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Traffic Patterns

10:55AM Friday, Blush Magazine Headquarters


Dennis Finch jerked his head up from his lascivious daydream involving a certain gap-toothed, brunette co-worker as Jack's voice bellowed from inside his office. Feeling the color rushing to his face, Finch immediately wondered if Jack had somehow developed psychic abilities and knew that he had been having inappropriate thoughts about his boss' daughter. It would certainly explain the bellowing voice. First his wife, now his daughter…I'm definitely a goner this time.

Poking his head out of the office door, Jack looked at Finch and said, "Dennis, hello." Dennis Finch glanced up at his boss with barely concealed panic. Finch just knew that Jack would be able to see through his flimsy exterior and would know all the naughty things he had been imagining doing to Maya. Jack was her father, after all, and fathers always knew when a man was having inappropriate thoughts about their daughters. However, Jack merely rolled his eyes as he said, "Glad to see I have your attention now. I need you to pick Maya up at the airport. I would call her on her cell phone to tell her to take a cab because I can't get her, but they make you turn them off on the planes so I need you to meet her instead."

"Pick…up Maya?" Finch finally managed to stutter.

"Yeeess, at the airport. Nina hasn't been giving you any stuff from her 'special' stock has she? You seem more out of it than usual today."

Finch let out a small sigh of relief as he realized that Jack had no clue as to where his mind had been moments before. "Umm…not that I know of." A smile came onto Finch's face as he said, "Sure, I'll pick her up. When does her plane get in?"

"About an hour. You'd better leave soon to miss the lunch hour traffic. She'll be waiting at baggage claim. Here's her flight information." Handing Finch the paper with the flight number and landing time, Jack started to turn back into his office. Dennis cleared his throat causing Jack to turn back around and look at him with a questioning expression. "Was there something you needed, Dennis?"

"Uh, Jack, do me a favor and never quit the fashion magazine business to become a psychic. Okay." Jack just stared at him with a confounded expression before he slowly shook his head and turned back into his office shutting the door behind him.

The small smile that graced Finch's face slowly turned predatory as he finally acknowledged the implications of the previous conversation. Rubbing his hands together, Finch whispered to himself, "Ohh, what fun. Time alone with the deliciously fine Maya, and all at Daddy's orders too. This day is sure looking up." With a slight giggle, Finch grabbed his keys and headed downstairs to the garage."