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My eyelids burn red from whatever light is shining from above. I don't dare open them, afraid of what I will see. I try to remember what happened. Peeta and I got separated, I went to find him. Beetee. The arrow. Forcefield.

Damn. I need to find Peeta.

Quickly I open my eyes, ignoring the burn from the bright light situated above me. I look around to find I'm alone in a cement cage. Four cement walls, not bothered to be painted. Where was I?

There was no door that I could see, I moved to sit up but found my arms restrained. "Peeta! Peeta where are you?"

Faintly footsteps sound from behind the walls. A part of the wall sinks into the ground and in steps a peacekeeper and President Snow.

"Katniss. I'm glad to see you're awake. You have an interview dear." He walks over and unbinds my hands, gripping them tightly.

"Interview? Snow where is Peeta? What's going on?" He tugs me to stand up and I wince.

"Peeta is with the rebels my dear. He's the new face of the rebellion. You're interview will be aired and seen by the rebels. You must ask for a ceasefire or we will use you against Peeta. To break him."

"No! No don't hurt Peeta!" Snow hands me over to the peacekeeper and he drags me to a room at the end of the dim hall.

Caesar Flickerman is sitting on a couch and greets me as I enter. He gives me an apologetic smile as I glance at the camera.

In the reflection I can barely manage to make out my thin face and prominent bones. Along with bruising from who knows what. The Capitol has done nothing to help my wounds from the arena.

Caesar begins to ask me about the quarter quell. I answer with minimal responses. Finally he adjusts himself so he can stare at me. "So Katniss. I hear you have something to say about the rebellion."

I don't bother looking at him. I turn directly to the camera, as though I'm looking at Peeta. "Stop this! How do you think it will end? There won't be anything left if you start this war! I'm calling for a ceasefire, end this madness."

The interview ends and a peacekeeper drags me back to my cell. "They have one day to respond, if they don't we will begin phase one," He sneered, hand going to his whip. "You best hope they surrender."

I'm left in silence, no one comes with food. There is a glass of water next to me though. I turn to look at my most prominent injuries. My arm seems to have been cleaned, but it hasn't been covered with a bandage so I can see the mostly filled in mess.

It seems to be scabbing over. Slowly. But it hurt like hell.

I spend the rest of my time wondering what they're going to do to me. I assume they will torture me. The idea scares me, but I know Peeta is safe. Safe from this. It's worth it.

Eventually Snow returns with a peacekeeper, I can see it in his eyes that the rebellions did not surrender. I take a deep calming breath as the peacekeeper grabs my arm and shoves me to the ground.

My shoulder takes most of the damage and I cry out in pain. Someones foot shoves against my back and I fly against the wall.

Then he begins hitting me with his whip.

The pain is definitely worse when you're getting whipped ten times on the back than being whipped once on the face.

He stopped eventually, I was on the verge of passing out. But I knew they wouldn't let me.

"Take her to be hijacked." Snow announces from somewhere behind me.

Hijacked? What does that mean?

The peacekeeper begins to drag me by my hair. Out of the room and into another at the opposite end of the hall. I can't help but notice the trail of blood I leave.

He shoves me into a chair and latches the bindings on my wrist. The room goes dark and a screen blurs to life.

There is no room to turn my head, and I know it would be stupid to close my eyes. They might punish me for that.

The screens replay every dreadful moment from the games, over and over. Reliving each tributes brutal death. Even Rue's.

I'm a crying mess after the second time, and utterly comatose by the fifth. Just when I think they're going to play another the lights turn back on and a man in a white lab coat enters carrying a syringe.

"Please! I can't watch anymore of this."

My cries go unheard as he injects the content of the needle into my arm. I know this. It's the venom of a Tracker jacker. The effect is instant as the hallucinations begin. But I find as I watch the screen the hallucinations are changing the events.

They begin replaying the scene where Clove throws the knife at me and begins chasing me, except it's Peeta. Peeta is the one trying to kill me with those knives.

At first I know it's a trick. Peeta was never near the Cornucopia. But after the sixth time of watching it I find it seems real. The venom is taking over my mind, clouding it. The images playing in front of me, they make sense.

Peeta works with the Careers, leading them to me. Peeta is everywhere. Peeta kills Rue, Peeta kills Thresh. Peeta tries to kill me with the berries.

Peeta tries to shove me off the Cornucopia to the mutts.

He tried to kill me.

Slowly I stop struggling against the restraints. Against the venom. Anger flows through me at the thought of Peeta. That bastard.

At some point the man returns and injects more venom into me. I don't resist, focusing on Peeta, on the images. Except they change. They show Haymitch.

Haymitch shoving me against the wall to kill me. Conspiring with Peeta to kill me. No, that can't be right. But the images play on the screen and slowly they turn into memories.

They both wanted to kill me, it only took the venom to make me see it.

Eventually after showing more of Haymitch the lights turn back on and I'm taken back to my cell. I relax because I think I get a break. But I was wrong.

The peacekeeper from before comes back and begins kicking me in the stomach. I feel as though I'm going to vomit, but there's nothing in me to release.

He then moves on to punching me. On the arms, the legs and the chest. Everywhere.

Once he's done I barely manage to crawl into my bed to sleep. The visions haunt me though, Rue dying, Peeta standing over her body. Bloody spear in hand and a wide grin plastered on his face.

There is no doubt now in my mind. Peeta was trying to kill me. And maybe he still is.


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