I've had this idea in my head for quiet a while now, and I just recently found the perfect protagonist for the story. Thank you, clear-Elphaba94 for submitting such an awesome OC.
To clear things off, I'd like to start with saying that yes Dan is Dave Norton's brother, my OC you could say. He also works for the FIB and has been angered at his brother for letting the most wanted men in all Los Santos free. Ever since the heist, he has been tracking their every movement and trying to find a way to bring them down and the new employee is his solution.
Also, The next chapter to Momma's boy will be out either later today or early tomorrow. :D Hope you enjoy, and sorry for the shortness.

'Lucy, I need you down at the office as soon as possible. -D' That one text was enough to freeze the blood in Lucy's veins. She had only recently earned a job in the FIB, a few weeks back to be exact, and he had never texted her before. Well, now that she thought about it, none of her co-workers had ever mentioned him texting them, ever. In fact, she doubts any of them have seen him in person after they got accepted into the FIB.

She slipped out of her pajamas and into a black pencil skirt and a white button up that tucked nicely into the top of the skirt. Even if it was three in the morning, she wasn't going to risk getting in trouble for not being in uniform. She sprayed on her favorite perfume and grabbed her heels from the side of the bed, careful not to step on her dogs tail,grabbed her keys from the nightstand and exited her comfy home.

She slipped on her heels and made her way to the car, checking her phone as she pulled her seatbelt on. She had received another message from Dan, telling her to hurry up and she sighed. She pushed her key into the ignition and turned it, quickly driving out of the complex.

She gripped the wheel, in nervousness, as she neared the breathtaking building she called her work place. The parking lot was completely empty except for a jet black Lampadati Felon and her red Weeny Issi. She took her usual parking spot and took a second to catch her breath before stepping out of the car and walking toward the front entrance. Just as her hand reached for the door, her phone began to vibrate in her hand. She looked at the caller Id and took a deep, shaky breath.


"Don't touch the door, you'll trip the alarm. Come back out to the parking lot and look for my car. I'll be in there."

Dan hung up and she softly bit her lip, taking the steps one black heel at a time to her boss' car. She had an eerie feeling about the whole thing, but didn't question it. What's the worst that could happen? Her mind continued to generate highly improbable situations and before she knew it she was sitting in the passenger seat of the Lampadati.

"G-good morning, Dan." To say she was intimidated is an understatement, she could literally feel her body shake with fear. In her past years of work, nothing like this has ever happened.

"Good morning, Agent Fleming." He said in monotone as he backed out of the parking lot. "I'm going to take you for a little ride so we can discuss a very important assignment i'd like to send you on. Do you like coffee?" Incapable of muttering anything at that point, Lucy just nodded. "Good."

Three manila folders adorned the clean counter top of the, almost, rundown coffee shop. Dan eyed the women beside him as she sipped silently on her coffee. He could sense how uncomfortable she was with the whole situation, but he could sense she was perfect for the job.

"Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips, and Franklin Clinton. These are the three men we want you to target." He said, sliding each folder toward her. She visibly stiffened.

She had heard a lot about these three. Rumors have gone around about them being the guys that robbed the Union Depository, but only one person knew for sure, and he was sitting right beside her. "A-aren't they the-"

Almost as if he had read her mind, he answered. "Yes. We've been trying to take them down for awhile now, but they know every nook and cranny of our organization, thanks to my idiotic brother. Every bit except for you. When we hired you, we were in the process of planning a new way to stop these guys, but we need you to start as soon as possible."

Lucy took another nervous sip of coffee and nodded, allowing him to continue. "If you accept, we have to start you up on a completely new life; new home, new name, new motives, new friends. We will make up a completely new person, in case Lester decides he wants to do some background check on you, and you get to live her life."

Lucy lightly tapped her manicured fingers on the cup of coffee. "And if I don't?"

Dan raised an eyebrow and chuckled lightly, in a frightening way. "We fire you, right now. I get up, walk away, and your entire career here goes away in flames."

"Looks like I really don't have a choice, do I?" Her lip curled into slight frown as she brought the, now icy cold, liquid to her lips. "I guess I can do it."

"Good, you know what's good for ya. Go home, pack your stuff, I'll be by to pick you up at noon. G'night." With that, Dan Norton got up, tipped the coffee shop owner, and went on his way. "Oh, and I'm getting you a new car, Lucy, think of it as uh… a reward for doing this." Lucy sighed and exited the coffee shop, walking the familiar sidewalk back to her home.