Saiken's shoulder length silver hair whipped around in the breeze as she ran at high speeds through the countryside. She was headed towards the town nearest to the location of where her master discovered Walpurgisnacht.

The closer she got to the nearest town however, the colder things got. When she reached her desired location, it was snowing heavily. Saiken could feel high amounts of magic here. The white snow was so think it made it difficult to walk through, but pressed on anyway. This is what her master wanted, so she was going to do it. She owed her master everything after all.

Saiken wrapped her black cloak closer around herself to keep herself warm.

It shouldn't be snowing at this time of year. Something's not right here.

After about an hour of searching she had to conclude that the town of was abandoned. Truthfully she realised that she should've come to that conclusion sooner. No one could ever survive in this town. It seemed like it was locked in an eternal winter.

Saiken made a mental note to report this town to her master when she returned. Using her speed magic, she ran to the nearest city.

The girl with the blazing orange hair walked through a cemetery wearing a yellow t-shirt, orange pants and a red leather jacket. Her normal attire. Things remained tranquil for her as she strolled through the resting place of the dead. The sun was high in the sky but the day felt a little cold. This was due to Walpurgisnacht being nearby. She soon found what she was looking for within the graveyard. A tombstone. The girl mentally read name engraved upon it.

Shi Tenshi...

The blazing haired girl knelt down and set her hand against cold grey stone. She stayed in that position for a short period of time before standing up again. Her eyes remained fixated on the tombstone.

I will keep the promise I made. Just wait a bit longer.

In that moment, a Witch appeared behind her. However this Witch didn't hide in a barrier nor try to kill her. The Witch was a large bird like creature. Dark bat-like wings stayed at its side as the head had rows of sharp teeth within its beak-like mouth. The black feathers gave off a dark aura around itself as it lowered its head and body to bow before its master.

The girl turned around to face the Witch. "You have returned Kree. What do you have to report?"

"You asked me to find a city to test Walpurgisnacht's powers. I believe I have found the prefect city. This place contains six Mahou Shoujo. " The voice that responded sounded distorted and inhuman. Like it was being filtered through a broken microphone.

The girl blinked in surprise. "Six? I'm surprised that many could exist in a single location. Tell me what city."


The flaming haired girl cracked a smile. "Very well, then that is where I shall witness Walpurgisnacht's destructive power with my own eyes."

She raised her hand and stroked the head of the Witch. Allowing its memories to flow into the girl's mind. Including the location of Mitakihara City.

The Witch flew off, leaving a few dark feathers behind. The girl left the silent cemetery and entered the town she lived in. Almost every building had been burnt to the ground. Burnt bodies littered the black ground as the girl stepped through the town that was filled with the stench of death.

She passed a few bodies of dead police officers who were foolish enough to enter and investigate her domain. Though she knew it wouldn't be long before the military would get involved. Now that she had Walpurgisnacht, she was absolutely sure that her army could do battle with the Japanese Army. Even so, there was one thing that she wanted before she could bring down Japan.

The flaming haired girl the opened the door to her house. As she did, the girl was greeted by a red and yellow Incubator. It had returned after analysing Walpurgisnacht.

"Did you find anything Vanbey?"

The Incubator nodded its small head. "The soul that is required indeed resides within Walpurgisnacht."

The girl exhaled briefly as she was holding her breath for a few moments.

Good, this will make things easier for me.

"What of the modification process?"

"You must remember that we Incubators haven't tried to modify a Grief Seed before. It may still be a few days before we can complete what you ask."

"Very well."

The flaming haired girl walked to her backyard and used her soul gem to enter the labyrinth that contained Walpurgisnacht. The gigantic Witch remained in place as the girl walked closer towards it.

A magic circle flashed under the girl as she transformed. An identical circle appeared under Walpurgisnacht. The girl mentally gave Walpurgisnacht the location of Mitakihara.

"Go, and show me your true power."

The labyrinth dispersed as Walpurgisnacht began its...admittedly long journey to Mitakihara city.

The girl thought about entering her home and simply reminisce about the past. However a long yawn escaped her. She realised that she was bored and hadn't had a good fight in awhile. Turning around, she took her Mahou Shoujo form and fiery angel like wings burst from her back in orange light.


