Titan Talk

Chapter 1: Explanations And Ages

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Hello everyone and welcome to my new story called Titans Talks! This is not quite a FanFiction but more of my opinions on certain episodes, head canons and commonly asked questions in Teen Titans, the original show. This will mostly be subjects as the following:

Which Robin is the Robin in Teen Titans?

How old are each of the Titans?

And others! Also, I will have full explanations of certain episodes after watching them and then do a review on it including an average grade, opinion and summery. I hope you can understand that many of my ideas are in no way canon and this was made purely to show my head canons and answering questions that I think I know the answers to.

Chapter 1: Ages

Ah, the ages of the Teen Titans are very commonly asked for through out the show and usually have mixed results for answers. I'm no expert, but I think I'll try making an educated guess on ages by explaining why and how I came to the conclusion. Many can safely agree that Cyborg would be the oldest and that Beast Boy would be the youngest, which I can agree with thanks to size, attitude, personality type and height. Beast Boy is shown as the shortest, a very nice way of knowing this is a moment in the first parter of the Apprentice episodes where Robin and Beast Boy glare at each other and briefly shows the other Titans sizes when the walk to each other. The same goes for the episode Divide and Conquer where Robin and Cyborg argue. But when Cyborg walks away, it briefly shows everyone sizes in height besides Starfire who is flying at the time.

Throughout the series it is clear that the team is slowly growing up, but I will tackle the question of how many years passed in the five seasons another time. In other news, its safe to say that judging by Beast Boy's childish attributes and short size that people can safely say that he's the youngest of the team while Cyborg would be the oldest thanks to his big brother like personality and tall size. But now... where do Starfire, Raven and Robin lie in the age spectrum? Its a tough fight, and can easily be over ruled by anyone out there with there own ideas, but here's how I see that ages from youngest to oldest;

Beast Boy






I know that seeing Robin as a young character can be difficult thanks to his very adult like attitude and leadership role, but seeing as it shows that he's obviously unsure in the show, it could be estimated that he is worried about being younger then he makes himself out to be or something else like his identity. So, I personally think he would be around fourteen or fifteen when the show begins while Beast Boy could be thirteen or fourteen. Raven is also hard to pinpoint, but seeing as she is quite shorter then Starfire and seems to show a lack in controlling her powers, unlike Cyborg and Starfire who have great control of there own, it can be safe to say that she may be younger then alot of people think. But then... how old is Starfire? I like to think fifteen or sixteen personally, but its up to you. So, here are the ages and you are free to add your own opinions in the reviews if you want to!

Beast Boy: 13

Robin: 13 1/2 OR 14

Raven: 14 1/2 OR 15

Starfire: 15 1/2 OR 16

Cyborg: 16 OR 17

I hope you enjoyed this chapter of Titan Talks, this is Supercasey signing off! PS, please remember to R&R, I'd like to know what you think of this story!