Okay hi everyone! I just wanted to reply to some of the nasty reviews. 1. This isn't the end she might have forgiven them, but she's not going to trust them. 2. I believe that if your friends worked hard enough and give it all they got you should forgive them, but that's my opinion. I'm not saying she's just going to forgive and forget. She'll never forget. It will take time for her to fully trust them and they have to truly make up for it. The difference between Laura and Jessica and the Cullen's is that the Cullen's are trying and have made amazing memories with Bella. Also don't tell me what I do not know you're not living my life and don't know who I am. You don't even know my name. If you hate the story then please write your own. Bella isn't you and she's not me she's a character that I try to make into a real person in peoples mind. I'm also sorry that this isn't a chapter, but I just want to let you all know I do read all your guys review's. The accounts below are my amazing reviewers who give me a good review on almost every chapter. Thank you so much I know these aren't all the people that have given me good review's, but they popped up the most. I'm thankful for every review. It keeps this story going.



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