"Oh come on!"

Kyoko rambled on how about the game they played was unresponsive to her shots. It was a shooter game that used fake guns to play. Unfortunately, Kyoko didn't have the seemingly natural talent at sharp shooting that Madoka had. Said pinkette giggled at her friend who was raging at the game.

"Gah screw it." Kyoko shoved the gun back and walked off in mock anger as Madoka laughed at her childishness. Though inside the pinkette was nervous.

"Come on Madoka-san, let's go play DDR." Kyoko said with a smile of glee.

Madoka had been trying to avoid that game because she just wasn't very good at dancing. Although it seemed like Kyoko was dead set on them playing it eventually.

As expected, Kyoko was beating Madoka by a landslide.

"Wow, you suck."

"It's not fair! You're a Mahou Shoujo, I'm not."

Looking at the scores, the redhead thought she should be going a little easier on the pinkette. That is until the black ribbon in her hair ripped and fell out of her hair. The red eyed girl didn't notice until a chunk of her hair caught itself in her mouth. The redhead choked on her own hair and fell flat on her face.

"Argh, what the fuck?!" Kyoko momentarily forgot that Madoka was nearby when she swore.

The redhead noticed that she had just lost her ponytail and saw that her black ribbon had fallen out.

"You okay Kyoko-chan?" Madoka asked. A few people observed Kyoko's sudden fall, but went along about their business as Kyoko picked up the torn black ribbon. The two stepped off the game stage.

"Damn. I guess it had break eventually." Kyoko muttered.

"What is it?" Madoka asked as she tilted her head.

Kyoko waited a moment before responding. " was a gift, from my father a long time ago. I'm actually surprised that it lasted as long as it did."

Kyoko ran her fingers through her long red hair. She sighed. Kyoko was going to have to get used to this. The redhead didn't really care about her looks that much but she was quite fond of her ponytail.

"Well ribbon or no ribbon that's not going stop me. So come on." Kyoko took the Madoka's hand and led her to more games for the two to play. A few games later Madoka was completely worn out.

"Please Kyoko-chan, can I rest for a minute?"

Kyoko shrugged and led them to a darker corner of the Arcade for the two to rest.

"Kyoko-chan, why are you doing this?" Madoka asked after regaining her strength. The question took Kyoko by surprise. The redhead definitely wasn't expecting that to pop up.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

The pinkette turned around nervously to check if anyone was listening in before continuing.

"It's just, why are you doing so much for me? You're trying to protect me, of which I am grateful for but...why?"

"Do you want the truth?"

Madoka nodded. The redhead internally sighed. She leaned against the blue wall of the semi-noisy arcade.

"Right before...Homura died, she asked me something. She asked me to protect you. To keep you from making a contract with Kyubey."

"She did?"

"Yes, she spent a very long time trying to protect you." Kyoko was reluctant to speak about something so personal about Homura. "Look, I shouldn't be the one to give you the answers. I'll let her tell you herself."

Astonishment overtook Madoka's face at that sentence.

"What do you mean?"

"Homura left a video behind. It explained everything about her. You should watch it when you have the chance."

Madoka nodded as she dropped her head downwards. "So the only reason you're doing this is because Homura-chan asked you to?"

"I guess."

Truthfully, Kyoko didn't know why she was doing this anymore. At first it was because of the promise she made to Homura, but now she didn't know. Something else was driving her to keep the pinkette safe, but Kyoko just couldn't put her finger on it.

The pink haired girl somewhat regretted bringing up this topic due to the heavy atmosphere between the two. Madoka took Kyoko's hand and started dragging her to play more games. Madoka turned to face the redhead with a bright smile on her face, as if to apologise for bringing up such a depressing topic moments before.

Chishiki didn't really play games so the dark blue haired girl stood outside and made sure no Witches interrupted the two. For awhile things were peaceful. She sensed no Witches in the vicinity of the area, and any Witch she did feel were wiped out by either Tsurara or Karasu.

