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Arthur and the knights ran towards the rapidly increasing fires spreading through the lower town. It had started out as a forest fire, caused by some irresponsible campers, but soon caught a nearby barn full of hay and dry straw, and things really only got worse from there.

There were knights and soldiers running about in the fray, carrying buckets of water back and forth from the well to the flaming houses. But in the middle of all the commotion was Merlin, scurrying about with Gaius, whilst trying to get all of the wounded rounded up and away from the fire to be treated. Guinevere was, as always, helping out Gaius and Merlin by treating the minor injuries that a few people had suffered. Luckily there was nothing too serious so far, but the fires showed no sign of halting anytime soon.

"Help!" A man cried. "Help, someone! My daughter is still in there! Help!" Merlin turned around immediately following the voice he had heard. He soon caught sight of a man, maybe in his mid thirties, screaming desperately for assistance. Merlin looked around, searching for a nearby knight, but they were all too far away to hear the man's pleas for help.

Without thinking it fully through first Merlin ran as fast as his legs could carry him to the man in need.

"Merlin, wait!" Gaius called out in vain.

"Which house is it?" Merlin asked frantically when he reached his destination in front of the man.

"That one." The man pointed towards a house almost entirely corrupted in flames, and just barely still standing, a few yards away from them.

Merlin nodded his head briefly in understanding and then turned to run into the house with the child in it. Before he could leave though, the man grabbed his forearm.

"Bring her back to me, please." He begged.

Merlin looked into those eyes; so sorrowful, full of fear and worry, and just the slightest sliver of hope. That was enough hope though, for Merlin to plaster a look of determination upon his face and once again nod in understanding, before making a full run towards the house.

"Cadit nubes super aquas viventes!" Merlin said loud enough for the power in his voice to be easily recognized, but still quiet enough so no one heard except for himself.

"We need to maintain the fire. We can't allow it to spread any further." Arthur was giving orders in hope of drenching the fire before they grew even further. If only it was raining, he wished silently.

He carried on like this for a few minutes; giving instructions to idle soldiers, and helping dump water onto the fires, in some feeble attempt to drown them. It was a lost cause. He knew without a miracle the fires would keep spreading well into the rest of the town.

But he continued to do his work wholeheartedly, that is until he saw Merlin running away from where he and Gaius were examining some burn marks on a victim of the outburst of flames. He saw the Merlin dash to a crying middle aged man and talk to him for a small while before running towards... a burning building. Oh, no. He thought.

Arthur charged as fast as he could into the building, chasing after Merlin with as much speed as he could manage to muster.

Once Arthur had entered the burning building, it didn't take him long to find Merlin crouching beside a little girl in a corner, no older than five or six years, trying to coax her into moving while she was coughing wretchedly due to the suffocatingly heavy smoke, that clung thickly to the air, making it nigh impossible to breathe.

We don't have time for this, Merlin, He though while charging towards them preparing to grab the girl and get all of them out of the house as soon as possible. He was stopped short however, when Merlin scooped the child up in his arms, ignoring the feeble protests and sobs, and ran into the flames, shielding the small child protectively in his arms, knocking down the wall in the process.

All the of the sudden, Arthur was very glad he wasn't wearing his armour, or else he would have been baked inside the heavy sheets of metal and chain mail. These thoughts of luck didn't last long though, when he heard the building beginning to collapse around him, due to Merlin knocking down the wall.

"Merlin!" Arthur shouted reaching his hand out to where he could still see the faint outline of his servant, returning the child safely to her parent's arms.

Merlin was done trying to reason the child. He was running out of time, so he scooped her up into his arms, closed his eyes, turned his right shoulder to the wall, and rammed into it with all the strength he had.

His plan had worked! It wasn't a very elaborate plan I suppose, but it still got them all safely out of the building. Or so Merlin thought.

He delivered the child into her father's arms, and could see Gaius marching towards him, no doubt to give him a sound scolding. He started walking towards Gaius, thinking that it would just be better to get it over and done with, until he heard someone shout out his name. For the second time that night, he turned around at the voice, and saw Arthur shouting out his name and reaching his hand forward.

Merlin's eyes widened in surprise and he took a step backwards in shock. His mind raced in thought. How long had he been in the building with me? Did he follow me in to save me? Will I have killed him from knocking down the wall? Again, Merlin's feet led him, and he found himself running as fast as he could towards Arthur. He had no idea what he had hoped to accomplish, but he kept running anyway. Every nerve in his body, every instinct told him to save Arthur. No matter what it took. He was too dear of a friend to lose. They had come too far for it all to end now.

Merlin jumped onto Arthur, knocking him over and landing on him just as the house came down on top of them. Merlin served as a human shield to the king, gaining several nasty scorch marks and bruises in doing so.

Arthur felt the wind being knocked out of him as he was knocked over forcefully by Merlin's weight that was thrown so abruptly on to him. As he gasped for air beneath all of the soot, rubble and smoke, he tried to make his hand to Merlin's neck, hoping desperately for a pulse. Arthur tried to sigh in relief when he found one, albeit a faint one, but instead the attempted sigh ended up just choking him ever further.

When he had finally regained his composure, he gently rolled Merlin off of him and stood on his knees and hands in a crawling position. He leaned over to Merlin and started to put out the fire that was burning on his jacket. After another short coughing fit, he realized that there was still fire surrounding them, and even though Merlin was still breathing, he wouldn't be able to keep doing so unless he received some fresh air and water.

He shifted into a low crouching position and carefully grabbed Merlin arm and swung it over his shoulder, eventually maneuvering his way so the unconscious Merlin was fully draped over his shoulder. He stood up slowly and walked over to Gaius, trying to get Merlin onto a stretcher as soon as possible. He was stopped when Gwaine ran over to him. He knew Gwaine was talking to him, but tuned him out as he started to feel very lightheaded. He felt Merlin being lifted off of his shoulder, and his vision started to turn black and blurry around the edges. He felt someone lifting his arm above their shoulders, but quickly pushed them aside, returning his attention to Merlin again.

"Is he going to be alright?" He asked Leon.

"I don't know." Replied the knight. "Gwaine took him over to Gaius and their moving him into the castle now. I didn't get a chance to look at him yet." Leon said while glancing in Gwaine's direction. He was carrying Merlin as fast and gently as he could towards the castle. "What about you, sire, are you alright?" He asked looking back to Arthur. "Are you able to walk?"

Arthur met Leon's gaze and after a few seconds of puzzled looks, Arthur snapped out of his reverie. "Yes, I...I," Arthur stopped his sentence short and stumbled forward into Leon's arms as his knees gave out and the blackness began to take over his vision entirely.


"What happened to him?

Arthur heard the muffled sounds of other voices around him, but paid no heed to them as he struggled to keep his eyes open. He then felt wetness in is hair and on his face. It started dampening his clothes, and when he finally opened his eyes again, he realized it was raining every where. He tilted his head slightly up as the rain grew stronger and stronger, and watched as the fires began to grow smaller. A deep fog fell over all of the houses, making the air very moist and Arthur smiled at his good fortune, and then let himself embrace sleep, as he felt himself being pulled up and carried somewhere.

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BTW, the spell that Merlin performed did cause the rain and is Latin. Here's is rough (very rough) translation of it in English. It's something like, "Let the clouds fall down with over running water."