Chapter V

Blood coated the ground and continued to spread, making a puddle. Among the small pool of blood were more than three corpses, probably about six.

Standing before the corpses was a young boy of seven years old. He had an emotionless look on his face as he gazed at the carnage before him. His eyes shifted to the blood, able to see his own reflection.

Everything looked the same, the only difference was his eyes…they were red. He gazed into his reflections eyes for a long time not even realizing who he was standing before now.

Red eyes glared into red, one animalistic the other simply empty.

"Today was my birthday," the boy said solemnly. The beast gazed at him silently, trapped behind the cage. "Jiji promised he would take me to see the lights up close,"

The beast continued to gaze at him, noticing how his loose fist tightened into a fist and an angry expression came upon his face.

With a grin the beast started to leak it's energy through the cage.

"Destroy everything…Erase everything that hurts you…Entrust your heart to me…I will save you from your pain…"

"GAH!" Naruto screamed as he jolted awake. His breath was ragged, his eyes wide filled with mixed emotions. Anger, fear, more anger.

"Shh," Sakura soothed him, earning his attention. She was right in front of him now holding his face with her hand gazing into his eyes. As Naruto continued to gaze into her eyes his breathing started to steady and the anger in his eyes started to fade.

It was a few minutes later when Naruto's eyes dulled a little bit, his head slumped but the grip he hand on her hand showed he was still awake. Sakura released a silent breath of relief before asking her question.

"Was it the same one?" she asked, figuring it was a yes. However she was a bit surprised when Naruto shook his head. "D-do you want to talk about it?" she questioned a little surprised.

Naruto was silent before he spoke his mind, "I killed them…the first ten. Then…then I met with Kyuubi and…." Naruto paused as he looked at his other hand with a blank stare. "He gave me power…then the rest is history,"

Sakura frowned before pulling him into a hug, but unlike other times, Naruto did not return the embrace.

He just sat there, gazing at his hand.

"Are you sure he's okay?" Sasuke asked the girl as they stood back watching Naruto and his clones train. Some were comically working on the sealing arts, another group was crafting a Taijutsu style, and the real Naruto was working on cutting a leaf, whatever that meant.

"He seems okay…on the outside," Sakura started as she gazed at her best friend. "I don't know whats going on in the inside though. He's been quiet since then which is really unusual,"

Sasuke nodded, Naruto had barely said a word since he woke up…the real Naruto at least. He wasn't cursing, grumbling or even trying to distract himself by making conversation. It was really abnormal.

"What do you think he's thinking about?" Sasuke wondered and his answer was a shrug.

"I don't know, usually he's an open book for the most part," Sasuke nodded in agreement. "But this time, I can't even get a read on him. It's like he closed the book and put a lock on it. It actually has me worried,"

"Do you think we should ask him?" Sasuke suggested but Sakura shook her head.

"No, just because he's acting a bit different doesn't mean we should ask him, it's not enough. He probably will tell us he's fine and move on. We have to wait to actually catch him slipping before we can, so we have evidence," The girl nodded to herself.

Sasuke simply gave a nod before he decided to get to work. It's been about 5 days since he received that scroll and he was getting absolutely no where!

Sakura gave a soft giggle at seeing Sasuke's frustration with his pryo-thingy technique. It seemed like Naruto was having more success than him, and the blond hadn't even summoned a single link of a chain.

With a sigh, she decided to get on her own training, not noticing the real Naruto stop what he was doing suddenly, almost as if he was blacking out.

His eyes dilated a bit, his mind taking him back towards the past…


"Get lost!"

"Fuck you! I can go wherever I want ya stupid bitch!" Naruto yelled at the other kid who growled at him.

"What the hell did you call me?!" Kiba growled, feeling insulted and Naruto smirked.

"You heard me bitch! Fuck off and go die in a ditch!" Naruto continued with his insults. Kiba growled as he jumped over the table between him and Naruto, starting a fight.

The entire class watched as the two boys scuffled under the desk, simply entertained till the teacher would arrive to break it up. They didn't bother cheering because it would bring them attention and the fight would be cut even shorter.

However after a few moments, a body went flying and fell onto the ground. The person was Kiba who was grunting from falling on his ass. Naruto growled as he stood up, hopped over the desk and straight onto Kiba.










