A/N; this chapter by fireburnsbrighter

You're adopted, Osgood. But don't ever think that means that mummy and daddy love you any less! You're just a little bit different from your brothers and sisters.

You're just a little bit different.

Just a little bit, but enough that the other boys and girls at school laugh at you because you can't run as fast as them. Have to stop to wheeze into your inhaler, to push your thick glasses up the bridge of your nose. Won't ever take off the trailing multi-coloured scarf that you've had your whole life. Because you're not interested in giggling about boys and having your hair up in braids with special pink ribbons and drawing pretty pictures of flowers and bunny rabbits but instead you enjoy reading book after book about aliens and magic and science.

Because you're only eight years old, but you're adopted and you're already quite a lot different.

It doesn't change much, to be honest. Being adopted. The days go past and your parents look at you a little more cautiously than they used to as if they're scared that any minute you're going to break down in tears or smash something or scream until your throat is red raw and your voice coarse. But you don't do any of these things, even though you're only eight years old and you've just found out that you're adopted, because despite all of that you've always known you were different (again with that word), and now it's just been confirmed.

So you continue to read all of your strange books and playing on your own in the back garden, because that's what you've always done.

The only thing that shifts is your thoughts about that damn scarf that hangs around your neck. A blanket as a baby, something to snuggle into at night, keeps you warm in winter and far too hot in summer (though you'll never take it off no matter what your mum says or how many snickers you recieve at school).

The words tightly sewn on in black thread just above the tassles at the end are burned into your memory. Have been since your dad first read them out to you and in turn tought you to read them, but only now do you wonder what the meaning is behind them.

The Doctor will always protect you. The Doctor will always protect you.

But surely it can't mean just the neighborhood call doctor. And why the capital?

The Doctor will always protect you. But Doctor who?

You have to know who the man is who supposedly watches over your life.