For the most basic of human rights war had been waged multiple times. The right of free choice. Weather it's not being forced to work (Read: slavery), the right to vote, the right to be independent or the right to just live, war was waged. But that was for the masses, whole countries and races. Stephanie didn't have people willing to fight for her freedom, and she was a good solider, loyal to her people, the assassins of the League Of Shadows.

By the age of thirteen her kill count had reached well into the double digits, closing into the triple ones fast. And this had not gone unnoticed by the heads of the League. Both the eyes of Ebeneezer Darrk and Talia Al Ghul had been caught by the young killer. And when it came time for her to take a proper master, one with the time to train her in his or her art, Stephanie was assigned to Talia Al Ghul's personal court. She had no say in the matter. Talia had asked for her, and so she was given.

And this was why you would find her currently in Gotham city dressed in her Fallen Cherub uniform. The design hadn't changed much since the death of Bethany Lambert. A few more weapons had been added, and on the back a pair of Kawaii wings were stitched into the design, eggplant of 'course. Her face was still hidden behind the full face white mask, with the addition to having eggplant circles where the eyes were, but now her golden locks fell freely down her back, as opposed to tied in a tight bun.

Being in Gotham set Stephanie's nerves on edge a little. The tales the elder assassins spun of a man dressed as a bat that attacked criminals in the dead of night were humorous when told in the safety of the court, but being in the domain of the bat was something else entirely. The entire city seemed to be holding its breath as cherub caused a ruckus.

She was not doing anything flashy or large like how some people did it *cough* Deathstroke*cough* But enough to draw the bat out. She had left a serious of dead bodies in her wake that would lead him right to her. In a very unoriginal way she had set up at the docks. But in a stroke of genius, if she did say so herself, her base of operation was under the docks. In a small cave. A Batcave if you would. Stephanie quite liked that, and remembered to store it away for future use.

Batman and robin, his second robin if Cherub was to believe her personal information broker, which she did, had been hunting her for a week, and had a few very close calls in that time. But Cherub was good at avoiding people. She was an assassin after all. But tonight her Lady needed the bat and bird occupied. So the clues led straight to her.

She knew Batman was good, but not quite how good till he appeared right behind, without tripping any wires or alerting her at all.

"You got sloppy."

Startled she gasped and spun around. Her eyes widening under her mask as she looked up into the looming face of Batman, her Lady's lover. He stood possible three times her high, clad in complete black with what appeared to be a permanent scowl on his face.

Swallowing a lump in her throat she regained her composure as best she could, rather hard when you had the looming figure of the Batman in front of you.

"Really? Hmmm I've been trying to gain your attention for the last week. I had to get sloppy to get you here Doll" Her mask had a built in voice changer, which altered her voice from the squeaky sound of an adolescent, to the pleasant and soothing sound of a mature woman. This would fool batman for maybe a minute or 2. If she was lucky.

"Why would you be after his attention? He's old!" The juvenile voice of one Robin called as he came soaring from behind her, attempting to catch her off guard. But with Batman in front of her she was on high alert and heard him before he even launched himself at her.

"That may be true, but I have a thing for older men" She rebutted catching his leg before it collided with her, a smirk placed on her face at the shock present on his.

With the same quickness she held, he replaced his shock with a cocky grin. Stephanie imminently decided she liked him. He broke her hold on his leg with speed most wouldn't be able to keep up with. But she could.

When he came in for another attack she grabbed him by the arm and hurled him into his mentor….. Or at least where he had been. During the brief scuffle with the bird, Batman had disappeared. Her veins ran cold with fear. If even a ¼ of the stories that were told in the League where true, he could be anywhere and she was as good as dead.

But no attack came. No launching from the ceiling, no attack from behind. Nothing.

"He's not here, if that's what you're wondering. We knew this was a trap, or more accurately a distraction" Robin stood right in front of her looking rather pleased with himself. She might have to rethink that bit about liking him.

"Crap" her voice so soft it was barely audible. Her hand shot to her ear piece to radio i-

Robin grabbed her arm, stopping her from alerting her Lady.

"Sorry Angle. Can't let you alert your bosses to my boss" He went in for a punch, trying to end it before it really started, by Cherub was faster. She grabbed his fist a moment before impact. Twisting his arm around his head she kicked him in his rear end into the wall.

He caught himself just in time to lessen the impact it made on him. Grinning he turned around.

"This, this might just be fun."

Okay, now she was angry. He wasn't taking her seriously! He thought she was just some two time crook hired to keep the bat occupied! Oh how wrong he was.

Using all her training she launched at him. The battle that followed was a mess of strikes and blocks, dodges and rushes. By the end of it both where badly wounded and needing medical assistance. But neither where giving an inch.

"Okay" Robin gasped in between breaths. "You're good."

"Nah duh Boy Wonder" Cherub gasped equally out of breath.

Robin grinned and launched at her again. Cherub was having no of that. Ducking under his punch, her hand fisted and faster than what Robin could process, she bought it to his chin.

If it had been anyone else they most likely would have been knocked out by that punch. But Robin stood tall, if not a little wobbly.

"Okay, where did you learn to fight like that?" Robin asked as he came back one more time, staggering slightly. His hands grabbing her damaged mask and pulling it off.

As he pulled it off her, his eyes bulged. He had though her in her late teen or possible early twenties, but she appeared to be his age, if not younger.

"You're a kid!" He exclaimed, guarded dropping for only a moment. But that was enough. With that small gap in his defence, Cherub striked. Her knee colliding with his stomach. Robin launched down, winded.

"So are you. They call me The Fallen Cherub, I'm an apprentice assassin for the League of Assassins. Don't forget my name cutie. You're going to be hearing it a lot more" Cherub slammed her foot into hit jaw, breaking a few bones and shattering a few teeth.

Later Jason Todd would awaken in the Batcave, the camera in his mask wiped. He couldn't recall exactly what had happened but he told Batman she was a girl in her early teens possible 13 or 14 with blonde hair and rich Blue eyes. She called herself the Fallen Cherub. And she'd be back.

Kill count: 79