She used this moment to contemplate their next move. The dark blue haired girl closed her eyes and focused her mind and began calculating on what to do next. None of the girls had the ability to freeze time. Meaning it was practically impossible for them to set up the anti-air cannons Homura had gathered without being detected. A Japanese tank resided inside the armoury, but learning how to operate a tank was something that would take much longer than a few days to learn. Much of the weapons couldn't be used due to time constraints.

Though not all of the armoury was useless to them. Setting up mortar cannons wouldn't be very hard and C4 charges could be used to bring down entire buildings on Walpurgisnacht. As stated in some of Homura's documents.

While Madoka had become fairly accurate with a pistol, the sniper highly doubted that it would be of any help against Walpurgisnacht. Madoka needed to be trained in the use of an RPG if she truly wished to help.

The kid is persistent. I'll give her that.

The dark blue haired girl tilted her head to look back at the entrance of the arcade.

This should be their last moment of fun. After which we should concentrate on preparing for Walpurgisnacht's arrival.

Mikuni Residence

Oriko jumped back as the stone ground in front of her exploded. Two minutes ago she was having tea with Kirika in her garden while discussing their next move and all of sudden two Witches attack out of nowhere. What was truly odd however, was that the Witches weren't hiding inside barriers. Oriko and Kirika were being attacked out in the open. Strange activity for a Witch, but that wouldn't change the outcome of this battle. Oriko and Kirika were confident that they would be victorious.

The Witches were two humanoid reptilian like creatures. They wore armour and wielded a sword and a circular shield in each hand. The Witches were practically identical in appearance.

One of the Witches opened its reptilian mouth and fired a lime green sphere of magic from it. Oriko fired her own and let the two attacks collide in mid air. A smokescreen was created from the resulting explosion. The Witches were momentarily confused. Kirika took this opportunity and ran through the smoke to decapitate the Witches.

When the smoke cleared up, Oriko could see the Witches disintegrating.

"Nice work Kirika." Oriko said as she walked up to the dark haired girl.

"Did you expect anything less?" Kirika smugly responded.

"I guess not."

Before anymore could be said, the sound of slow sarcastic clapping could be heard from behind the two girls. They swung their bodies around and saw a human figure in the sky. It was a girl. She had flaming orange hair and fiery angelic wings sprouted out from her lightweight suit of armour. She gracefully floated downwards until her armoured feet made contact with the stone gravel.

Kirika placed both her hands on the ground to activate a spell. A black magic circle flashed in front of her and glowed brightly for a moment before disappearing. The spell would slow down any opponent in front of herself. Giving the illusion that Kirika was moving at extreme speeds.

The fire winged girl observed the lack of injuries on Oriko and Kirika.

"I'm impressed. Those two Witches killed a total seven Mahou Shoujo and you two took them down without so much as a scratch."

Oriko summoned a sphere in her palm. Ready to strike at any time.

"Just who are you?"

The flame wings dispersed and formed a circle of crackling fire around the three girls. The flames remained in place. The garden hadn't been set on fire. Oriko and Kirika's expression remained unchanged at it all. Their eyes stayed focused on the mysterious girl in front of them.

"Lets just say I am here to see if you'll provide me some good entertainment." A malicious smile made itself known across her face. "Walpurgisnacht is coming, so I won't kill you here. Might as well do something while I'm bored."

The intensity of the surrounding flames increased as her vicious smile widened.

"Those Witches, were they yours?" Oriko asked while summoning at least a dozen more spheres. The spheres began to orbit around the white haired girl like planets orbiting a sun.

The blazing haired girl raised her hand and formed a ball of fire in her palm. The fire morphed and started to change its appearance until it took the shape of a sword. The flames dissipated to reveal a long sword with a golden handle and a blade that was as red as fresh human blood.

"Lets not sweat the small details shall we?"

Akemi Residence

Tsurara and Karasu dumped all of the Grief Seeds they had collected on a table within the large white strategy room. The room unnerved Karasu initially but she was gradually getting used to the strangeness of it all. Still, the she felt like the massive swinging pendulum was there for some sort of security purpose.

Ko flew down and landed on the main table with the dozens of the documents on it. If he could whistle, he would have at the all the information Homura had gathered about the Witch.

"Holy shit. This girl knows practically everything about Walpurgisnacht."

