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Homura open the door to her home to allow Kyoko Sakura entry. The exact same thing would happen just like every other timeline. Kyoko would comment about the state of her house, Homura would lay down the ground rules for staying, and Kyoko would speed to the fridge for something to eat. Nothing that was unusual for the two them.

Time Skip

Kyoko almost kicked the door off its hinges and stormed into the time traveler's house absolutely fuming. Homura sat on couch, closed a book she was reading and sighed. She knew was coming next.

"That god forsaken, stuck up, self righteous, son of a bitch!"

There it was. Kyoko Sakura began ranting about Sayaka Miki. This always happened every time Kyoko tried to befriend Sayaka. She would ignore Homura's warnings and come home ready to break something. Homura had heard this rant many times before, but there was sometimes some variation on the rant from timeline to timeline. Considering Homura didn't harbor many positive feelings toward the blue haired idiot, a part of her liked hearing Kyoko rage about Sayaka over and over again. Kyoko proceeded to call Sayaka Miki every foul mouth word in the dictionary, which was a lot mind you.

Kyoko ended up kicking one of Homura's chairs and over during her rant

"I'd appreciate it if you didn't end up destroying my home."

"I just, argh! That freaking..." A long string of curse words followed. At first, Homura didn't really care when Kyoko went into rage mode, but after seeing this happen over and over again, she couldn't help but feel a little bad for the redhead. All she wanted to do was help and this was the thanks she got for trying to willingly help someone. It was then that she realized that brunette and the redhead might be more alike than she initially thought.

Homura went to the fridge and took out a chocolate bar. She unwrapped it and shoved it into Kyoko's mouth mid rage. The redhead widened her eyes at the sudden placement of food, with half of it sticking out of her mouth, but she didn't complain. The girl bit into the chocolate bar and started chewing.

"Do you feel better now?" Homura asked, with a tilt of her head.

Kyoko nodded, devouring the bar of chocolate.

"Thanks Akemi-san. I needed that." Kyoko said after calming down.

"Just forget about Miki-san. We have more important things to worry about." Homura said.

"You're right, sorry." Kyoko sheepishly rubbed the back of her head. "Hey, you got any more of those?" Homura shook her head at the girl, smirking at her mood swing.

"I'll get started on dinner."

Time Skip

The two girls sat in the large white the strategy room, filled with floating pictures of Walpurgisnacht. Kyoko asked where all of them came from, to which Homura only said that she had experience with the Witch before.

It was dead at night and Walpurgisnacht was fast approaching Mitakihara. Sayaka had just recently turned Witch and it seemed Kyoko wasn't paying to what the brunette was saying.

"Hey, err, Homura-san?"

Homura stopped talking at the use of her first name. This certainly hasn't happened in any other timeline. A few seconds of silence went by before one of them spoke.

"What is it Sakura-san?"

"Well, do you know why that I became a Mahou Shoujo?"

This utterly confused the time traveler. Homura gave her a werid look. Why is she telling me this now?

"No." Homura actually knew the story already, but for obvious reasons, didn't tell her.

"Do you, umm, want to know?" This was extremely out of character for the redhead. Homura may be a cold person to many people, but she wasn't completely without tact. She nodded, signaling the redhead to tell her story.

Kyoko recounted everything from her childhood, Homura stayed quiet, listening to every word. She was honestly quite touched by the actions of the redhead girl sitting across her.

"Thank you Sakura-san. I know that wasn't easy to tell me."

"Damn right it wasn't." Kyoko said, reverting back to the Kyoko the time traveler knew.

"However, is there a reason as to why you told me this?"

Kyoko fidgeted in her seat for a moment. "Well, you actually have the patience to put up with me. I don't pretend to be saint, and I know I can get pretty annoying. I just felt like I owed you, that and I don't think I'll have another chance to say it."

The last part clicked something in Homura's mind.

Oh right. Tomorrow would be the day Kyoko would sacrifice her life to kill Sayaka.

Homura's mood immediately dropped at the thought. Her mind flashed though all the different versions of Kyoko's death. Her hands clenched themselves as the brunette attempted to repress those memories. Every time Kyoko killed herself she broke her end of the deal the two had made. Homura finally calmed down her anger at the redhead. She knew Kyoko wasn't to blame. Homura knew that it was her own fault eveytime Kyoko died. The dark haired girl had enough of it. She started to mentally plan a way to prevent the death of the redhead.

"Kyoko, we will pull though this. Have some faith."

Homura blushed upon realizing she had just used her first name.

"I guess we'll see, won't we?" Kyoko said rather cryptically

The dark haired girl reached into her pockets and removed a bar of chocolate from it. She threw it across the room towards the redhead. Kyoko caught it out of instinct, staring strangely at the girl across herself.

"Eat it; you've obviously gone way too long without food."

The Next Day

Homura froze time. She ran as fast as could to the battlefield inside the Witch Barrier. Kyoko stood frozen, facing off against Sayaka's Witch form. Madoka laid there on the ground, knocked out cold. She was tempted to take Madoka and run, letting Kyoko to sacrifice herself.

Not this time.

She swore to save Madoka, but after last night, she swore to herself that she would save Kyoko too. Homura didn't keep many weapons inside her shield, if she did, she would never pull out the weapons she needed in time. She walked beside the redhead to get ready for a fight.

She pulled out two RPG's and fired, watching the missiles fly towards the witch before stopping right before its face. Homura pulled out a FN Minimi and allowed time to move forward again.

