their guard as they watch and wait in anxiousness, curious to see what is about to come out of the portal.

A few seconds later, a short kid is standing in place where the portal had just been. The kid had his head covered with a semi-tight black hoodie and is wearing black sweatpants that have a green stripe going down the sides of his legs. And he is wearing shoes that are very familiar, which are gray with black straps.

All the Titans eye the young kid carefully, and they don't attack just yet.

"I won't hurt you guys. I just came to see someone," The voice says, indicating that he is a boy.

Robin speaks up, a little harsh, "Who do you want to see? Who are you?"

"Show yourself," Starfire asks the kid.

The young boy raises his gray hands up to his hood. He grabs his hood and pulls it down.

The tension and silence is so thick, it almost felt hard to breathe.

"Oh…" Starfire starts to say but is cut off by Cyborg.

"My…" Cyborg says as he's interrupted by Beast Boy.

"God…" Beast Boy finishes for everyone.

The young boy finally reveals his face. He has hair that looks very similar to Beast Boy's, but has the same color hair as Raven. His eyes are big and colored just like Hope's, which are purple with emerald on the inside. His skin color is identical to Raven's, but a lot of his features resemble Beast Boy.

"My name is Andrew, and I'm here to see Hope," The young boy says in monotone, just like Raven does.

No one is able to speak until Robin does.

"Why do you need to see her?"

"Because, my mom sent me here to clear up any questions or confusion. So really I'm here for Hope, Raven and Beast Boy," Andrew says emotionlessly.

Everyone looks at Beast Boy and then at Andrew.

"Why do you need me?" Beast Boy asks in confusion.

"My mom told me to put this in the easiest terms that I can for you," Andrew says to Beast Boy who is just looking at him, waiting for him to give him an answer.

Andrew is about to say something until the double doors to the Common Room open up, revealing Raven and Hope.

Raven looks at the young boy and at the other Titans who are now looking at her and Hope.

"Who are you?" Raven asks in question as she eyes the boy carefully, while walking down the steps and holding Hope, who hasn't even looked at the young boy.

Hope then looks to the front and makes direct eye contact with her brother, which causes her to go into a fit. She starts reaching towards him and starts squirming in Raven's arms.

Andrew looks at sister and then at Raven. Raven grows impatient.

"Don't make me ask again, who are you?"

The boy sighs and says, "I'm Andrew Logan. I'm Hope's brother…"

Everyone is silent until he finishes his sentence.

"…And I'm the son of you," Andrew pauses as he points at Raven, "And you," he says again as he points at Beast Boy.

Everyone looks between Beast Boy and Raven. Everything is silent until the Xbox 360 is engulfed in black energy and explodes into bits and pieces.

"Not the Xbox…" Cyborg says sadly as he picks up the bits and pieces of the remains of the Xbox.

"Beast Boy is my future husband…?" Raven says slowly.

Andrew nods.

"…And you and Hope are our children…?" Beast Boy asks slowly.

Andrew nods again.

Beast Boy's head begins to feel a little dizzy. He slowly stands up from the couch and the entire world feels like it is spinning a million miles an hour.

"I think…uh…I need to take…a nap…" Beast Boy says as his eyes close and his body goes limp.

Everyone looks at Beast Boy who has passed out on the ground.

Andrew rolls his eyes and picks Beast Boy off the ground with his telekinetic powers and places him on the couch before saying,

"Greaaaaaat, my dad was a moron…"


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