"Naruto stop! Your going to kill him!" the kids started to warn and pull him off, but the blond simply shrugged them off as he continued to sock Kiba's face in which was already completely bloody, the boy was actually unconscious.






Naruto blinked as he returned to the present, he gripped his head and gave a low quiet groan. That memory was now in the fore front of his mind. It was all Kiba's fault. It was Naruto's first day back after he took that deal with Sarutobi.

He wasn't looking for trouble, honestly, he wasn't. But the bitch kept talking shit about him behind his back and in front of him, but never to his face. When he called him out on it, Kiba acted like he was the top dog around and told him to get lost.

That's when he lost it. By the time Iruka had finally come in and forcefully pulled him off, Kiba needed serious medical attention to his entire face. Naruto beat him so bad, he had fractures on his skull.

Iruka then placed the blame on him which wasn't surprising. The teacher didn't care to ask about who started the fight, he just blamed him right away. Naruto tried to fight back with Iruka by arguing, but since that didn't work he turned to his classmates.

Hoping they least back him up since they saw it was Kiba who started the actual fist fight. But…they didn't. They turned against him, each one of them besides Sasuke, Sakura and that Hinata chick.

The blonds fist gripped as he left the pond and sat under the tree, seemingly watching his friends train. However he was going back to the past, once again.

"Damn it kid! Do you know this is the third time this week I've had to leave class to get you?"

"No one told your dolphin lookin ass to find me," Naruto retorted as he turned away from the teacher and started to walk off to who knows where. Iruka growled and placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder to stop him.

He got the reaction he wanted, as Naruto did stop. But the man was too caught up in himself he did not notice the look Naruto was giving his hand. Feeling it had stayed long enough, Naruto forcefully grabbed his wrist and squeezed….hard.

Iruka flinched in pain as Naruto removed his hand from his person. "Don't ever touch me again. Next time I will kick you in the face,"

The teacher just growled at him. "Come back to class Naruto!"

"Why the hell should I?" Naruto returned causing the man to sputter. "Yeah, that's what I thought. No one wants me there, not you, not those damn cock suckers you call students, not even the bastard Hokage wants me there! So what is the point in going?!"

"Despite what you all may believe, I am not stupid! I am not a germ, and I am NO ONES fuck toy. I am Naruto mothafucking Uzumaki!" Naruto stated firmly.

Since then his relationship with anything related to the academy had been shot to hell. In one of his dark moments, he actually vowed to kill all of those kids, or at least the ones who pissed him off the most.

Kiba was on the top of the list. Speaking of dog breath; after he had sent the fucker to the hospital, his family tried to make him pay the bill. Notice the word tried.

"I ain't paying shit! Maybe next time you'll keep your dumbass son on a fucking leash like the bitch he is!"

"Excuse me?! Who the fuck do you think your talking too?!" Tsume growled, glaring holes into Naruto's head. The ten year old returned the growl and glare, his crimson eyes fully open.

"You bitch! What you hard of hearing with them dog ears?! You ain't no one special! You ain't my leader, my best friend nor are you my momma! And if you were my momma, I would beat your ass for the shit I've been through!" Naruto insulted, and for some reason that hit a nerve for Tsume.

"You little shit! How dare you disrespect your elders?! After all the shit I have done…"

"BITCH! THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" Naruto screamed, causing her to shut up. "You didn't do shit for me! And if you did…NO ONE FUCKING TOLD YOU TOO! And if they did, it sure as hell wasn't me! You must got me fucked up with some other blond mothafucka," Naruto raved.

"I respect those who respect me back! Period point blank! Your son didn't respect me, he got his ass handed to him and his skull smashed. If you don't like it, sounds like a fucking personal problem," The blond snorted.

"I aint paying shit that aint got nothing to do with me. My name is Naruto mothafucking Uzumaki, you have a problem with me, ask me if I give two fucks," the blond said with straight attitude.

"I don't care if your name is Jill, May, Stupid or even mothafucking Kushina. I don't respect the woman who pushed me out of her sagging ass pussy, the fuck makes you think I'm going to respect you who didn't do not a god damn thing?"