Kyoko saw something explode on the face of the witch which surprised her. She then saw Homura beside her, wielding a Light Machine Gun.

"What the hell? Where did you come from?"

"No time, erect a barrier for Madoka!"

"Oh, right." The redhead summoned the red diamond shaped materials to protect the pinkette from the ensuring battle.

Kyoko turned back to see Homura unleashing a hail of bullets on the Witch. Familiars started to swarm her. Kyoko jumped forward to start slicing threw them.

The two Mahou Shoujo continued to jump through the battlefield in order dodge the constant slashing of the giant swords the Witch wielded. The Witch just missed Homura by a strand of her hair. She continued to fire, drawing the attention of the enemy.

Kyoko saw an opportunity and charged ahead with spear, ready to stab the Witch through the helmet. However it moved its other hand and hit Kyoko on her back, sending towards the ground. The Witch raised its sword, pointed it at Kyoko, and lowered the blade to strike the Mahou Shoujo.

Homura, in the heat of the moment, sped towards Kyoko. She raised her shield and created a sphere of purple energy around herself to block the attack.

The sword made contact with her energy. Homura struggled to keep it up as the massive blade pushed against her. Her efforts were futile however as the energy broke, allowing the sword to pierce her shield.

Homura let loose as few M26 grenades to push the blade back with the explosions. They worked but they also blew the Mahou Shoujo away with the blast.

The resulting shrapnel from the grenades also struck Homura's soul gem, cracking it.

The girl shrieked in extreme pain as she hit the ground. Her shield lay shattered on the battlefield. It started to throw out random weapons all over the place from its infinite pocket space. Rifles, handguns, shotguns and more grenades flew the around the area.

Kyoko got up and saw that that Witch was going for another strike. The redhead dodged in the nick of time and grabbed a handgun and fired. The bullets had little to no affect, so she needed to try something else.

Kyoko rounded up all the grenades she could carry and launched herself up in the air to eye level with the witch. Homura showed her how a M26 grenade worked, so she knew how much time she had before the explosives went off.

She pulled the pins on the grenades threw them all through the open spaces in the protective helmet of the Witch.

Multiple blasts went off inside the helmet, shattering the piece of armor entirely. The Witch slowly fell towards the ground, while disintegrating at the same time. Kyoko watched it all happen, the battle was over and she lived through it, even if she wasn't expecting to.

She grabbed her prize Grief Seed as the Barrier disappeared. Homura screamed in pain again, bringing Kyoko's mood down immediately. She rushed to her side as Homura clutched her soul gem.

Homura stared at her own shield, broken pieces everywhere.

I've failed.

After so many timelines, so many retries, this was how she failed. That realization hit her harder than anything kind of physical pain.

I made a contract. I made a wish! It was suppose to come true!

More cracks appeared on her gem, causing more pain to surge through her body. Everything she had done had been for naught. All that pain, all that suffering had been for nothing. Tears started to well up in her eyes.

"Homura, are you okay? Please say your okay!" Kyoko yelled. The redhead checked Homura's body and gasped at the sight of Homura's cracked soul gem. Homura's eyes were shut tight.

I'm sorry Madoka. I'm sorry Kyoko…

She opened her eyes again at the realisation that Madoka can still be saved. Homura turned her head to the redhead above herself.

"Kyoko, you need to…argh…listen to me." It was much harder to speak than usual. Homura figured she was dying.

"Please, will you protect Madoka for me? I can't be there for her anymore. Please Kyoko; will you stop her from making a contact?" Homura's violet orbs showed that she wasn't asking Kyoko this. She was pleading, begging the redhead to do this for her.

To see someone who Kyoko thought was so strong to break down so quickly like this hurt Kyoko as tried to hold back tears. Kyoko nodded her head immediately at her request. She was ready to do anything for her friend right now.

"Thank you, I know I shouldn't burden you with anything but I..." Another crack on her gem appeared, she screamed, cutting herself off mid sentence.


"Go to my computer, the password is 'Timeline196', search for a video called 'Failure', it will explain everything." Her voice was trembling. She was taking in quick breaths as it got harder to breathe.

Her soul gem was starting to reach its breaking point. There wasn't much time left. Homura slowly gave Kyoko a handgun, the same one that killed Madoka many timelines ago.

"Please, end it." Homura pleaded. The pain she was experiencing was unbearable. Her mind as well as her body felt great torment as her time to leave the world grew closer.

"I can't, you can't ask me that!" Kyoko didn't think she could ever bring herself to shoot Homura.

The dying girl grabbed Kyoko's hand, she was shaking all over. "I'm scared, and it hurts. Please…end it now."

Kyoko clenched her teeth, and readied the handgun, pointing it right at the cracked soul gem. Homura squeezed her hand.

"I promise you Homura, I will protect Madoka and I will not let her make a contract, ever."

The dying Mahou Shoujo gave Kyoko a genuine smile. Any other time and the redhead would've felt happy at the sight. Homura felt a great burden being lifted from herself. She was going to die in peace. "I'm so happy, thank you."

Kyoko fired the gun.

Homura's grip on Kyoko's hand lost any force it had. All signs of life began to fade away from her eyes as her soul gem shattered into a dozen pieces.

Kyoko dropped the gun and lowered her head over Homura's body. She had been holding back the tears building up in her eyes. She didn't try anymore and let the tears stream down her face. She was crying, for the first time in years.

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