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Chapter 1

Buzz Buzz I heard the alarm go off and slowly got up. My body aching from Charlie's punishments. Ugh I can't wait to see the damage I thought sarcastically as I walked into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and gasped at the sight in front of me. My face looked like it was beaten to a pulp with the dried blood and the fresh bruises thats covering it. My lip was cut open from Charlie back handing me. I knew I deserved it. I mean I knew better the to mess around when getting Charlie's food. My legs and arm's covered in cuts and bruises from when Charlie thought I was acting out. So pretty much I looked horrible.I quickly washed my face and started caking on cover up hoping to at least look a little better. I laughed I looked like I was a clown about to perform at the circus. while I was brushing me hair and looked at the clock by my the bed and noticed I only had 10 mins before Charlie woke up. I sprinted down stairs quickly regretting. It caused way to much pain. Once I was in the kitchen I started his breakfast. once I was finished with his coffee and eggs I jogged back up stairs and got dressed. I wore some jeans and a loose shirt. I started toward the door when i heard Charlie's alarm clock go off

"shit" I exclaimed and went over to my window. I could hear the sound of his feet pounding against the stairs. I knew that if I didn't get out of the house before he noticed I was there I would get punished. I opened the window which was about 15 feet and jumped. I hit the ground with a thump. I felt tears forming in my eyes ,but got up and walked to school. (more like limped) I was about a mile away from the school when I saw my backpack in it's hiding spot which was in a big tree. I got down from the tree and continued on to school. When I got there I saw that it was empty. Probably because I was about an hour early. I sat down on a bright blue bench and got my got my favorite book out. I sat there reading till I heard the gates slam. I looked over to see who was there to see them. Standing there was my ex bestfriend and now bully hanging out with all his friends which to me are

Alice Cullen: ex bestfriend and now bully

Jasper Cullen: ex friend and now bully

Rosalie Cullen: ex bestfriend and now bully

Emmet Swan: ex brother and now bully

Jessica: slut

Laura: slut

They all hate me. When I was first started getting abused Charlie told me to ditch them or else he would make there life a living hell. I knew he could do it being as he's the chef police officer. I would have told them, but he said he would kill them. Make it look like an accident. Start a fire. I knew he would do it if I pushed him and even if he was buffing I didn't want to take that chance. After I left Emmet moved into the Cullen's house saying he couldn't stand the sight of me. I agreed. I couldn't stand the sight of me earthier. They later started bullying calling me worthless, slut, and stupid bitch. Alice and Rosalie started spreading rumor's about me on who I slept with. Edward made stupid jokes about me and tripped me in the halls. So did Emmet. Jessica and Laura just followed them around. I was interrupted from my thoughts when i felt someone shove me. I blinked and started focusing on them.

"Come one ugly duckling i know you can hear me" said Alice laughing slightly at her own joke.

"wwhat?" I replied

"I need you to do my homework gosh do you not understand English?" she exclamied

if all she's going to do it yell at me i'm leaving I thought and slowly got up with my backpack and walked away.

I know really bad ending but I promise it will be better next time