Tsume could only gaze flabbergasted at Naruto's language and complete utter disrespect.

"Pay your own damn bills," Naruto stated as he walked off grumbling to himself. "The fuck I look like paying yo bills? I wish someone fucking paid my god damn bills!"

His relationship with the Inuzuka clan has been basically non-existent since then. Whatever benefits he had from that clan before had been exterminated later that day, not like he actually gave a fuck.

In fact, now that he thought about it, all his relationships besides the Uchiha clan were basically non-existent. Once again, not that he actually gave two fucks.

Naruto grabbed his head, feeling the headache build more and more. Ever since he woke up from his dream, he had been having random flashbacks of his past from after he got out of prison and for the life of him he didn't know why.

He hoped Sakura nor Sasuke took notice because knowing them they would show worry and concern and he didn't like that. Part of the fact was yes he didn't like to be pitied but the other main part was he didn't like to worry them. They were way more attentive and focused on him and it annoyed him a bit.

Removing his hand from his head, he looked at it to see it was covered with blood. While the sight was not foreign to him, it was weird considering he hadn't killed anyone in the past week or so.

Looking up, he saw the corpses of the many villagers he had killed. Now this was really weird. He shut his eyes tight before opening them to see he was in the familiar boiler room.

His face was devoid of any emotion, as he took in his surroundings. The tension was thick, and it was being directed from the huge cage in front of him. The blond could not see past the bars, only Darkness, but he knew what it contained.

It was silent for a few minutes before Naruto turned to leave, he didn't have time to waste.

"So that's how this works eh?" A deep rumbling voice spoke. Naruto stopped in his tracks and glanced back towards the cage.

"I was under the impression there was nothing to say," Naruto replied clearly. "Was I wrong?"


Naruto nodded before he continued to walk.

"I have plenty to say…Naruto," the voice stated, glowing red eyes very similar to his own, opening to gaze at him. Naruto stopped but his back was still facing the cage.

"Now you have something to say? Whatever Kyuubi, I don't have time for this melodrama, I have shit to do," Naruto grumbled as he continued to walk off, however much to his annoyance, his body stopped against his own accord.

"You are not leaving till we figure this out brat," Kyuubi growled. Naruto glanced down to see a set of chains wrapped around him causing his brow to raise a bit.

"Where the hell did these chains come from?" He demanded mostly to himself. Kyuubi stopped his growling and answered him.

"That is one of the few things I have wanted to tell you. Now are you going to listen to me freely, or do I have to force you?" Naruto had a blank stare on his face before sucking his teeth, giving in.

"Spit out what you have to say so I can go," The blond barked as the chains unwrapped themselves. Kyuubi gave a snort in amusement as Naruto faced him and plopped down on the wet floor.

"I see you still have that rebellious attitude, I'm glad to see that," Kyuubi nodded, his outline appearing in Naruto's eyes as they were able to focus. "I was afraid that being without my influence would change you into…" He didn't even finished both shuddering at the thought of their nightmare Naruto.

"Well it's hard to be a obnoxious happy turd when you have been locked in the slammer for three years, with guards trying to molest, rape and kill you," Naruto said throwing a bit of shade towards the fox.

"Don't put your shit on me brat!" Kyuubi snarled at the teen, almost crashing against the cage. Naruto however didn't flinch, instead he rolled his eyes, not seeing the biju as a threat. "It was you who decided to take my power and not use it all the way. I could have helped you when were caged, but you refused my power and thus cut the connection,"

This time it was Naruto's turn to glare, "Hold on a minute you furry shit! If I remember correctly, it was you who cut the connection. So don't put your fox shit on me dumbass! You abandoned me, I cried and begged for your help for Nine days straight!" Naruto admitted with a heavy scowl.

"Yeah that's right, the same number of tails you possess was the same number of days. After the tenth day I gave up and basically ignored your existence. But it's hard to ignore someones existence when they are the very reason why you are despised by everyone around you," Naruto spat.

This time Kyuubi did crash against the cage, snapping his jaws at an uncaring and unflinching Naruto.

"You little shit! We both were in agreement it was your idiot parents who caused this to happen to you! Not me! Did you forget that there are more people to blame?! I figured slipping some dreams would give you some hints, but your just a dumbass to realize it!" Kyuubi insulted. Naruto narrowed his eyes in response.

