Warrior Lost in Dimensions

Fairy Tail & Shingeki no Kyoujin xover

Erza was feeling very disoriented.

She lay on a hard surface, and most of her body felt sore. She also felt bandages covering her stinging wounds, therefore she concluded she must have been taken to a safe place.

Her mind went to recall the last thing she remembered. Natsu and Happy had gone off to seal the gates of hell and save everybody from the demons that hunted the fairies. The other fairies were facing off with the other demons so she held Minerva and her little posse from stopping Natsu. She was holding on her own pretty well until all of them decided to attack her all at once with all the magic they had. She heard herself scream and she felt the world vanish.

She felt too tired to open her eyes so she simply let sleep take over her.

Erza finally opened her eyes days after she first woke up recalling the last moments that had happened in the battle.

The first thing she saw was a child's face framed by golden locks. The child's clear blue eyes lit up, seeing her finally awake.

"Grandpa! She's awake!" he called to the old man in the other side of the room. The old man smiled and walked over to the bed she was resting on.

"What's your name young one?" the man gently asked. "I found you unconscious days ago in the woods while I was gathering firewood. Injured, but breathing."

'Young?' Erza thought. She looked at her hands and found them small and childlike. She looked at the man realized he had asked for her name.

"Erza. Erza Scarlet." she said. "Where am I?"

"Shiganshina District. In Wall Maria." the child answered. "I'm Armin Arlert and my grandpa Aro."

"Shiganshina?" she asked, unfamiliar with such place. "Wall Maria?"

"The outermost wall." Armin replied as if it was the most obvious answer.

"Wall?" Erza asked, confused.

At her question, both males wore expressions of worry.

"Tell me Erza, do you remember anything? For what purpose we live inside the wall?" Aro asked softly.

Yes, she thought. But now that she heard how they talked about walls, she was sure that she had been transported to another world. In Edolas, she had been unable to use magic, what if that rule applied to the world she was in? How will she protect herself?

Finally, she shook her head no. It's better to feign innocence, she decided. That way the possibilities of anyone attacking her would be at minimum.

And at that moment, she was introduced to the world of humans that lived in fear of titans.

A/N: Sorry it's a bit short, I wasn't sure how to begin the story. I'm not even sure how I would end this. It's just a random idea I can't get out of my head. Review or no review, I'm glad you decided to read this anyway.

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