The black haired girl sat down and noticed a title of a particular note. She picked it up and read the title again to make sure she read it right.

"Walpurgisnacht's Twin?"

Tsurara sat beside Karasu and snatched the sheet of paper away from her. She read the title multiple times. She was in disbelief at it. Walpurgisnacht had a twin? One was enough to terrorise the Mahou Shoujo of the world but two?The note itself was very short. The two girls began to read the rest of it.

After extensive research about Walpurgisnacht, I have stumbled across something interesting and disturbing.

Long ago, a Mahou Shoujo prophesied the birth of Walpurgisnacht. However, it seems like she foresaw another Witch being born. This Witch is supposedly Walpurgisnacht's other half. When the two become one they are meant to bring Judgement Day upon the world.

However, in all my research I have found no other record of this apparent twin. I can only assume this Witch has yet to come into existence at this time. While this Witch is not a priority, it is still disturbing to think that one day a Witch like Walpurgisnacht will be born.

I hope I can defeat Walpurgisnacht, no. I will defeat Walpurgisnacht. I have no other choice in order to save Madoka.


Hitomi sat in class as she quietly did her schoolwork. The green haired girl turned her head to Sayaka's empty seat. It was still hard for Hitomi to accept that her childhood friend was dead. Hitomi felt immense guilt for her death. No cause of her death was ever discovered. It seemed like she just spontaneously died on the spot. She couldn't help but feel responsible for it however. She believed that had she never revealed her feelings for Kyousuke, her childhood friend might still be alive.

Her eyes glanced Madoka's spot. She was gone with that new friend of hers. Hitomi thought her mood couldn't get any lower as she took notes. Not even Kyousuke could cheer her up. So he decided that she just needed some alone time.

When lunch cane around, the green haired girl sat at a rooftop alone. As she ate in silence, the girl felt someone watching her. Turing her head around herself, she saw nothing. That is until her eyes saw a small white creature a little more than a metre in front of her. It spoke to her.

"You are Hitomi Shizuki, correct?"

The voice startled her. She had never seen or heard something like it before.

"W-What are you?" Hitomi eventually stuttered out. She still didn't completely believe what she was seeing.

"My name Kyubey. I can any wish come true."

The green haired girl was trying to wrap her head around this.

"It's not real. I'm probably just hallucinating. Yeah thats right. Just a figment of my imagination."

Kyubey jumped onto Hitomi's lap, eliciting a shriek from her.

"I am very much real, Hitomi Shizuki. I can grant you a single wish in exchange for fighting Witches."

The emerald eyed girl started to calm herself. Her breathing was finally beginning to slow down. She never once thought that something like this could ever exist.

"Any wish?"

The green haired girl was suddenly filled with hope. Her thoughts went towards Sayaka.

"Yes. As long as it within your potential to do so."

"So, can you bring back the dead?" Hitomi's tone made it clear that she was pleading. The girl didn't know what this thing was or what it wanted. Though Hitomi didn't really care. If there was any chance for Sayaka to be brought back to life, then Hitomi was going to take it.

"I can, however it is not within your potential to do so."

"It's not?"

"No, but there is someone who has the potential to revive the dead."

"Who? Please tell me!"

Its beady red eyes blinked before answering. "Madoka Kaname."

Hitomi was sure she heard that wrong. She stared at Kyubey for a few moments.

"Did, did you say 'Madoka'?"

"Yes. Madoka Kaname can bring back the dead if she wishes it. Unfortunately she has yet to make a contract with me."

"Why? Why won't she?"

"That is something you should ask her. If you want Sayaka Miki to return to life, then convince Madoka Kaname to make a contract with me."

Akemi Residence

Madoka, Kyoko and Chishiki entered Homura's home once more to find Tsurara and Karasu continuing to dig through the information. A map had been laid out on the table. Locations of Walpurgisnacht's likely spots to appear were circled.

Homura's plan revolved around forcing Walpurgisnacht into key points of the city where it would be vulnerable to her attacks. This plan had to be reworked due to the fact that no one had to ability to freeze time.

"Find anything useful?" The sniper inquired as Kyoko led Madoka to Homura's room. It was the pinkette's turn to view the time traveler's final message.

