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Waves that calm the flames

What if Peeta was crazy and wanted to kill Katniss? What is Annie never existed? What is Finnick fell in love with Katniss? Find out!

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Prim clings to my hand as I lead her to the hall where Finnick's wedding is being held. She's excited to finally see an actual wedding and I'm having enough time keeping her from skipping down there.

Johanna meets up with us. "Hey Peeta, hey Prim. Don't you guys just hate weddings?" She teases the little girl at my side.

Prim gasps and shakes her head. "Weddings are wonderful Johanna."

"I know sweety. I was just teasing you," Johanna turns to me. "How you coping? I know you haven't seen her in, what? Three days right? Why haven't you visited?"

I rub my neck sheepishly. "Between the propos and training I haven't had time-"

"You're scared." Johanna states with a smug smile.

I'm saved from having to answer when we enter the hall. Music was playing and there were loud conversations taking place everywhere. I spotted Finnick and I strolled over to him, Prim still in hand. Johanna said she'd be back in a sec.

"Today's the day, huh?" I grin at my friend.

He fidgets with his bow-tie. "Yeah. I hope it all goes well."

"It'll be fine Finnick. I'm sure it will be perfect."

Someone taps me on my shoulder and I turn, Johanna stands, blocking my view of someone behind her. "I have a surprise for you Peeta."

She steps to the side and there is Katniss.

"Um. Hello." Katniss doesn't smile, but her greeting is still warm.

Finnick is the first to break out of his surprise. "Katniss! You made it!" He steps forward and when she doesn't flinch he pulls her into a hug.

I watch as she uncomfortably hugs him back. "Hello Finnick. Congratulations."

He sets her down and she flashes him a timid smile. Johanna turns to me expectantly and I heave a deep sigh. "Welcome Katniss."

Her eyes flash to my direction before they fall to the floor. "Thanks Peeta."

Prim suddenly tugs from my side and leaps at Katniss. She reacts on instinct, pulling her sister into a hug. When she finally realizes what she's done she stiffens but Prim doesn't seem to care. She only hugs her tighter. "I missed you Katniss. I'm so sorry-"

"It's fine Little duck." Katniss cuts her off weakly. I can see that she is shaking so I pull Prim off her, worried what she would do.

But she was only crying.

Johanna growls and tugs Katniss to look at her. "Don't cry now. We don't cry, remember?" Her steely gaze triggers something in Katniss and she nods, stopping her quiet sobs.

Johanna turns to me, and I raise my eyebrows. She gives me a look saying 'I'll tell you later'.

Someone taps a microphone and I turn to see Plutarch welcoming everyone, asking people to take their seats.

Finnick directs us to the front row, I keep my eye on Katniss the whole way.

She's dressed in a lovely green dress and her hair has obviously been tied up by her mother. She look's stunning, her grey eyes clear for the first time in a while.

I wonder why.

Once we're seated Finnick take's his place near the podium that Plutarch is standing at. Apparently it seems Plutarch will be doing the honors of marrying them.

The music starts again and everyone turns simultaneously to see the bride walk down the aisle.

And there she is, Annie Cresta, soon to be Annie Odair. She wears a white dress, not as extravegant as Katniss's options, but still she looks stunning. Her walk is slow and she doesn't glance about her like she normally does, instead she stares straight at Finnick.

When she is finally next to him their smiles grow and Plutarch begins the ceremony.

They then exchange rings, each a beautifully crafted circle of gold. "I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Finnick and Annie kiss sweetly and everyone irrupts into cheers. Prim is crying next to me and to my surprise, Johanna is on the verge of tears as well. Katniss is looking confusedly at the couple, but is clapping none the less.

The after-party begins and the chairs are packed away. Food and drink stands are set up and soon my cake will be wheeled in. I sneek away from the party to check up on it, only to be followed.

"Why did you leave?" I slow and Katniss moves to stand next to me. I'm sad to see her stand further away than needed.

"I wanted to check up on the cake I made for their wedding." I don't look at her, worried what I'll see.

She hums in thought for a moment before hesitantly asking. "Can I see it?"

In answer I make my way into the kitchen and then into the large fridge where my cake is stored. I open it easily and there it is.

It's a five tier vanilla cake, each layer connected with a thin layer of caramel sauce. The icing is vanilla flavoured as well, died sea blue. It covers the entire cake and strawberry flavored icing details with flowers and swirls. A wave effect is obvious with the delicate work with glitter.

Katniss's mouth opens slightly and I chuckle. As she composes herself I step around the cake, making sure it isn't tilting and none of the icing had been smudged.

"It's beautiful Peeta. Incredible." Katniss's eyes are tearing up slightly so I know she meens it.

"Thanks. I don't know how they're going to cut it though." I chuckle slightly.

Katniss simply smiles and steps closer to me, her gray eyes gaze into my blue ones. "You should of visited me." She states simply.

