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A flustered Weiss Schnee slapped her pen down on her desk and, patience sapped by the incessant repetition of hey Weiss… hey Weiss… hey Weiss… and paper footballs from the less academic of her teammates; being a nuisance must run in the family. Though Blake had mercifully found her books of dubious academic value more absorbing than similarly making a pest of herself, but nature hates a vacuum, and so Ruby and Yang had apparently been more than happy to compensate for this deficiency in their bookish faunas teammate. Collecting her books in a huff as she stood from the desk and pushed the chair back in (frustrated though she was, there was no excuse forget her manners) and then turned for the door, intent on resuming her studies in the library.

"I'll be in the library," she announced, doing her best to limit the depth of the scowl on her face; she was trying to be nice, but old habits die hard, "don't need me,"

Yang made a pitiful attempt to conceal the latest paper football that she'd been aiming at the back of Weiss's head, "Uh… sure…"

"Okay, but Weiss…"

Weiss suppressed the urge to cringe…. and cringe... and cringe… "Yes, Ruby?"

"Don't forget that we've got that practice session this afternoon…"

"Isn't Goodwitch reffing?" Yang asked, accidentally dropping her paper football down onto Blake's bed.

"Mmmhm," Blake responded, only half paying attention as she appropriated the lost projectile as a new bookmark.

"Guess we can't go easy on Jaune then…"

"I'll be in the library," Weiss repeated, proceeding out of the room without further delay.

"What's her issue?" Yang muttered, but then her lavender eyes sprang wide open, "Crap! Did we have a test coming up?"

"Nope," Blake answered dispassionately, turning a page.

Ruby sat up in her bed and unfolded Crescent Rose to lovingly polish it, shrugging, "I think that she just really really likes to study,"

"Does she really like anything?"

Grimm Studies. Weiss had read this rather blandly titled text front to back a dozen times since coming to Beacon, but diligence hurt no one, and it only took one carelessness slip to meet with unfortunate consequences. Still, she couldn't help coming to the realization that, as she sat there in a lonely corner of the library with her palm pressed to her face that she had been bored of this before she'd left team RWBY's dorm. Ruby's piteous attempts to initiate conversation, though she was trying far too hard, and Yang's mischievous wastes of paper that she really ought to have used for taking notes might have been irksome, each in its own special way, but at the least it hadn't been this dull...

No! Studying is important! Get it together you dunce! If you don't study you won't graduate at the head of the class and then…

Weiss moved her had up and out of her face, displacing her hair until her fingers brushed over the scar above her left eye, causing her fingers to recoil, and then she set her had down on the table.

No excuses Weiss, You are a Schnee! You must be worthy of the name…

Still, the Vytal festival just days away, and she had to admit to herself that her preparation for the tournament would be better served by practicing with Myrtenaster and a certain scythe-wielding spaz then by inflicting headaches upon herself by reading books that she had almost committed to memory again…

Glancing surreptitiously over at the entrance of the quiet study room, Weiss stood, quietly moved to the door, and shut it. She had an hour to kill yet, so she may as well use it practically… Not that she was fool enough to let loose with Myrtenaster's dust chambers or even her aura, but there was enough room in around the table to practice some footwork. Without further pause she drew her weapon and took a fencing stance.

And there she was, facing a pack of Beowolves, with only a moment to take a deep breath before the penny dropped and the scene erupted in chaos. Letting out the breath as the boldest of the Grimm bounded forward at her; taking a step forward as the beast prepared to maul her, she plunged Myrtenaster into the monster's chest up to the hilt. Drawing in another breath as she withdrew the rapier, she stepped back, pivoting out on her right foot, allowing the next beast, which had been attempting to attack her from behind to instead collide with its now mortally wounded pack-mate, whereupon Weiss drove Myrtenaster through its temple. Moving into a slashing stroke as she pulled the sword from the second Boevolf's skull, she cut a third open across the stomach, ducking and stepping out of the way as the gored monster collapsed. Combining a pirouette with a slashing attack she tore a red gash across another Beowolf's jugular, and then, reversing her grip on Myrtenaster, she combined a backward step with a thrust directly into the gaping jaws of a fifth assailant.

She took another breath.

Resorting for the first time to her aura, she generated a glyph so as to augment her jump, and thus narrowly escaping the claws of a half-dozen other slavering Beowolves. Landing upon the a nearby boulder protruding from the ground as she came out of her backflip, she wasted no time restoring her fighting stance in time to run the first enemy to clamber up after her through, pulling back just as quickly as the beast fell back to earth. Felling two more with a single stroke of her rapier, she was nonetheless forced to step back to the edge of the boulder by the remaining three Beowolves that had managed to lumber onto equal footing with her. She would not allow these things to best her though, with a twist of her wrist, a shimmering vertical blue glyph appeared between the huntress-in-training and her prey; the Beowolves were powerless to escape as the glow intensified and the glyph emitted such force upon them that they were all thrown back against the nearby trees.

"Uh… Weiss?

The Schnee heiress visibly flinched, never before having so loathed the sound of her own name, "Yes, Ruby?" she answered with clenched teeth, eyes closed.

"Well, I was coming to get you 'cause our match with Team JNPR is in ten minutes… but if you're not feeling alright…" Ruby tugged nervously on the sides of her red cloak, not wanting to say something to upset Weiss further.

The heiress's eyes shot open almost as fast as her face reddened at the sight of her books splayed open and scattered on the floor against the far wall, at which point she also realized that she was standing on the study table, sword drawn…

"Gah! Ruby! Why didn't you knock? Were you raised in a barn?"

Ruby embarrassedly scuffed her shoe on the floor, "Mmmm… I kind of did… several times…"

Weiss's eyes widened still further, Crap! Crap! Crap!

"Your moves were impressive…" Ruby offered weakly, "I would've just stayed outside watching, but I figured I ought to step in when you started abusing your books…"

Arriving at the conclusion that this conversation would be slightly less embarrassing if she were to conduct it from virtually anywhere other than standing on a table, Weiss searched for a dignified means of getting down, but found that the same finishing move that scattered her books on the floor had also toppled the chars, so she was forced to awkwardly hop down before glaring daggers at Ruby, "We shall never speak of this again, do you understand?"

Ruby blinked several times, but nodded all the same, perplexingly stepping backwards and putting up her arms defensively, "Sure just… don't hurt me!"

It was Weiss's turn to blink confusedly several times, bemused until she glanced down and recalled that she was still holding Myrtenaster drawn, and realizing this, quickly sheathing it, "Right, now, help me pick up these books and we'll be along to meet the others? Mustn't keep Professor Goodwitch waiting…"

"Uh... right…"