"I wouldn't say useful but, well read it for yourself." Tsurara responded. The sniper sat down and read the note about Walpurgisnacht's apparent twin. As Chishiki read the note; Tsurara noticed Kyoko's long flowing red hair.

"What's with the new look?"

"Don't ask." Kyoko said as she exited to room.

"Hmm, this I did not expect." The dark blue haired girl said as she handed back the note. "However it is not of our concern at this point in time. Walpurgisnacht is what we need to focus on."

The two nodded in agreement before proceeding to discuss ways to alter Homura's plan to destory Walpurgisnacht.

Kyoko simply waited outside Homura's room as Madoka started watching the message. The redhead thought it would be best if the pink haired girl watched the video alone. She had a feeling that Madoka would be the one most affected by it.

I hope she'll be okay afterwards.

The redhead returned to the others to help with the plan. Although strategising wasn't something Kyoko did often. Usually she just ran into a battle and hoped for the best. However that would be suicide against Walpurgisnacht.

Chishiki did most of the actual strategising while the rest listened. Each Mahou Shoujo would be stationed in a different position in the city in order to force it into a certain location Homura had marked.

Kyoko realised that she was getting more and more hopeful. She felt like they could actually win the upcoming battle. It almost seemed like Homura was still there to assist them. Kyoko had to shake such thoughts away. Homura was dead and nothing could change that. Still, Homura's documents and battle plans were invaluable to them. However she knew she only had one chance. No reset like Homura had. There was no room for error.

Mikuni Residence

Oriko and Kirika were battered and broken on the hot stone ground as the flames that circled them continued to burn brightly. The blazing haired girl stood above them with a few scratches on her armour and a nasty cut across her left cheek.

Kirika had been knocked out cold during the fight. That allowed the flaming haired girl to regain her speed and defeat Oriko easily. The white haired girl didn't predict something like this happening.

Oriko groaned and tried to summon another attack. However the flaming eyed girl kicked her in the stomach, stopping the summoning.

"Come now, don't force me to kill you." She sneered with a wide grin of victory spread across her face.

Oriko coughed several times. Her body felt weak from the beating she received. "Damnit..."

The crackling flames died down and left a black mark on the stone ground where they once burned. The fiery wings burst from the girl's back once more. She traced her finger across the cut the Kirika had made during the fight.

"Not bad. That was an adequate battle you two have given me. I do hope you two survive Walpurgisnacht's arrival."

She smiled malevolently. "The two of you will make fine Witches." She flew off. Leaving a few embers behind from her flaming hair.

A few minutes passed until Oriko was able to stand on her own two feet once more. She shook Kirika awake. The black haired girl opened her eyes slowly.

"Sorry I couldn't beat her."

Oriko shook her head.

"No. You did your best. I'm just glad you're alive."

The white haired girl helped Kirika get up as she dusted some of ash off Kirika's clothing.

"Who was she?" Kirika asked.

"No clue, but I don't think she should be left alive."

Kirika nodded at that. The fact that she was actually beaten by someone, and in front of Oriko no less, infuriated her. She wanted a rematch against that girl as soon as possible.

"She said Walpurgisnacht was coming. So what's going to happen?"

Oriko took a few deep breaths and closed her eyes. Her magic had been drained but she only needed to look two days into the future. That wouldn't require too much magic for her. Focusing herself, she opened her minds eye into the future.

Walpurgisnacht was there. It was destroying everything in sight. She could see Kyoko Sakura and girls of Kasamino fighting bravely against the most powerful Witch of all time. She scanned the battlefield, and found that flaming haired girl standing atop of a tall building while watching the battle below.

Oriko decided to keep an eye on her. For a while nothing happened, until she witnessed a bright purple light emanate from her palm. After that moment, everything went to downhill.

Oriko couldn't believe what she was seeing as she watched the events unfold. She wondered if her magic was screwing up.

The vision ended. The white haired girl found herself kneeling on the ground while breathing heavily.


The white haired girl stared into Kirika's eyes. Her own green eyes displayed nothing but fear. Her body trembled as she spoke.

"Walpurgisnacht...will emerge victorious and destroy all Mitakihara.