Chained Heart 1

Have you ever wondered if you were destined to be with someone? According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with 4 arms, 4 legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves. Is that what love is all about? Finding the right person with whom you would spend your entire life with? It seemed like I was destined to be alone…like my other half vanished, or passed away before I had a chance to meet them.

My name is Ai. I am going to tell you my story of how I fell in love.

I have brown eyes, brown hair and pale skin. My story started when I was 6 years old. I was an orphan. I never knew my parents. I always had this feeling I was never wanted…never needed…I didn't have friends. I honestly didn't even want friends…They always looked at me so judgingly…I gave up on them…

When we were in the playing ground I stood alone. I never approached anyone, nor did anyone approach me. There were days when I wouldn't say a word. Some children called me a 'mute'. I didn't acknowledge them. I didn't care. I wondered if there was someone out there just as alone as I was. I stood on the cold concrete in the shadows looking at the other communicating, playing, having fun and enjoying their childhood. I despised them. I hated them. I loathed their presence.

I got up and walked to the iron net fence and looked outside. There were some children playing with a ball. There was another child all by himself holding a teddy bear and slowly swaying on a swing. He looked sad and lost. Could he be feeling alone like me? The kids before him accidentally threw the ball on a high cliff. The boy on the swing got it for them. I was amazed with what he could do. The other children looked terrified and began to run. The poor child unleashed his sand in a hope of making the other children stay. He didn't mean to hurt them. After a while a man came and stopped him. He looked to the ground, but the man didn't say anything. He took the little child by the hand and led him home. Just before he was out of my view we exchanged looks. I felt my cheeks go warm.

In that same night I was woken up by my mistress and let out in the yard where all the children were. We were about to leave the village. I didn't understand anything.

When we got to the gates we saw a giant beast rise up from the village. Why did it come from the village? There was not enough space to hide such a monstrosity.

I don't remember very well what happened that day, but in the morning I woke up in a warm bed, different from the one I slept in the orphanage. The sheets were made of red silk and the pillow was very big and fluffy. There was a clock on my nightstand. It was 10 o'clock in the morning. I felt sore and I didn't know why. I looked around the room. I was alone. One thing I knew for sure. I wasn't in the orphanage anymore. I was…adopted? No…No one wanted me...This was very strange.

-Daddy, daddy, can I see my new sister now?

-No Temari, you have to be patient. She is resting.

I heard voices. Temari is my sister? She WANTS to see me?

-How is she like?

-You will see her when she wakes up, dear.

-Papa why did you decide to adopt a daughter?

-Because…She was alone…It is complicated, maybe I'll tell you when you get older…

I heard her pout. –I am a big girl.

-Of course you are.

-Daddy where is uncle Yashamaru?

-He…He went to visit some relatives…He won't be home soon…

-He didn't even say goodbye…

There was a long silence.

-What about…Gaara?

-Temari, I have told you many times, you should not be concerned about him. He is being looked after. He is going to come home tomorrow…I'd better check on your sister.

I panicked a little. I closed my eyes and pretended I was asleep.

The door opened and I heard steps coming towards the bed. The man stood beside me.

"I hope you'll be a freak just as big as my son. Those who are alike come around one another…"

He took a few steps. "It's not like I had another choice since the bastard squashed the whole orphanage and the children…I wonder why you were spared…"

With that he left. What a bastard. He didn't want a daughter. He wanted a toy for his son. Why did I end up in this? What's going to happen to me?

In the next day I saw introduced to my new 'family'. Temari turned out to be a nice 8 year old tomboy girl. She was kind with me and was very anxious to meet me. Kankuro was a 7 year old boy that didn't pay too much attention to me and I was alright with that. I was told there were 3 siblings and I only met two.

The father was a jackass as I assumed from last night. What I found strange was the fact that I didn't see my mother. I decided I shouldn't ask…

I was playing with Temari in the garden in the evening. I thought I would never get to meet my other brother. He was supposed to be the same age as me. Little did I know he was already home but no one wanted to introduce him to me.

Suddenly Temari stopped and looked towards the back door. I followed her gaze and I saw a little boy with red hair, some beautiful deep eyes that spat anger. On the left side of his forehead he had a fresh scar that still had blood caked on it. Who did that to him? I made a move to raise my hand to wave to him but Temari stopped me by holding my hand. She soon tugged me out of the garden and we passed Gaara and went inside to play. I was continuously looking at him. Why wasn't I allowed to talk to him? This was the same boy I saw on the swing. The one that was so desperate to play with someone. I wanted to play with him. He looked at me and I looked at him until our gazes were interrupted by a wall. He was intriguing.

When night came I was alone in the living room watching television. I was close to falling asleep. I saw a figure next to the T.V. and I almost jumped. It was the little boy. He looked angry.

-You're afraid of me, aren't you?


-Then why did you flinch like that?

-You startled me. I didn't know it was you.

-You lie.

-No. I told you the truth.