"First off you bastard fox! I know what those dipshits did, and if I ever have the displeasure of meeting them, they will get theirs, that's a vow bitch!" Naruto snarled darkly.

"Second off! I didn't know that besides those two shits and the Sandaime there were more to blame, and what dreams are you talking about? The only dreams I've had are nightmares, and if you are the cause I have another reason to fuck you up!" Naruto pointed.

Hearing this surprised Kyuubi as he took a step back and pondered to himself; glancing to the gate he cursed before sitting on his haunches and taking a deep breath.

"Arguing with each other is getting us nowhere, brat," Kyuubi mentioned. Naruto remained silent, the two gazing at each other. "I did not mean to abandon you. There were…altercations to the seal that following morning,"

"What the hell are you talking about? I didn't let anyone touch me!" Naruto glared and Kyuubi shook his head.

"Wrong. They had knocked you out, and you stayed out. It's the reason why you woke in a cell, two mornings after. As you slept, changes were made to the seal, and I witnessed it happen," The biju whispered.

"The room was about waist deep in water. Your small child body floated within it, unconscious. I tried waking you up, but you didn't even rouse. Next thing I know, the bars are buzzing, and getting thicker and wider not to mention the cage getting smaller," Kyuubi grumbled as he glanced around the cage.

"Then your body sunk into the water, and it disappeared, the water with it. I haven't talked to you since," The biju informed and Naruto gazed at him, glancing at the water.

"What the hell changed? Before I wasn't even able to visit this place, now I'm sitting here having a full conversation," Naruto pointed out.

"That is because of your most recent development in power. By the way I must say I am impressed. It has been awhile since I've seen a human utilize the Satsui no Hado," Kyuubi smirked and Naruto gave him a blank look.

"The Steaky whats it now?"

Kyuubi gave a low annoyed growl, "The Satsui no Hado. It is basically a burst of dark energy. The surge of power to empower the will to annihilate and win. All beings have it, even humans. Whether they know how to bring it forward is another story," Kyuubi stated.

"And your saying I've used this surge? When? Because I'm pretty sure I would remember something that badass," Naruto hummed in thought. Kyuubi raised a brow before chuckling deeply.

"Over the years of fighting brat, once you have gotten serious you release a burst of energy to fuel your power. However, you fully unlocked the Satsui no Hado, along with my power on that bridge against Zabuza," Kyuubi explained causing Naruto to think back.

"Nah, I don't recall. All I remember is waking up, beating Zabuza like he was my bitch, completely murdered those Gato turds like a G and said a bad ass line…." Naruto said with a completely straight face. Kyuubi gazed at him incredulously shaking his head.

"You are some kind of stupid…That shit you just said…yeah, that's when you were using the Satsui no Hado," Kyuubi informed and Naruto just nodded as if he understood.

"So what's so great about this…thing? It's not bad is it?" Naruto wondered with a bored expression. Kyuubi chuckled once more and gave a shrug.

"It depends on how you see it. Every being has the potential to awaken the Satsui no Hado, it's human nature. But those who claim to want to be pure of heart refuse it's power," Kyuubi said and Naruto just gazed at him. "The Hado increases your power immensely, and can even aid you in combat. But no one has ever been able to embrace it, yet turn down the downside of it's power,"

Naruto narrowed his eyes at him, "Downside?" Kyuubi merely nodded.

"Yes, the downside is the user starts to forsake their humanity. Their morals become void, and their instinct and wish to kill and beat anything and everything starts to grow. It's only thanks to me and your past that you have even been able to awaken the Hado," Naruto rolled his eyes at that before voicing his thoughts.

"So, does that mean Sakura and Sasuke can awaken it too? I'm pretty sure with their fucked up pasts they can," Naruto stated. Kyuubi nodded his head but there was a serious glare in his eyes.

"They can, but unlike you, they wouldn't be able to control it. Sooner or later they would give in to it and become what I just described. And if it wasn't for me and your…complex brain, you would be in the same boat," The Biju muttered and this made Naruto narrow his eyes again.