Carefully, I softly lay my hand accross the cheek, mesmerized as her eyes flutter closed and she breaths in my smell. "I know."

The door to the kitchen swings open and a few of the people who are working on the wedding enter. When they see us I sigh and pull my hand slowly from her face.

Only to take her hand in mine.

"Do you mind if we go back to my room. I want to... talk to you when you're-" I let my sentence drop but she understands.

She nod's and let's me lead her to my room. "Peeta. I have until the wedding ends. It won't last much longer."

I don't know if she's referring to the wedding, or her clarity.

My door squeeks open and I flick the light switch. I then pull Katniss onto the couch next to me and wrap my arms around her, not wanting her to go.

I breath in her lovely smell, the taste remaining on my tongue. "I love you Katniss."

She doesn't respond although I know she wants to. Soon, I remind myself, soon.

"Prim's been helping me bake recentely. She really is such a sweet girl." I twirl my fingers in one of Katniss's curls, relishing in how close I am to her right now.

Katniss smiles. "She always loved your cookies, she'd always stare into the window to admire your frosting skills."

"Remind me to make you some cheese rolls." I suddenly remember.

Katniss grows silent, then a moment later she looks up at me. "Peeta?"


"Remember to make me some cheese rolls."

I scowl at her and she let's out an incredible, but short, giggle.

We continue with our silence, each of us enjoying the other's presence. "Do you think I could visit you when you're..." Again my sentence drops off.

"What? When I'm crazy?" She smirks and pokes my chest. "You'd better."

I chuckle and poke her nose. "What will you do if I don't?"

She bites her lower lip adorably and tilt's her head. "Guess."

We grow silent again and I realize how quickly our time is running out.

The clock tick's loudly until finally the hour is up.

Katniss sighs at the same moment I do and we share a last small chuckle.

Like a true gentlemen, I escort her back to her room where a gaurd is waiting. She send's me a wave before disappearing into her room.


"Hey Catnip." I call as I dump my stuff on the table.

Katniss looks up startled, her eyes are glassy and distant so I prepare myself for one of her 'episodes'.

"How'd you get in here?" She places her pen down and get's up, her fists clenched on the chair.

"I'm a commander Catnip. It grants you certain privileges and connections." I chuckle and open my bag, pulling out a squirrel I had shot earlier.

Katniss's eyes widen at the sight of it. I'd remembered about her reactions to blood and such and I just hoped she wouldn't react too badly.

She stared at it for what seemed like hour's until she looked away, straight into my eyes. "Why are you here?"

I ignore the edge to her voice and smile warmly, taking the squirrel over to the kitchen bench. "Thought you could help me make some stew, like old times."

Katniss moves over to my bag and searches through it. Inside is three more squirrels and some herbs I'd collected when I went hunting. "You should come hunting some time. Get away from all of this."

She frowned for a second. "I went to the wedding yesterday. Did I see you there?"

I shake my head as I turn on the stove and place the pot on the flames. "Nope. I was in the control room with Beetee. Sorry, but I'm sure Finnick and Annie had a wonderful time."

"You should have come. You were their friends." Her eye's narrow and she finally move's to help me with the stew. "You need to add the stock first, unless you forgot it?"

"Forgot it. Sorry Catnip." I rub my neck sheepishly and she groans.

"You never did know how to make a good stew." She takes the pot off the flames and fills it with water before placing it back on the stove. She then grabs some of the herbs and the salt and pepper before adding what was needed to the pot.

I chuckle and step back, sitting on the chair. "That's why I had you. My own little cook."

Katniss scowls at me and I raise my hand's defensively. She glares at me a moment longer before turning from me and going back to the thing she could do in her sleep. Cleaning the game.

"Peeta told me he loved me again." She told me bluntly.

I hated it when she brought that bastard up with me, I was supposed to be helping her through all of this but the subject of Peeta always brought a wave of jealousy through me. "What'd you say?"




I scratch my chin. "So you don't love him then?"

The knife in Katniss's hand's falters and she leans over the counter. "I can't. Not right now."

"Because of your hijacking or because of the war."

"Does it matter?"

"Does it?"

She groans and furiously cut's through the squirrel. I was pushing her. "Whatever. I'm sorting things out. I haven't questioned you yet have I?"


Katniss gives me a small flash of a smile. "Good. See?"

"Yup. But that doesn't help with Peeta. You need to talk to him more. Like you do with me." Again, I hate helping her with Peeta. But I want her to be happy.

Also, I'm closer to her now than Peeta. she doesn't feel that way about me, but maybe if I help her more.

Katniss throws chunks of the squirrel meat into the pot and turns to me, folding her arm. "Can you go work on it some more? I need time-"

"No problem. See ya soon. Don't forget I'm-"

"Just round the corner if I need you. Got it." Katniss smugly grins at me and I tilt my non existent hat at her.


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