He came closer, his eyes on mine. I looked at him. He was very cute. But still…what made him this way. This is not how a 6 year old should be.

-Do you want to watch television? I asked.

He just looked at me for a moment before sitting beside me. –What's your name?

He was silent.

-Hm? I insisted.

-I'm not obliged to tell you.

-Well…My name is Ai.

He turned his head towards me with big eyes.

-I see you have it written on your forehead, what a coincidence right? I smiled at him.

He put on an angry face before he jumped at my neck and started chocking me. I was fighting him, kicking him in the chest. He was very powerful for a 6 year old.

-Don't play with me! He yelled at me. I couldn't say anything.

-Don't you dare laugh in my face! What do you know!? You stupid! Useless! Piece of flesh!

I was holding his hands and tried to make him to stop, but with no avail. I pitied him. He has been through a lot. Then I thought…instead of fighting him, why not try the opposite.

I put my hands on his shoulders. He must have thought I wanted to choke him to and his grip went tighter. I lowered my hands to his hips and closed the gap between us. I was sobbing. But not for me. I was so sad for him, that he became this way.

I felt his hand loosen their grip and I could breathe again. My breathing was rasped as I was sobbing into his chest. I pat him on the back and he just stood still. I held him tight.

-What kind of attack is this?

I still couldn't talk because I was catching my breath.

-What are you doing?!

I sighed in his chest. –This is not an attack. I don't want to hurt you. Have you never…done this before?

His silence was a positive answer. I sobbed harder. By this time I soaked his shirt.

I let him go slowly. I looked into his eyes and they were definitely different. I wiped my tears away.

Before I even noticed he left.

My next encounter with him was in the morning. I went to the park and I found him there on the swing. There was another swing next to him so I joined him. He didn't seem to have noticed me so I said something.

-Hey. How are you?

He turned to me but did not say anything. It was kind of awkward.

-Where did you go last night?

-What? You wanted more?

-No…I just wanted to start a conversation…

-You're so foolish. Stop following me.


-Because you're annoying.


We were silent for a moment.

-Well I want to spend time with you.

-Really? He said in a sarcastic tone.

-Yeah…I'm sure what happened yesterday was all a mistake. We all go out of control sometimes.

He looked at me dumbfounded. –How would you know?

-I simply do…It's impossible not to.

-Leave me alone.

-You still didn't tell me your name.

-If I tell you will you leave me alone?


He sighed. –At least you're honest…My name is Gaara.

-Well…nice to meet you, brother. I smiled at him.

I wanted to please him and I kissed him on the cheek. He looked at me like he just saw a ghost.

I felt something hard hit me in the back of my head. I looked back and there were kids throwing pebbles at me.

-Ew she kissed the monster!

-You're so gross!

-Why would you do that?!

I was taken aback by this. I looked at Gaara. This little guy? A monster? No. He looked at me and then at the ground. I leaned in and hugged him. The children were still throwing pebbles at me.

I whispered in his ear. –I don't care.

I looked into his eyes before I turned around and began screaming at the others.

-Stop throwing rocks at me! What's wrong with what I did?! You make me sick! And I couldn't care less! I don't need you!

They continued throwing rocks.

I sighed.

-I'm going home. See you later. And don't be a stranger, alright?

He looked at me as I left.

When it was dark outside I went on the roof. To my surprise I saw Gaara there. I walked up to him.


He glanced at me.

-Don't you ever sleep?



-I can't.


-You're annoying me. Why don't you go away? Why are you always here?

-Because…I want to?

-No…You're such a liar. Why would you want to stay with me? I will kill you.

-I don't believe you.

In a moment I was surrounded by sand and I was suspended in air. I would lie if I said I didn't feel a little bit scared.

-When the moon is full…His blood boils…


I realized he was mumbling to himself. This was bad. He began squeezing.

-Please…You don't want to kill me…

-Oh I do…I want to taste your sweet blood, feel it on my fingers…then bury your body deep into the earth. I want to cut your head off your shoulders and break it until lots of blood will pour out. I'm a good boy. I will make you enjoy it, mother.


-That's it, beg, it will make it more enjoyable for me.

-No…If you won't kill me I will change your life…

-Hm…Interesting…How do you plan on doing that?

-I will protect you…

He stayed silent for a moment as if contemplating.

-I will let you live if you become my slave if you want to fallow me everywhere. You got your wish. You won't be allowed to be with anyone but me, you will do whatever I say and you will love only me. And I decide what is best and wrong for you.

I gulped.

I nodded. –I agree.

He put me down with a loud thud. He walked towards me. He began tugging on my shirt.


-Shut up! He backhanded me and eventually took my shirt off.

-This will show everybody you are mine. I felt a stinging pain on my whole back. I was yelling so hard, and it hurt so much I thought I was going to faint.

After he was done he began licking the wound he left on my back. I was sitting in a puddle of blood. I could tell that what he did wasn't small. When he was finished he tossed my shirt on my back and left. He left me alone to sob on the cold floor.

What have I done?