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

Kyuubi remained silent, looking through Naruto. After a few minutes he spoke, "You are of Uzumaki blood. That means long life, chains, talent at Kenjutsu and Fuinjutsu, but it also means a strong body. It also helps that your father…"

"Sperm donor," Naruto cut in sharply causing the fox to nod and backpedal.

"Sperm donor…also had Senju blood within him. And with the fact you are also my Jinchuriki, your body is 5 times as strong as a normal shinobi's. Anyway, my point is, to cope of using the Satsui no Hado, to not harm your mind nor body, your mind created another…ego, so to speak,"

"You lost me," the blond deadpanned.

A sigh escaped the fox, but he explained anyway. "Meaning, you have two personalities. You have the main and dominant personality, Naruto…then you have the side personality that takes over whenever the trigger is pulled, Asura," Naruto remained silent, both feeling another presence in the room.

From the shadows appeared a person who wore the same clothes as Naruto, was the same body type as Naruto, but the only difference was the Hunter nin mask on his face, the mask that belonged to Haku.

"Who the hell is this fucker?" Naruto demanded from the fox who studied Asura.

"This is your second ego, Asura. He is a much more…calmer yet deadlier version of you. His main use of weapon is the Kubikiribocho and the Satsui no Hado…that's all I got on him," the biju informed.

Naruto gazed at him before snorting and turning away from the copy, going back to Kyuubi. "There a way for me to train this Hado shit so I can deal with it myself? I don't like the whole split personality thing, it's bad enough I'm stuck with you," Naruto said without a care.

Kyuubi decided to ignore the comment and continued on, "Yes, but it takes work. Your mind and body have to be 100% capable of handling that kind of power. The Satsui no Hado feeds off negativity of the user. Since you have not taken my power as your own, my negativity just fuels the Satsui no Hado even more, making you stronger but much more demonic,"

"So I have to be physically and mentally excellent? Hmm," Naruto hummed in thought.

"Yes, and if you are not, then either you will die, become nothing but a shell, Asura could take over permanently, or even another personality will form to cope with it," The fox explained causing Naruto to grunt.

"I'm not with any of that, so you will be teaching me. Now is there anything else?" Naruto wondered. Kyuubi nodded, glancing to Asura who seemed to disappear for now.

"Yes, do some history on the clans you three were birthed into, it might do you some good. I know for a fact that the Uzumaki and Uchiha clan could basically go toe to toe with the Senju easily. There must be a reason why," Kyuubi stated. Naruto nodded as he stood up and started to walk off.

"One more thing brat…" Kyuubi stopped him, earning a behind glance. "Be mindful of those around you, I don't know why, but the fire that was lit 7 years ago has dimmed greatly…don't let it go out,"

The two gazed at each other for a long while. Naruto simply snort as he continued walking.

"You know how much I hate riddles, dumbass,"

"What is this shit?" Naruto demanded with an eye twitch as he stood beside his teammates, in some conundrum like the both of them, standing in front of their teacher.

Kakashi just gave them an eye smile as he gazed at the three genin. Sasuke, was tightly blindfolded with a set of 50 pound weights on each arm; Sakura had chakra restraints and 50 pounds on both arms and legs; Naruto had his hands tied very tightly behind his back with 100 pounds on each limb.

"Till that bell rings which will be in three hours, you three will spar with me,"

"Like this?! How the hell am I supposed to kick your sorry ass if my hands are tired up?! I need those to punch you in the face repeatedly!" Naruto growled out. Kakashi chuckled as he nodded.

"Yes, but the point of the exercise is to remove the strongest factor of your fighting skills and to sharpen the others into that form as well," the jounin said cheerfully. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke gave annoyed grumbles but shut up when a serious air surrounded Kakashi, almost as if he was forcing his KI upon them.

"For the next 7 months you three will be training excessively, along with building upon your experiences. You pulled off the shit with Zabuza, so I am impressed," Kakashi stated in a really serious tone, his eye smile gone.

"Now that I know you three aren't just all bark, we can really start your training. This is what you went through the trouble of fucking with the Hokage isn't it?" Kakashi brought up causing the three genin to hide their surprise. "Now you got it,"

Kakashi turned and pressed down on the clock,

"Lets get started,"

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