Posted December 19, 2013

It is finally here, you guys! I have created a Facebook page for my author name and such!

The name that you will need to type in to find it is…


That's the exact name and way to find me.

The default picture is a color picture with multiple pictures of the Titans and the words, 'Teen Titans' are on the picture as well. The cover photo is of Raven and it says, "Sometimes."

They were the only photos that I have on my phone.

You are more than welcome to post whatever you would like to on this page. Send in your own photos or whatever! Just make sure you like the page.

The photos are from a lot of the character from different stories of mine. There will more to come and more to add.

Updates and new story stuff will be posted on this page as well!

You leave a message or anything, I will get back to you!

Thanks again you guys! Any further questions, message me on my Fanfiction account!